「エンリの激動かつ慌ただしい日々」 (Enri no Gekidou Katsu Awatadashii Hibi)
“Enri’s Upheaval and Hectic Days”

If there’s one thing you cannot fault Overlord for it’s the series’ willingness to stick to its guns. Slow pacing and development are this show’s bread and butter, time nothing more than opportunity to flesh out minor cast and crew who often have little direct involvement with the one skeleton and friends who made the series so damn popular in the first place. Depending on personal taste it can be downright aggravating at times, but when Overlord sets its mind on something it’s damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

Case in point is this season’s current arc involving Carne village and our little goblin—and ogre—tamer Enri. Overall it’s a bunch of minor characters and forgettable faces squaring off against a threat with seemingly little relevance to Papa Bones—pretty much the Lizardmen arc all over again right? No denying it is in a sense, but whether due to better writing and/or better ties to the main cast (particularly for future events) Carne village’s predicament is an improvement over the usual “world building” strategy. Enri for example, in part due to her rescue by Ainz in the first season, maintains contact with Ainz Ooal Gown through the rambunctious Pleiades maid Lupusregina, and while the exact reason may be unclear right now, there’s enough hints right now to show why Ainz may be favouring the village for more than personal interest. Likewise there’s Ainz’s blame for creating the situation in the first place, as subjugating Hamsuke left a power vacuum one shrewd individual apparently decided to take advantage of. Yes, the hamster is actually that important. Unlike our new reptilian friends there’s already a deep rooted connection between Ainz and Carne village, one he won’t be so eager to sever—especially not with Demiurge holding the place high as the first piece of Ainz Ooal Gown world domination. Ainz Ooal Gown’s village demands help; Papa Bones will provide.

Whether Carne village actually needs any other-worldly assistance though will come down to Enri. The girl may have doubts and lack any combat prowess, but she as shown possesses a form of command authority capable of subjugating more than basic goblins—there’s a lot of magic (and charm) at work under that cute exterior. When Carne village is properly attacked (and you can bet your Ainz daimakura it will be, courtesy of sadistic Lupus happy face) there’s no reason to think Enri won’t manage holding on thanks to the trust and respect she’s built up among its denizens, but should things fall apart having a second goblin summoning item—and Ainz influenced guild support—doesn’t hurt matters. Love it or hate it we have another “minor” fight on the horizon for an episode or two, albeit with a little more protagonist involvement to ease those impatient hearts.

We all know Carne village will come through fine in the end thanks in part to Papa Bones, the only question is how our lordly skeleton will see to removing the threat once and for all.


    1. Yup, among the Pleiades the top 3 worse for humans to be around are Solution, Lupusregina and Narberal. Lupu and Solution likes to make humans suffer first before killing them, Narberal on the other hand just generally dislikes humans in general

      Entoma rather on the Neutral side if she’s hungry she won’t think twice in attacking you, but if she’s full and you don’t antagonize her she’ll ignore you.

      CZ and Yuri are the safest to be around as Yuri has an inherently good alignment due to Yamaiko being an elementary school teacher.

      1. Entoma eats people only when she is hungry, in effect she is simply a carnivore whose diet includes humans. Lupus enjoys torturing people for fun. Naberal has zero regard for human life and would just as happily char any human who looks at her funny extra crispy with Lightning. The only reason neither do so is due to Ainz’s orders. Solution also has almost no opportunity to eat people unless Ainz grants her leave to do so. This is why she asks for some in the first episode of Season 3.

  1. So they did skip the Changing POV while Enri was in the E-rantel (which is good, saves time). They can prolly resolve giant / serpent issue by episode 4 or episode 5 if they decide to include the Vol. 8 epilogue (which I hope they do it’s a fun section that contrasts well with the upcoming Vol. 7 events)

  2. The thing about Carne Village is that it is effectively the secondary setting of Overlord. We it more often, in more books than any other location outside of Nazarick. Think back on how often we see the good people of Carne Village. When Ainz first got to this world, when he recruited Hamsuke, now once more, at least one more time in this season and they get at least a cameo in Volume 11.

    For those dying to know what the value of Carne Village is and do not mind being spoiled…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Not only that but the people there also seem like quite tolerable enough people (as seen by Enri) that Ainz can also effectively try getting everyone to get along. Sure he’s taking over the world, but he’s also pushing for everyone to get along.

      Hey, he might be a world taker, but as Ainz, he also is showing that everyone should get along to prosper.

      Dorian S.
    1. To be fair Naberal only thanked Enri after she complimented both her and Lupus, before that she was insulted in the typical Nabe fashion. If anything Nabe’s thanks was for a human having the perceptive to recognize their greatness.

  3. I always really liked Lupusregina’s character design, so I was eager to see some dedicated story treatment of her. I’m fine with the meandering slow pace of the show. I don’t know if it will make the show widely consumable or not, but I like dedicated coherent world-building in a fantasy show myself.

    1. Overlord’s strength is its world building (besides the twist of evil main character out to conquer to the world), but yeah on the flip side it can sometimes irritate people expecting more combat and strife. Cannot fault such things too much though, we wouldn’t be here enjoying a third season if Overlord was a niche series 😛

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2013.jpg
    Ainz- I sense that someone is in the same position as me.
    Laughing at Enri’s position. I honestly am curious how it feels to be suddenly worshiped.

    It is understandable why most of Ainz’s subordinates are evil; while their creators are nice people, they probably never imagined that their creations would come to life. If I ever create a character, I probably should take into consideration about their settings.

    1. It definitely is in good fun, after all we never really see a human be torn asunder by the worst best Ainz Ooal Gown has to offer. Solution actually consuming a living human being? Nawh couldn’t possibly happen 😛

    2. A lot in Overlord reminds me of The Addams Family, especially S03E01. On-screen “They’re creepy and they’re kooky”, but every once in a while we get hints that there are some really icky things going on off-screen in the dungeons.

      Kling Klang
  5. Lupusregina: “The only thing I say is that”

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Serious why all the characters have to be evil ass holes, I mean REALLY.

    Still Lupusregina is kinda cute in the some episodes, but don’t like the sadistic smile on her face. It means trouble and more trouble will follow to the main protagonist of this series and novel maybe.

    (She became this)

    (To this….. )

    1. Evil characters are just Overlord’s shtick, the original guild members wrote the NPC backstories largely as flavour with no intention of them actually becoming reality, so when they did we get the resulting carnage. Personally I think it’s an interesting setting because it throws away the usual fantasy good vs. evil dichotomy in favour of a greyish mashup. Ainz is out to conquer the world for example, but he doesn’t want to destroy it in the process; most of these minor arcs show how Ainz tries to teach and/or direct his evil subordinates into following his more rational ideals. It makes for a more strategic and logical fantasy IMO.

      1. it is really interesting case of “having to work with tools someone has”
        also “trying to conquer world without breaking it in the process” is almost like trying to make omelette without breaking eggs…

      2. @ewok40k

        Well the 8 Greed kings did manage to conquer the world, although they did wipeout the majority of the more powerful races (majority of the Dragon Lords included), which is one reason humanity managed to flourish as everyone else was busy recovering from their dominion

    2. Actually Lupus tends to put the ditzy maid as a front most of the time (basically when she’s doing the “tsu” part), when she stops doing the “tsu” dialog it means she’s being serious. her tone shifting doesn’t translate well in the novel so this is a nice change XD. Makes me hyped for the next ep.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      and had to ask the Adventure Guildmaster for the details in a round about way (the part of the ep where the receptionist was freaking out and asking Enri for the details )

  7. A very noticeable drop in anime quality, and the storytelling seemed choppy. They definitely could have made the story more fluid; many things seemed incredibly disjointed which added to the bad production qualities.

    Hopefully, this doesn’t carry over to the next episode.

    1. Well they basically had no choice for this part (story telling wise) as this section in the Vol.8 had several switching POV, esp at the part when Enri was being interrogated for the goblin horn as in the novel it switches from the Enri’s POV, then guards/mage POV, then back to Enri’s POV then Momon/Ainz Pov of the same situation.

      This carries over to when Enri goes to the Adventurers guild to sell the herbs + get a consultation as it switches between Enri Pov and Ains PoV when he roundabout asked the guildmaster about Enri’s request (which is basically a breach of proper etiquette among adventurers). SO for me it’s not a bad thing that they decided to stick with Enri’s PoV for this ep.

      Animation wise, yeah I though I was the only one, but there was certain parts of Lupusregina’s animation that was out of whack for me (I though I was the only one that was bothered by it XD)


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