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「星空のプロポーズ」 (Hoshizora no Puropouzu)
“A Proposal Under the Starry Sky”

So, this is pretty much the aftermath episode. After all that was done last week on Happy Sugar Life it must be expected that there would be consequences. If Satou was allowed to cleanly get away with murdering her friend in her own home (a home she acquired through homicide, no less) then I guess nothing matters in Happy Sugar Life. It’s The Purge in here. Do whatever, nobody cares.

The one who should rightfully care is, of course, the one in closest proximity to this horrible mess: Shio. She’s been kept in the dark about Satou’s atrocities up to now, and perhaps has turned a blind eye herself, but she is no fool. Have you noticed how Shio automatically hid herself in her room before violence broke out? Despite her apparent naivete, she’s shown a lot of canny behaviour like that. And she does see that there’s something going on. So even as Shio remembers the truth about her own abandonment it’s high time that she confronts the truth about Satou as well.

But, to what avail? This episode, like so many others, could have been a turning point for Satou. Satou does not feel remorse for murdering Shouko; perhaps she’s incapable of doing so. We know that there’s only one person who can ever guilt Satou: Shio. This was a prime opportunity. If Shouko could not talk reason into Satou, then perhaps Shio can. Like last week, Happy Sugar Life teases us with the idea, but instead of dangling possible redemption of Satou it dangles complete collapse. It’d be at least something interesting to see, as Shio turns her back on Satou, at once removing the root of her madness and driving her over the edge. And perhaps it’d be necessary; this is basically the only way Satou can ever be made to feel anything close to contrition. The only repudiation that matters is Shio’s and after Satou firmly threw herself over the moral Rubicon last week it’s now or never.

The kink in that plan is that, unfortunately, Shio is quite broken as well. Turns out, yeah, nothing matters.

Perhaps this is supposed to be a heartwarming moment, where Happy Sugar Life plays out like a more extreme Kuzu no Honkai, where two fundamentally broken people manage to cobble together a functional whole together. But I’m not convinced that this is healthy for either again. More likely it will be Shio’s capacity to forgive that will, ironically, seal Satou’s fate. Asahi is not nearly crazy enough to take down Satou and I wouldn’t bet on him (especially if Shio sides against him; how old was she when they were separated?). If anyone can destroy Satou, it will be herself.

September 15, 2018 at 10:46 am
  • September 15, 2018 at 9:27 pmHenrietta Brix

    The only one that had some semnblance of normalcy and happiness was Shouko.

    Its really tragic how she was discarded from this episode.

    I will miss you SHouko

  • September 16, 2018 at 11:30 amsailor80

    Shio had Satou down for the count, and SHE FORGAVE HER! Uggggh. Shio could have walked out that door and Satou would have done nothing. However having some very dark thoughts following the revelations in this episode. 1. Shio is the root of all this madness, It sounds that Shio is the cause of her families problems (1 too many kids, maybe Shio was too dependent) It makes me wish that independent Shio was there for her mom. Satou wasn’t on her yandere craze until she met Shio, Satou’s aunt may be a bit out there, but she’s doesn’t seem to be the killer type, actually she seems the victim type. Where did Satou get her killing streak from? 2. The post credits scene makes me think that Asahi may not be the white knight Shouko sacrificed for, actually I think he killed his mom (thus gaining Shio’s love for destroying her monster). I think the upcoming events will show that Shouko’s death will have meant nothing except for the destruction of our three main players.

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