「蜘蛛に絡められる蝶」 (Kumo ni Karame Rareru-chou)
“Butterfly Entangled in a Spider’s Web”

It may not be much of a surprise when you know what’s coming, but that doesn’t mean the surprise cannot still be entertaining. From the simplicities of bashing ogre heads in before to some ingenious methods of torture this week Overlord flexed a bit more of its imagination muscle, showing that even the most time honoured fantasy traditions still have some room for (heh) exploration.

While part of my love for this episode may stem from the fact I’m currently working through a Tomb Kings campaign in Total War: Warhammer (nothing says satisfaction like watching skeletons absolutely wreck mortal face), there’s no denying a portion of the fun was the sheer maniacal variety on display in Nazarick. We got a standard fare fight, torture in the guise of physical health (note to self, avoid kidney stones), and one hilarious beat down courtesy of everyone’s favourite pet hamster. Oh and the ultimate coliseum showdown of epic evil, but that’s for next week. Overpowered characters and premises always work best when either treated as farce/parody or carousel of chaos showing the boundless limits of said power, which Overlord (given its serious nature) managed well by embracing the latter. Sure it may not be the best example considering the number of throwaway characters on display and time spent beforehand developing them (if only slightly), but as simple fun and games the event certainly did the trick. Who after all isn’t satisfied seeing one little blondie get the comeuppance he rightfully deserved? I’ll laugh if those elves of his wind up being the sole survivors of the entire expedition.

Beyond base theatrics, however, also lies the more sinister nature of Ainz’s scheme. This is arguably the first time for example that the horrors of Nazarick have been revealed in any serious capacity (beyond a few previous moments), with insects and our aforementioned “medical specialist” showing a little of what lies behind the grandiose veneer. For all of Ainz’s actions in peaceful coexistence (ex. last arc), there’s a significant depth of work actively using and abusing all manner of mortal life for Ainz Ooal Gown’s objectives. These poor Worker bastards let in were never meant to get out alive as openly attested to, intended instead to fuel the fires of experimentation and negotiation both. There is remember a purpose beyond simply letting Albedo and Hamsuke prove their worth in allowing strangers into Nazarick, a reason Ainz (well, Demiurge) intends on leveraging into the start of some nation building. How of course is anyone’s guess right now, but as with all things Overlord I imagine we’ll find out in detail before too long.

Right after watching Ainz beat some poor defenseless faces in of course; it just wouldn’t do to talk about politics on an empty stomach.


  1. If I could guess correctly, Ainz is simply testing power of his forces against what in our world would be called “quality special forces mercenaries on the market”.
    While those guys are far below best Adventurers of adamantite class, they are more likely to be emplyed en masse in any future conflict with Nazarick.
    As we can see nothing so far even managed to make dent in even minor Nazarick guardians.
    I can only imagine poor Arche reealising power level of Ainz, andthis time he probably isn’t using any cloaking spells…
    Anyway, I presume Ainz and co. will probably make short work of all kingdoms that will have misfortune of standing in their way. Not sure if we will get to see that in this season, though. What is interesting is how Ainz intends to rule once he defeats puny mortals, as this is where political side of the things will kick in, as opposed to predictably onesided combat…
    Last but not least, seeing the poor elven slaves having some measure of revenge on their former master was one bright spot in the death and despair filled episode.
    Oh and Hamsuke. I guess Boo of Baldur’s Gate is miniature version of him…

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Sort of hope Ainz will free all the elves, in the world. I think elves are treated the same way one would imagine if this was a hentai, or a dark manga like goblin slayer. Would be nice if Mare can make kids with those elves, it has been bugging me if NPC can create powerful kids.

    That is some fancy looking “magic”, I think that is magic unless someone can correct me.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. So the lizardmen were wearing metal collars like they were slaves as they observed Hamusuke’s fight, which I thought was weird since they’re not supposed to be slaves. But then Ainz of all people is also wearing a collar at the end of the episode, so… huh???

    1. I saw the collars as well and had to rewind and then realised they are not connected to anything. Not sure the purpose. Might be to give the impression they they are slaves or under control of someone else? I am still baffled by what the plan is is wrecking everyone here.

    2. They skipped that part a bit as it was basically covered in Enri’s arc previously, that it’s a tag for them to let the other people know in Nazarick that they are the property of Ainz (so cannot be harmed for no reason). Although As I recall Ainz, Death Knight training partner and Hamsuke’s collars are special items that boosts XP gain in exchange for stat penalties.

    3. In the web novel,

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  4. Man I they rushed the other teams demise (but they touched the major points for them so that’s good enough). This gives me hope that they won’t rush the next arc as Foresight’s fight going to take the majority of the next ep. XD

  5. Some thoughts:

    – Chuckled when I heard Kyouhukou. I guess Shizuo now has confirmation that Izaya is a insect?
    – Wait, so Hamsuke’s a warrior now? In other words, Ainz’s experiment was a success?
    – The Pleiades take their clothes seriously. I always get a small chuckle at the consistency of their reactions.
    – Looks like Ainz revived all the Lizards Cocytus killed?
    – I still hope Arche survives. Or is revived by Ainz. I also cursed at this episodes cliffhanger because just why

    1. Most likely, it would have been enough as it would prevent them from getting any more jobs besides the most desperate ones i’d assume. They were hired to explore the entire tomb after all, so only exploring the first one and then retiring on the mission with all that gold would cause 2 things. They most likely have enough money to retire for life, even with the biggest group of i think it was 14 (heavy smasher was their name i think with most of them resting up and preparing )all 14 would manage to live in luxury and if they managed to play the market right, would even be able to become some of the richest in the country.
      Now, if we go with a smaller team like Tenmu, while they would obviously have far more wealth but considering his expensive taste, i’d wager that it wouldn’t last him as long as the other groups as they were more careful with their expenses.
      The second part would be their reputation. Granted, they are hired swords so to speak but if they don’t complete the job as was specified, what is keeping them from betraying their boss or becoming little more then unreliable criminals?

      Also, if they would have stopped at the first tomb, Ainz would probably just sent a few low levels mobs to retrieve it. If the low level ones got beaten, he probably would have laughed it off and let them keep their prize considering the old guards are considered as some of the weakest ones.

      1. @Beedle

        Not necessarily, assuming the treasure was close enough to the wall from which they entered Ainz may have let them go to prevent having the chase them down. If anything that treasure positioned so close to the entrance was a test to see just how greedy the Workers actually were.

      2. @Beedle
        While i don’t remember the exact wording from the novels, but green leaf stuck to the tombs farthest away from the center thanks to their leader being so cautious. So depending on the lay-out they might actually have gotten away if they went back the same way they came.

    2. In the LNs when the workers opened the coffins they found “Gold, silver and gems of various colours, in addition to numerous sparkling accessories. And more than a hundred gold coins scattered all over.”
      Still a great treasure, but not the meter deep mass of ten of thousands of gold coins shown in the anime.

      Kling Klang
  6. Green Leaf’s interaction with the Pleiades was interesting on several levels.

    The idiot’s joke about maids in a tomb being in bad taste. The Pleiades consider that a slur on their creators and nothing would set them off as sure as fate.

    The Green Leaf’s leader initial thought that they might win against the Pleiades. His later observation that they were the strongest force in the tomb.

    It might had been more funny if the Pleiades brought snacks to watch the fight.

    It is kinda sad that Green Leaf couldn’t even give a good account of themselves against what would be a low level mob.

    Even sadder is that blondie got his ass handed to him by a hamster.

      1. Next episode will determine if this anime will have a love and hate relationship with fans.

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      2. Pancakes, why are you allowing these kinds of posts here?
        I get that he’s excited to see how anime only watchers (like me) will react next episode, but he basically hints/spoils that “Ainz will kill all of them, even the cute one that cares about her sisters”.
        Not a fan of this LN reader hinting.

      3. @boingman
        Honestly probably because I can only log in and check over comments once or twice a day haha.
        Usually for me though I try and stay hands off unless the comment is an obvious spoiler or outright obnoxious (like with Franxx before).

        Out of consideration for what happens next here, however, I spoilered Charkan’s comment just in case. I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised with what Ainz has planned, but you never know; I’ll try and watch over future episode comments a bit more closely to keep the suspense.

      4. Thank you.
        Yes, nobody will be surprised, but considering the hinting of LN readers there’s no way for that to happen no matter what. There’s always the chance for the unexpected to happen, but not if you’re basically told how it’ll play out.
        Sorry, the more I’m enjoying an anime, and I enjoy Overlord a lot (currently rewatching season 1), the less I want to know about future events…

    1. Well remember that Nazarik has several treasure room where they keep all the shinny stuff, also Ainz has a skill simmilar to dimensional storage and finally Nazarik architecture does not obey the laws of physics and conventional magic at all, that place is several times bigger on the inside for starters…..

      1. *looks* …Why that motherless scum-sucking gutter-swimming animal-fornicating pile of pig feces!! >:(

        It escapes notice at first because the ears don’t look too different from Western images of Elves… But then you remember that the Japanese image of fantasy Elves have these ears…

      2. I read somewhere that in the New World as Ainz calls it is common practice to cut the ears of slav elfs to stripe them of their identidy as a race. The level of discrimination of that world makes our world look like paradise, sometimes I think Ainz and Nazarik are the right medicine for that rotten world.

  7. I just knew it, this whole is about sacricial lambs for the greater good of Nazarik and fun as hell watch those bastards thinking they have a chance in hell against even the weakest members of the Tomb but I feel really bad for Foresight, they are by far the nicest guys of all the introduce Workers but they were dead the momment they step into Nazarik. Unless they can pove useful to Ainz…..

  8. Team Foresight I hope they will be okay? Arche and Imina. Gotta wait for next tuesday to see next episode. Is this the actual Nazarick home base or the fake one they built?

    Dexter Sayas
    1. this is the actual Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, and one of the reason Ainz-sama doing all this false-flag ops is to test the Tomb defense but without using most of its most-powerful-god-tier defense system, in order to save on money, because he is a cheap guy.

      1. He is cheap, sure but he also wanted to know if just the basic defense that didn’t cost any money would be enough to counter most assaults or if he would have to utilize the defenses that cost money as well.
        The floor that cocytus lives in for example has a floor effect that slows down enemies while also afflicting them with cold damage over time just for being there but that floor effect costs money to maintain. Think demiurge his floor also has a similar effect with heat but that is never specifically said in the LN. Apparently it was hinted in the webnovel but besides that there is nothing.


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