OP Sequence

OP: 「Voracity」by Myth & ROID

「支配者の憂鬱」 (Shihai-sha no yūutsu)
“A Ruler’s Melancholy”

Who knew a little over a year ago we would be seeing not one but two new seasons for the alternate world hit most assumed finished after a single cour adaptation. That’s right boys and girls, Overlord is back once again, ready to polish off a good chunk of the remaining light novels and show to the world why bones are indeed a girl’s best friend. Never say Ainz lacks for a fan club.

Likely out of consideration for where last season left off, Overlord dispensed with any foreshadowing or hints of things to come by giving its version of denouement—i.e. the customary filler episode. Sure it sounds (and can be) bad in practice, but never underestimate this series’ ability to transform the mundane into the hilarious. If Ainz practicing his ruler lines and poses wasn’t great enough as is for example, we also had the joy of watching Mare eat it up hook, line, and sinker as aggressive command was met with head pats and a bridal carry endearing conversation certain to only intensify the Ainz Ooal Gown work ethic Ainz hopes to loosen. Complementary bath time moments also received the ossified treatment, complete with reverse peeping attempts and one guild member’s perfectly timed (if you’re Ainz) berserk golem guaranteed to be left to the imagination. You really think that cliffanger is going to be explored next week? Ha!

The real fun, however, rightfully lay with the girls and what is sure to make the running Albedo-Shalltear feud all the more glorious. Personal Albedo fantasies and dreams of procreation? Oh we’re well beyond that stage now, unfortunately for skeleton and vampire. Shalltear too deserves all the credit for unleashing this beast, between hilariously finding out about Albedo’s virgin purity the best way possible and halfway upstaging the poor succubus with hints towards her own sexual prowess (albeit of the pure love variety). Say what you will about Overlord’s variety of fan service, but Ainz Ooal Gown girl’s days out are now officially best days out. I’m kind of sad Aura was mostly left to referee this latest round of who’s the bigger bone lover instead of also being dragged through the emotional awkwardness, but with faces like this I think I can suffice on these offerings. You just know Shalltear isn’t going let such wanton succubus hip jiggling stand for long after all, not when babies are on the line.

As for where Overlord plans on heading next we’ll just have to wait and see. Given the lack of teasers for what’s in store it’s anyone’s guess as to what Papa Bones gets up to next, although you can bet on me being back here in a week to gush over it all. With a lot left to discover in this little tale of world domination, it would be a crime to let go of it now.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Silent Solitude」by OxT


  1. It seems they took Vol.8 as a start and I don’t blame them as if they took it in the order it would have a drastic change of pace.

    Yet I feel everything in Vol.8 could have been made into OVA’s. I know it just started but I hope a season 4 as each season does 3 volumes of the novel.

    1. They took the prologue of Vol. 7 (the rewards scene) and quickly sped thru the Bath part of Vol.8. So seems like they’re focus more on Enri’s Side of Vol.8 with the next few eps then go with events of Vol. 7 and 9 (which is good as this makes the most sense chronologically) XD

      Would love to have a complete ver of the end bg scene for my smartphone it’s gorgeous XD

  2. Well Albedo blowing her top and jumping Papa Bones’ bones was as hilarious as I thought it would be. I agree with Oscar that big chunks of Volume 7 or Volume 8 could work as an OAV. Still looks like they are working to make the pacing better compared to the timeline in the LN so props to Madhouse.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
    I wonder if Solution can do the same in cleaning Ainz; though I would be against it since Solution’s life would be in danger, if we consider Albedo. Notably, if I created an NPC, I may want to take into consideration about the “flavor text,” I can understand each NPC’s personality was created for fun, such as Solution’s desire to eat innocent humans, but I guess the creators never took into account that their creations would come to life. Notably I am curious if the Bicorn’s settings are part of the flavor text or the game masters really programmed the Bicorn to be like that.

    Oh look, a breeding experiment. Notably I am curious if Albedo can have Ainz’s babies.

      1. @Greed: actually, assuming this isn’t the first time Albedo summoned him, the purity part only became an issue after the game turned real. Meaning that it probably isn’t “flavor text” or programming, but the bicorn now behaving like a bicorn of that world should behave. Assuming the world they’re in now even has bicorns.

        I mean, why would her Creator make Albedo to have a combat mount she couldn’t use? And how would they have never noticed? Even if no one ever made it to the Throne Room, considering how meticulous Ainz is the guild must’ve tested out her combat functions in some way.

      2. @ Aex

        Well granted, no invader ever went past the 8th Floor, Albedo is the only Guardian, other than Pandoras Actor who never fought against any players. Another thing is assuming if Ainz didn’t alter her settings she’d prolly automatically be a non-virgin if she transferred over. 😕

      3. The original line of flavor text that Momonga (Ainz) replaced with “she loves Momonga” was that “she’s a slut.” I’d assume that would translate into her being a non-virgin if the flavor text hadn’t been modified.

    1. There was a short Pleiades side story released for the first two movie from Yuri Alpha’s POV. of her getting summoned to Ainz’s office because Solution hid the bathing slime Ainz was using and refused to let him know where she hid it.

      Solution’s disobedience does piqued Ainz interest and did a short experiment on it where in he finds out the NPCs does have some unwritten guidelines as to which orders they’ll follow (in the experment Ainz ordered solution to destroy an easily replaceable Nazarcik Lamp vs a low tier, but irreplaceable data crystal. Solution easily destroyed the lamp but refused to destroy the data crystal)

  4. It’s all very well Albedo jumping the Bones, but, well, how can Papa become a papa if he’s all bones and no boner?

    Apart from that, it’s great to see the crew back for another season. Can’t say I like the new OP/ED anywhere near as much as the previous season’s though but I guess they might grow on me over time.

    1. Really? I thought the OP is pretty good & moreover, fitting. Each following season the OP become more & more evil sounding. This really fit with Overlord characters progression.

    2. It’s truly a question for the ages, but I imagine Albedo follows the mindset if she tries long and hard enough, eventually she’ll succeed. Frankly though what any potential babies would look like intrigues me more. Will they be mini Albedos, half and halfs, literally skeletons? The possibilities are endless 😛

      1. Yup all of the maids that are not the Pleiades are lv1 Homonculi (basically non-combatants) designed by Herohero, Whitebrim and Coup De Grace. They also tend to group themselves into 3 respective cliques (basically whoever their creator was)

    1. it’s not just them. Actually in this episode the novel was based on, Mare travel to lizardmen village showing zaryusu’s brother,Sashuryu, who was also revived, and practically all the clan chief
      i aint sure if this is a spoiler but Show Spoiler ▼

      1. you have an point, but then How is the Moral compass for Einz-sama? The Humans? He is trying to use them.. The NPCs? They would kill if he said the word. So sooner or later he lose humanity and such? I hope Overlord for now, do not touch this point and just let enjoy the viewers fans … He deserve that(the rape nobleman) or Einz-sama is an monster and judge ho should life and die.

  5. ok i have to ask but,
    am i the only one to be reminded of the shocker cannon fodder from kamen rider every time our penguin mascot his personal assistents agreed with him?

  6. Another part of the pple’s devotion to ainz, as stated by the maid, is when all the other creators left- He was the only who remained. It’s odd though becuz the vampire girl doesnt seem to hold any grudges against her creator who left, but Albedo does.

    aLso, does no one in Nazarick realize that Ainz cant reproduces without a reproductive organ!?

  7. Ep 02 or generally said:

    Ainz-sama real inner voice is important for us, in how he is really thinking. We do not see the Text bubbles of the manga or know of them, so in the Anime this is important for the anime only viewer like myself

  8. That was funny on the girl talk thing, but still feel sad for Albedo. No matter what circumstances she’ll never have Ainz’s love as long who she is…..of not understanding her master’s loneliness and his true nature in the real world.

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