「戦争準備」 (Sensou Junbi)
“Preparation for War”

What’s this, Legend of the Galactic Heroes? In my Overlord? Oh yes, it’s more likely than you think. While lacking in super epic (and very unrealistic) space battles—at least until the land warfare hits—Overlord certainly flexed a bit more of its narrative muscle this week, delving into the meat and potatoes of political intrigue and offering up a pretty interesting piece of engineered chaos. Sure not the most visually stimulating of moments so far, but hey, we all know what’s coming next.

After Demiurge’s Ainz’s downright insidious coopting of the Empire’s sovereignty for his own purpose last time, it’s not too surprising the plans for implementing Ainz Ooal Gown “independence” would quickly take hold. Countries, particularly pre-Twentieth Century, loved utilizing calls of protection for specific peoples and “restorative” justice as a means to advance national interests, and anytime such an opportunity arose it was never wasted. This is the reason certain states like Belgium and Uruguay exist for example, and El Nix sees a similar strategy for containing Ainz. Go to war to establish a buffer state, let Ainz show his true colours to everyone involved, then let your so-called enemies contact you after to ask if you’re really in league with the evil skeleton man: foolproof plan for building that alliance right? Yeah we know how that’s going to go once a few Floor Guardians decide to pull out the garden shears.

Of course if El Nix is none the wiser regarding who actually wins in giving Ainz a kingdom, you can bet the Kingdom and its leadership have absolutely no clue. Barring a few prescient individuals who know full well the problems awaiting them on the battlefield, everyone is caught up in delusions of grandeur or just going with the flow, unable to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. No one is even really to blame here (well, except our princess and her love of making Climb suffer), neither the King nor his firstborn son know of Ainz’s power, and all the nobles are doing what can reasonably be expected of them in signing up to defend the crown and its land. Many might cut and run once the cat is out the bag—feudalism is notoriously terrible when it comes to loyalty in the face of certain defeat—but this is one situation no one is in any position to deal with correctly. Especially when you assign the tank to do the spy’s job. Tragic irony, you got to love it.

While the exact outcome of the upcoming slugfest may not be known (barring a Sorcerer King man having his kingdom and land to boot), you can bet quite a few are going to learn the price for standing up to Papa Bones. Brain and the like may live through this encounter, but the rest? Oh baby, they’re in for ride.

Author’s Note: As a heads-up I have to make a Monday to Wednesday business trip to the Fort McMurray oil sands sometime within the next two weeks, so if the next episode isn’t posted right away don’t fret, it’s because I’m doing engineering work. If I’m still home next week I’ll let you guys know then when to potentially expect a blogging delay.


      1. Y’know, after seeing the royal siblings, it’s no wonder Raevan wants fatson to be the next king. One’s a muscle-head and the other is not interested at best and a yandere at worst. Yea, fatson’s the lesser of the evils.

        I’m honestly surprised Climb has lived this long with Renner trying to get him killed. She’d probably lose it if Climb somehow managed to advance his job class.

      2. She does want Climb to die, just not permanently. Have Climb die, resurrect him, get to nurse him back to full strength while having him be even more grateful for expending the expensive costs to get someone to cast raise dead on him. Heck, if Climb dies with some allies, she can have them resurrected too and be seen as even more of a benevolent angel.

  1. This episode had so many death flaggings.
    Ah, so Ainz will finally “cleanse” the Kingdom of many of the corrupted Government. It is good that Ainz chose to side with the Empire, not the kingdom. While the Empire plans to betray Ainz, the Emperor’s government seems to be the least corrupted due to how the bad nobles were purged. In comparison, the Kingdom is a MESS as it was full of disgusting Nobles that frequently abuse power. I hope many commoners, and maybe mother nature, would thank Ainz when he starts killing many Nobles, and their lackeys, which can lower the human population.

    Notably, I am sure E-Rantel’s castle would be a wonderful place for Ainz-sama.

    I hope the loving wife won’t get jealous of the son, for getting all of daddy’s attention. Anyway, The son does seem to love both of his parents. I hope the kid doesn’t become evil.

    1. I don’t think Ainz is siding with the Empire as much as using them for his own ends. The political situation between the Empire and the Kingdom (plus Ainz’s current reach into the Kingdom’s leadership) makes the Empire a more suitable ally of the moment. Guaranteed once Ainz has established his kingdom he’ll (well, Demiurge will) waste little time in turning that alliance into a pledge of fealty and subservience.

      1. If someone are looking for the Light inside Ainz-sama World Domination plan, then perhaps it is this, that he choose Erantel because it is in the middle of both Countries and he want to work as an protection power. So the attacks of both sides need now to go trough his country/city.. and if the Empire break the ally.. Well… all will have respect of Power from Ainz-sama. But then undercover actions will rise skyhigh to win influence from him.. Also Ainz-sama still have his Momon fighter to stir up Political things on both sides

        some kind of:

        You are waring to Generations and do not think about peace? Well, i do it for you. I subdue both and force them under my peace

        could become an red line, but then an dull red line because of Spy actions.. or Ainz-sama war the “War Hawks” on both side to prevent an new attack

      2. also some sort of: Ainz-sama will become the next Strong enemy BOTH sides are afraid and must fight him.. So in a way he breaks the War between this two nations in relay it on him.. They just war Ainz-sama

      3. Well, regardless, Ainz is going to “cleanse” the Kingdom by getting rid of the many corrupted nobles and their lackeys; after see how so many Nobles looked down on Gazef, with exception of Raevan, it is obvious that some cleaning is needed. I would like to know, after Ainz’s slaughter occurs, how many surviving nobles (if ANY) would think “We should have listened to Gazef before this happened!!!!!!”

  2. so many death flags…
    4 strongest Empire knights would be ahrd pressed to conatain even one Death Knight
    Ainz has entire ARMY of them
    think of it as sending moderna rmy against Roman Legions
    prepare for curbstomp
    I more wonder how Crown Prince and his recon force will fare against Carne Village
    and more precisely, Lupusregina ordered to watch few of the inhabitants…

      1. Well, are the Crown prince not going there for Intel and not for destroy this city? Well, with this many foot soldiers they could misunderstand it…

        “We come in peace, and this many soldiers and weapons are just for show… trust me…”

      2. You could kinda predict how the Carne Village situation is going to go. If not the entire village, then at the very least, their Chief (Enri) and meal ticket (Nphirea) are loyal to Ains.

        So when the crown prince of little politicking and diplomatic savvy comes barging in with an army demanding for intel to be used against Ains, there will be blood. Beta being there means the named 4 are automatically safe, though.

        That’s not even taking into account the crown prince stumbling upon the existing goblin and troll squadron…

        Chekhov is very, very proud of this series, indeed.

  3. The princess cares deeply for Climb, in her own way. The reason she ordered him not to repaint his armour is obviously so he’s easier for Ainz’s forces to recognize so they don’t roflstomp him accidentally…

    1. I think it was explained prior to the last battle where he did paint his armor, she wants him to stand out so he DOES get roflstomped. The point being that if he dies he died the hero she always believed him to be but if he survives but is horribly wounded she can essentially keep him captive caring for him for the rest of his life.

      1. Even if Climb dies it accomplishes the same thing, Renner’s best friend and our favourite (or second favourite) chuuni can just revive Climb though he’ll be greatly weakened afterwards.

  4. The nobles think that a magic caster is not worth much on the battlefield. They decide to be generous and think Ainz is worth 5000 men. I think they left 3-4 zeroes out of their estimate.

    So, it’s going to be a big question if Kingdom is going to survive in the next decade or so, even if Ainz leaves them alone. If you want examples of what happens to feudal states suffers the catastrophic loss of the leadership just look at these battles:

    1. Battle of Flodden Field

    2. Battle of Okehazama

    3. Battle of Hattin

    I really want the Imperial March when Ainz shows up on the battlefield.

    1. to be fair, even if the Kingdom throw their entire manpower(in the novel it was stated Kingdom has around 9 million pop), Ainz with his lv5 damage immunity will not even take any scratch,literally,because no one in kingdom is above lvl 60, min.lvl to overcome Ainz passive defense

    2. most importantly they dont have experience at all with such high level casters…
      Fluder is pretty much top of anything humanity has managed to do with magic and he can’t control even single death knight…
      Ainz has ARMY of them.
      this will be so one sided as Battle of Ommdurman with tribal warriors charging Maxims…

    3. Well it wasn’t revealed here, but the Kingdom is actually on the ropes in the fight vs the Empire as the main reason the Empire always starts the yearly skirmish with the Kingdom at around Fall is so that they can bleed the kingdom economically as the kingdom relies on peasant levies to fill their armies ranks (peasants getting conscripted means less able bodies to harvest). Renner and possibly Marquis Reavan are the only people who are quite aware of the overall situation that the kingdom is heading

  5. I hate this kind of episode soooooooo much. 20 minutes of exposition from mostly throwaway characters followed by one minute of Ainz being fucking awesome and getting you pumped up just in time for the credits to roll and leaving you waiting a week.

  6. Ainz literally hundreds of magic spells at his disposal thanks to his Overlord Class, many of them are instant death spells and the sort but many more could decimate modern armies when used once! Just imagining what´s on store for those bastards makes me shiver, specially when you consider the bulk of the Kingdom´s army is made of farmer and peasant, unlike the Empire that employs profesional soldiers as was stipulated by El Nix.

    1. You are thinking too small there with Ainz his spells.
      Instead of going with normal spells to insta-kill his enemies ( still makes me wonder how those instant death spells and effects would work in a game setting without being broken to the point it would be a mandatory skill for minmaxers or useless to the point that even those peasants can do more damage against a death knight with their bare fists even after all these years ) Ainz has also access to super tier magic.
      So far, there have been 10 revealed in the novels in total while ainz here has revealed 5 different ones so far. Add in the part that a lvl 100 would usually have access to 30 different super tier spells on average ( think that number comes from the overlord CD’s ) and you are ready for world destruction 😛

  7. Ep 11:

    – i smiled from left to right all over my face, when they appear.. You will know from who i am talking about…

    – Well Played, well played. Just these “we are the blablabla force of our almighty blablabla”.. got annoying after the 2nd or 3rd time… It would also be enough if some “chief” would say we all are under the command of blablabla.. to much good intentions can also be to much…

    – Just overlook the cgi here.. Just see it like i did.. in an real MMO the engine need to get the “play it save, go into low meshes to keep constant fps”.. So see away…

    Just watch it, and see for yourself..

      1. – also i would had an stronger effect if they answer their arrival with also an horn.. imagine if your ears hear an “wall of Horn sound” that grown in deepness and volume.. ears and eyes will cry for mercy


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