「東の巨人、西の魔蛇」 (Higashi no Kyojin, Nishi no Majuu)
“Giant of the East, Demon Snake of the West”

If last week was trepidation at Overlord’s penchant for side stories and minor characters, this episode should have done the trick to alleviate some fears that all was lost when it comes dear Papa Bones. From beating on the weak and helpless (relatively speaking) to ensuring that already deadly love triangle becomes a love square—not like Albedo needs any more reason to jump the penis bit—we received a good return to form when it comes to all manner of ossified evil. And the best part? It’s only the first taste of the carnage to come.

Considering the focus on areas and individuals outside of the Ainz Ooal Gown inner circle of late, it’s interesting to see Overlord continue pushing its recent theme of construction and development. Ainz’s mission may be world domination (to his chagrin), but such a mission requires more than simple conquest, destruction, and indiscriminate death. To take control implies an ability to retain control, and such a state can only exist with subordinates capable of both exercising control and doing in a matter consistent with their overlord’s (heh) desires. We saw this play out a lot last season, particularly in the lizardmen arc, but Carne village’s predicament now arguably showcases the idea better. Instead of Cocytus’s lesson largely appearing out of nowhere, the importance of Nphirea and Enri is well-stated in word and picture, with the need for Lupus to understand the importance of communication easily established from this foundation. Carne village, like the lizardmen, may ultimately be secondary to the Ainz Ooal Gown cast (barring some hilarious on the spot reasoning), but by quickly tying its importance to Ainz the events of these past few episodes start making sense and have a purpose for their emphasis.

Of course the real reason this arc may work better is that we actually get to see Ainz in action again. The fun of watching overpowered Floor Guardians/Pleiades maids or not, there’s just something about watching the man himself effortlessly pound the living hell out of others, especially after going full daddy on one adorably tsun Aura (be thankful she’s nearly 70 years old). A troll and a naga may not be the most unique enemies of late, but as a means for a bit of family bonding, Hamsuke insulting, and physical exercise I don’t think you can go too wrong with it—especially when it’s Ainz finally flaunting his true (and well-practiced) leader charisma. Plus considering these two cretins had supposedly joined together to face off against a different, more powerful threat now marshalling towards Carne village, I don’t think we’ve seen the full extent of Ainz Ooal Gown monster taming just yet.

There’s a new enemy approaching on the horizon, and this time it’s the duty of one lackadaisical maid and newly minted goblin tamer to help put it down. Stay tuned boys and girls, next time is battle time.


    1. Well, actually…

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      1. @Greed

        Probably as he’s one of the few beings who survived the 8 greed kings domination

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  1. This episode was good character development filler. Our Overlord
    is actually pretty reasonable – but if backed in a corner, all nice-guy
    bets are off. He also has a cute, genuine concern for his subordinates,
    who BTW are crazy powerful as well!

    But damn, it was over before I knew it and the buildup to the next
    episode was barely detectable, but hit me like a freight train at
    the end when the credits began to roll!

    Can’t wait to see!!!

    1. Actually…

      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Lupusregina needs to learn that it is not up to recon sentry to decide what news to report to higher-ups…
    good (over)lord, another haremette shows up
    and its 70 years old loli who is actually still a kid by her race standards
    trolls are sadist’s dream incarnated – provided you vastly over-power them
    torment all you can – and they heal back
    I am all worked up for seeing Lupusregina drop the ditzy maid act and actually kick some ass… oh and Enri maybe becoming little more heroic too.

  3. finally got to see Ryraryus and he looks bigger than I imagined him to be (and also rather plain looking). Also noticed that they changed up the scene reprimanding Lupus, Albedo was absent then as she was confined to quarters for 3 days as punishment for humping Ainz (which caused Ainz to wrack his brains to explain it to Lupus and Narberal about the Britta potion as he couldn’t use his “I leave the explantion to you ” move) and they were at the Decoy Nazarick/Warehouse.

    Seems like they’re concluding the arc next ep and they seem to be planning to add the Vol. 8 epilogue (which is a good move if they do)

    Hopefully they also includes Fluder’s Show Spoiler ▼

    moment when they start the Vol. 7 arc

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2004%20-%2030.jpg
    So magic weapons (and armor?) re-size automatically in this world. That’s an important point in some RPGs, whether or not you can use the enemies’ equipment.

    Wait – they’re trying to decide a “human meal” for three people – and they just accepted a lowly human maid into their ranks! The blonde should be able to make a human meal for a child.

    1. well Ainz idea is a fancy party(lavish by that world’s standard) and Tsuare would qualify to cook such a meal given she was from a peasant farming family and was held as a sex slave for the majority pf her adult life =/

  5. Great to see Ains take the spotlight again. A few things confuse me though so hopefully some of you can help me out. 1. The base that the trolls are aware of Ains building, is this the fake Nazarick and if so is he residing at the real one? 2. If Enri can do the commandment to control the trolls as in last episode based on he new ‘class’ shouldn’t Ains be able to do the same since he is pretty much uber class?


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