「エースなんて必要ないの」 (Eesunante Hitsuyounaino)
“There is No Need for an Ace”

I. Love. Beach. Volleyball. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

General Impressions

For an anime that revolves around a sport that we all typically associated with another franchise that revolved around a certain fighting game franchise, I’m glad to see that Harukana Receive is a really fun show that also happens to be about Beach Volleyball.

So, for its first episode, I think Harukana Receive did a great job at translating the first few chapters of the manga into anime form. Giving us a good amount of time with our main characters Haruka and Kanata, I loved how we were able to learn a lot about their personalities through just a few simple scenes. As an extrovert-introvert pair, it was rather nice to see each of them string each other along.

That said, this show is supposed to be about beach volleyball and boy was I glad to see the show demonstrate that it can give us well-animated, fun to watch beach volleyball. That and I think there was definitely a lot of charm in how the story is playing up Haruka’s journey from being a complete novice to (what I’m hoping for) a powerful player. Tack on the obviously unexplained issue between Kanata and Narumi and there’s enough story here for way more than just a single 12-episode cour. Hopefully all the story elements will get enough time to mature and give us a story that a show like this deserves.

At this point, it’s tough for me to really say much since I had the pleasure of previewing this show. However, what I can say is that I think the anime adaptation thus far has been a surprisingly fun experience that has really added another element to a show that I came in knowing I would enjoy. You have an underdog story, childhood trauma, and a variation on a sport that’s enjoying a successful run with more than three seasons under its belt. That and I love how the show isn’t overflowing with ecchi moments since there’d be so many opportunities to do so.

If you’ve made it to this point then I think you probably agree with me that this show is one that has the potential to be a contender for shows you use when a friend asks, “What’s a good sports show to watch?” So while it remains to be seen just how far this show can go, I think it has a good chance to be a great one.

P.S. Rasmus Faber does the music for this show and it’s freaking great. Also huge shout out to Stilts-kyun for capping the show while I was out at Anime-Expo — and yes tall girls rock.


  1. Well, I’m glad there are at least a few shows this season that haven’t let down my expectations. OK, it’s not perfect, especially in the animation department, but at least it’s coming over as a good adaptation on the whole.

    I didn’t pick up Rasmus Faber at all, though, the music so far lacks his signature modulations. Maybe we’ll get a real OP and ED next time.

  2. Hope they explain the code she’s giving here.
    Always noticed it in real life matches, but am usually too distracted by other things to give it much thought. XD
    I noticed Ayasa giving a code when Narumi was serving too.

    It’s just one episode, but I love this girl already.
    Unlike the turtle…..

    1. I haven’t played competitive beach volleyball much, but I’m pretty sure the signals are the intended blocking assignments. A “2” or “V” means that the blocker will try to take away the “A”ngle (or cross-court) shot. A “1” or “I” means that the closer “L”ine shot will be denied. The second player will then position to dig the shot that is not being denied. One hand for each player on the other side. A closed fist means no block attempt.

      1. Oh I see.

        I thought it was like baseball where it was an attempt to tell the Server where to serve.
        That said, the more I think about it, the more I realize how stupid that sounds.

        Your explanation makes A LOT more sense, lmao.

  3. I’m surprised that Narumi didn’t tell Kanata that she couldn’t play because she was wearing a suit with more than 160 sq cm of material in it. I wonder if they are going to bring up the subject of why this ‘sport’ requires such revealing outfits for the women.

    Kling Klang
    1. There’s nothing in the current FIVB rules to that effect. Players don’t even have to wear bathing costumes, they can wear shorts and a jersey or tank top. Many competition rules will also allow them to wear full body suits for religious reasons if needed.

    2. They actually dive into that pretty early on.

      And just like Angelus said, there isn’t any specific rules on what you can or can’t wear.

      Also what’s wrong with a school mizugi — TSURUPETTTANNNN

  4. The reason why the show works is because of its already-colourful cast of characters, and that Haruka is such a beacon of positivity. It’s definitely one of the stronger shows of the season, and I bet that while most will come for the fanservice, they’re going to stay for the character development.

    Doom Slayer
  5. Another world where men do not exist, irony. Airport scene does not have a man at all. Okinawa has 32 American military bases.

    Photo of the girl’s father still appears with light on top to hide well that men exist.

    Irony that the only male being that appears is a turtle.

    They increased the breasts of the protagonist if compared to the manga.

    If you are a fan of yuri, forget it. Relations are nothing but deep friends in this story.

    1. Another world where men do not exist

      Damn, I didn’t notice that at all, good catch! Must be these yuri goggles…

      They increased the breasts of the protagonist if compared to the manga.

      The deuteragonists are still totally flat so that’s OK.

      Relations are nothing but deep friends in this story.

      A man can dream, can’t he?

  6. Well, at least these girls seem believable to me…both figures and hairstyle XD (unlike you know, a certain racket anime)

    When the random girls at the airport said that Haruka is rather tall, im wondering how tall she is since shes pretty in par with these two volley champs; and should we suppose that their average height is somewhere like Kanata?

    Anyways Im pretty excited for this one though, yay Summer lineup! Bring out all the sports animes!

    onion warrior
    1. Anyway im glad to see Japan starting to normalize taller built girls in (Japan setting)animes since Karen/LLENN in GGO, that they shouldnt feel awkward to standout especially in public. I know we got tons of tall girls in animes but its rare to see them as the main protagonist (because being tall is not cute), or even seeing them feeling conscious about being quite tall or mentioning it out loud; except for Lovely Complex.

      But now we got Haruka and Nagisa from Hanebado as tall main characters (well im not sure about Keijo though XD), so im looking forward for more taller girlsn soon :)))

      Onion Warrior
      1. I dunno. I’m pretty skeptical, ever since watching Maekawa in Denpa Onna, and Saori from OreImo get crushed under heel. That’s the whole story of Karen/Ren as well. No man is interested in her, just other girls. They suffer from the greatest blight upon desirability that an anime female can have. From what we’ve seen this episode, their presence on the beach has chased every non-senile male off the island before the first episode even.

        If you’re curious, assuming that the Harukana wikia is accurate, Haruka is tall but not statuesque, whereas Kanata is quite petite.

      2. @Mockman

        I get what you mean by that, and i know taller anime girls dont really sell well for merchandises that why we dont really get tall girls as main heroine/character/protagonist. Thats why i really hope Karen/LLENN as character will be famous enough to sell well(not the avatar itself btw) and open opportunity in the market.

        And for the anime itself, i wont be saying much about them chasing away all the males from Okinawa’s beach from ep.1 alone just yet. I believe we gotta at least watch til ep.3 or even until the end to say for sure, bc i think there are guys walking around at the background. Perhaps its ep.1, who knows? Bc after a certain Sunshine anime island of Numazu, i had enough w girls populating certain areas in Japan while the men are on the brink of extinction if you know what i mean XD

        onion warrior
      3. It would surprise me if Karen made any headway at all. They put all the charm into her pink avatar. The gun gets more attention than Karen does.

        Not actually familiar with the Numazu anime but if it’s what I think it was, isn’t an absence of men one of its selling points?

        But so far, I have no actual complaints about the show and will watch to see how it develops.

  7. Given the review and the comments, I’m really looking forward to this show. I hope the OP/ED are as good as the comments say. I’m really looking for something with a tropical-beach vibe. Also, yes, tall girls are awesome.

  8. As a volleyball player, I can say that challenging a beginner to a 2’s match is utterly ridiculous. Anyhow, the reason I’m sticking to the series is that Haruka = awesome! We all know that a player’s mental status really dictates his/her level of play, so to see someone so positive is refreshing. I don’t like the internal conflict crap that goes on between the 2 other dark haired girls, but we knows it’s what drives the story. Looking forward to see how the episodes unfold!


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