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Happy Sugar Life – 06

「私たちは、月の周りを回っている」 (Watashitachiha, Tsuki no Mawari o Mawatteiru)
“We Revolve Around the Moon”

I guess it depends on your frame of reference.

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Happy Sugar Life – 05

「罪の味、罰の味」 (Sumi no Aji, Batsu no Aji)
“The Taste of Crime, the Taste of Punishment”

Even the filler characters are crazy stalkers.

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Happy Sugar Life – 04

「砂糖少女は気づかない」 (Satou Shoujo wa Kidzukanai)
“The Sugar Girl Does Not Notice”

Next on Happy Sugar Life‘s list of terrible things that people do: child abuse.

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Happy Sugar Life – 03

「モノクロームの長い夜」 (Monokuroumu no Nagaiyo)
“A Long, Monochromatic Night”

Apparently paedophilia is like vampirism. If you get bitten by one you become one.

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Happy Sugar Life – 02

「しおの箱庭」 (Shio no Hakoniwa)
“Shio’s Miniature Garden”

This is the part where God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah, right?

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Happy Sugar Life – 01

「砂糖少女は愛を食む」 (Satou Shoujo wa Ai o Hamu)
“The Sugar Girl Feeds on Love”

‘For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.’

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