「カルネ村再び」 (Karune-mura Futatabi)
“Carne Village Once More”

Oh Overlord, I hope you never change. With the pleasantries (read: Albedo rape) out of the way, the show is now ready to get down to business—or at least tease the business to come. Alliances of evil are forming, complex schemes of domination are being drawn up, and one poor lich lord is quickly discovering the role he’s destined to play in it all. Yes Ainz, learning is hard.

As has been spoken since the start, the ultimate objective of Ainz is to dominate the world, but until now such a goal has been tertiary in importance at best. Ainz’s “arrival” and his subsequent confusion demanded knowledge for the sake of survival, something he naturally prioritized, resulting all those previous arcs fleshing out the details if not really getting anywhere specific. Now though, thanks to a little zealous Demiurge over-analysis (got to love those eager subordinates), Ainz’s hope of solidifying survival for the sake of finding others stuck like him just turned into actual conquest. Dominating lizardmen, helping Sebas and saving a village, all in the name of learning and caring? Please everyone knows there’s no kindness in the black skeletal chasm of Papa Bones; those choices were made solely to increase the glory of Ainz Ooal Gown and pave the way for its eventual ascension—or at least as Demiurge hilariously understands it. Say what you will but it’s irony at its finest, and the best part is Ainz, thanks to his magical calming trait (and ridiculous inability to steer a conversation), is going along with it because the strategy still completes his goal. Conquerors are not as much born as made and Ainz just got the biggest source of “encouragement” possible. Of course how the Great Tomb of Nazarick will actually seize land remains to be seen, but hey, early days yet.

For the immediate future though attention returns to Carne village and two characters last seen in the first season. Nphirea, the pharmacist who wound up being rescued by Ainz from everyone’s favourite rogue Clementine, is now a part of the village and as well shown is still firmly enamoured of Enri, the first person Ainz saved in this world. Those goblins of course were Ainz’s gift to Enri for her (and her village’s) protection, although their purpose may have grown a little since such humble beginnings. While not unreasonable to have some inklings of Lizard arc part two emerging out of this, Carne village at least has a good connection to Ainz already, which as the foreshadowing behind the Barghest attack indicates, is about to become even stronger. An alliance between the Giant of the East and the Demon Snake doesn’t sound particularly good after all, and when you factor in Ainz’s care for the village, you know pretty well what’s coming next.

We have ourselves a fight on the horizon, and the only question is how much effort Ainz will have to expend to eradicate it.


ED2 Sequence


    1. Prolly 13eps as the last two seasons. I can see this arc ending by Ep 4 or may be half of ep 5, if they cut off a bit from Enri’s going Show Spoiler ▼


      That section took up a bit of vol. 8 with the different POV (Enri and Ainz) of the same situation.

      They’ll prolly keep Lupu’s parts though (which is coming up and am quite hyped about XD )

    2. 13 episodes officially, and I’ll be surprised if another immediate sequel is confirmed at the end of this season too. We probably have a couple seasons wait before the rest of the light novels are adapted after this cour.

  1. That poor redheaded (ex)adventurer girl. First Ainz breaks her potion, then Shalltear kills her group, and now she’s moved to Carne Village. Hope the strange breed of luck that’s kept her unlucky but alive holds through whatever’s coming.

    One interesting thing about the fight was the way the Goblins reacted instantly to Enri’s orders, making me wonder if it was just the effects of the summon-item or if them following her daily orders gave her a level in a Class like “Commander” or something similar.

    And am I crazy, or was Demiurge’s tail wagging? XD

    1. The way her voice worked implied more than simple item response IMO, if it was only because Enri summoned the goblins they would’ve immediately obeyed her desire to first enter the forest instead of being hesitant. The girl easily has some measure of command/leadership ability.

      Oh and you weren’t imagining things, Demiurge’s tail was definitely wagging 😛

  2. Did I miss the scene where the guys rushed into the female bath area to save them from the golem? I figured it would be here as ep 2 ended on them about to do so.

    1. I’m still shocked that Ainz didn’t really realize that conquering the world and getting his name out would effectively do the same thing. And let’s all be honest. This world really seems to be heading to hell in a hand basket anyways. Ainz taking over can only be an improvement.

      Dorian S.
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    Must look for anime with muscular women.

    If fantasy monsters ever existed, in our world, would want to know how their biology works. It wouldn’t be possible for an animal to be born with a chain. Meh.

    The husband does look handsome if his eyes shows more.

    1. The Dog here, creates an Magnetic field around him so he can move this Chain like an Weapon or for defense.. to put it in Simple picture, he use some kind of Magneto Skills.. Yes, this one of X-Men

    2. Well, of course, the beasty can be born with a chain, after all, it’s magic 😉 I think pre-modern science ideas on how things reproduce at least with the full out magical monsters can be expected with a tale with magic and should be in a tale with magic. In the case of chain beast, it may be a summons or evil spirit made flesh instead of mating that causes them to be around.

    1. haha am psyched for the anime this fall XD but gotta steel myself for the horrible things that gonna happen :p (Made the mistake of watching MuvLuv Total Ecplise’s 1st ep without reading up completely on what the setting is and the stuff that the Soldier and Tank Class BETAs did there left me reeling for days :P)

    1. Pretty much, though this arc has less of the Nazarick characters. This arc is mainly building up Enri and the village since they were technically the first step in Ainz’s “world domination” plan. The next 2 arcs though will be more fun if you’re looking for Nazarick and Ainz being awesome.

  4. Really good, funny, serious, balanced episode. I laughed more at the antics (specially Ains) in this episode than all others. Curious to know what is going on with Enri as I can explain away her commanding the goblins with the duck command but why is she getting buff and what happened with the knife? I am still a bit taken aback seeing Ains less confident this season. Last season he seems to know and plan everything and ahead of everyone – this time he seems lost and lacking confidence in his ability.


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