「消えた少女」 (Kieta shoujo)
“The Girl Who Disappeared”

At this stage I’m going to be mighty disappointed when SnS inevitably ends in a few weeks. Not because of any impressive, ground breaking storytelling mind you (unless we want to talk about the cake), but because the damn thing is going to leave far more questions than there are answers. Whether the curse of light novel adaptations or not (and it is), SnS has now gone from one mystery to three—and we haven’t even saved Asahi yet.

I’m sure most realize after the events last week that Nozomi hasn’t suddenly turned traitor (even while upping her ranking in the Subaru best girl competition), but seriously, no way is she legitimately evil, not with that personality. Nozomi’s shift this week I bet is firmly down to our two new and important Gnosis members, who by actually having names (and not dying in one go) implies we are finally looking at the real threat to Asahi and Subaru. After all, it’s not hard to guess what that magical snake bite is all about, and how a similar thing might have originally affected Nozomi beforehand. The interesting curiosity (at least from a story standpoint) is now whether dark Nozomi supplants Asahi for current damsel in distress, because while Asahi may be SnS’s main girl, clown boy and fake Medea clearly have a use for the dark haired cutie pie beyond simply antagonizing long-time friends. Considering the power of Nozomi’s Sense I could easily see that being as useful in real life as Asahi’s predictive abilities.

Speaking of real life too, it seems we won’t be too far removed from finding out how those Senses operate in it. As the weirdness happening to our oblivious dunderheads and best girl shows, someone (read: Gnosis) has either finally figured out how to use those deus ex machinae magical abilities in real life, or has grown worried about Asahi getting away and decided to reveal their trump card in an effort to retain her. This development (for either aforementioned reason) I honestly never saw coming, for while operating Senses in real life was always going to happen at some point in SnS, it always seemed something for when Asahi’s rescue was already in motion—you know, for shock and awe. Having it appear now? Anyone’s guess just what the hell is going to happen next. With two girls in need of rescue while our good girl guy time fights against game and real world both, SnS could very well be gearing up for the first big twist of the series.

Or, you know, simply setting up for some more spicy relationship drama, but I don’t think anyone would complain too much seeing Satsuki given another chance at success.




  1. right on money… i knew it. nozomi is the girl in shadows in OP. and she turned into one crazy “evil” chick that sniffed some tons of cocaine and is now feeling heaven. EVIL is PLEASURE indeed and the big boss of gnosis finally shows up too. 3 more episodes and i am starting to wonder if they will have enough time to at lease put a good end to this part of the story, or the anime will leave us hanging in some sort of cliff hanger, so the series is open for any continuation like a season 2? as far as i know basing wikipedia the source is still ongoing.

    anyway nozomi’s power is plenty as powerful as asahi’s. having the ability to manifest anything from imagination can be OP as asahi’s sense or perhaps even a match. as to clive, something is still fishy with him. leaving asahi when she’s the VIP? i can already see that takanori’s illuminati might not be enough to stop gnosis in case they attempt to abduct asahi. and with the time gap that happens IRL, something for sure happened in the game probably, relating to asahi.

    finally, strange. i find myself enjoying to see some evil “broken” girls. perhaps it is because most anime that has corrupted or brainwashed girls ended up getting harshly beaten to put them back into their senses and i am expecting for it to happen to nozomi too (for hurting asahi)? haruto or even takanori beating the crap out of nozomi would be pleasure to my eyes. if touMAN (since index 3 is coming) is there, he will not hesitate to punch nozomi’s drug addict like face to. — I’ll destroy that screwed up illusion of yours!

  2. This scene is slowly proving my theory and it ties into how Asahi is still alive.

    1. Asahi isn’t dead she is in a sense and her body is in a laboratory.
    2. The rest of Subaru too are in a sense and their body are in a laboratory, you think when the rest of Subaru logs out it’s reality they are experiencing or just another sense? In truth it’s a Matrix-ception, a virtual reality within a virtual reality, within a virtual reality and so on all thanks to sense.


    1. I might want to jump out on a limb, and say your theory is intriguing and it would be quite a twist if they are still grade schoolers. What I think is currently happening is they are still in the game and Gnosis (Which I suspect is the company that created the Union games is attempting to hack into their accounts. The person they saw wasn’t Nozomi, she could be twisted by jealousy, but I don’t think she would be in such a revealing oufit, she’s probably somewhere crying and still hurt by the events at the party. I would suspect this is someone twisted into playing Nozomi, or hacked into Nozomi’s account, who has the same sense as hers.

  3. My theory as to the whole show, is this is Asahi’s Prophet Art at work, when Asahi got hurt (like Haruto) they got thrown into an alternate dimension, but its going to take them 6 years to figure it out, and return to save Asahi. I believe time has passed and all of Subaru is in a coma. Elicia is probably a forgotten member (Clive’s kid sister), who didn’t go to the final battle and is trying to get into Subaru’s world and has and joined forces with Clive. Clive knows more than he is letting on, he worked with Elicia who they have seen in their memories and hasn’t shared anything with Subaru. Clive and Elicia need Subabru to figure out what is going on for themselves for two reasons: 1. Bad Plot developmemt. 2. To prevent alarm or outright refusal to believe what is going on.


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