「大虐殺」 (Dai Gyakusatsu)

Note to self: camp internet sucks. Also my old laptop sucks (and dies half the time), but when you’re stuck with a 300kbs public wireless connection hardware problems aren’t that big of deal. Thankfully for me and every fellow Overlord lover though I Pancakes have returned from the struggle of unconventional oil extraction to preach the word of Papa Bones. Or, well, our favourite skeleton’s capacity for mass murder, but same difference really. Man came, man fought, man died, and regardless of 3D CGI oh boy was it a blast to watch. And the best part? It’s just getting started.

At the end of last episode we all knew Ainz’s battle for sovereignty would be a relatively quick affair, but damn were expectations thoroughly trashed when it came to the extent of the ass whooping. Seventy thousand killed in the blink of an eye, several thousand more (at minimum) trampled to death by the face (faces?) only a mother could love, and the horrified realization by all that this pile of bones hasn’t even broken a sweat—yeah you might have a problem on your hands. Even barring the absurdity of a medieval-esque kingdom somehow fielding 240,000 men in one battle (most armies of this time could barely support a few thousand, let alone tens of thousands) the sheer scale of destruction rams home the point the “evil” Ainz seen during the earlier arc is the actually true Ainz, the one who simply does not care about humanity outside of a select few. If the act helps Ainz Ooal Gown (or in this case helps identify the presence of other players) Ainz won’t bat an eye seeing a good chunk of life prematurely ended. After all, they’re little more than insects in the eyes of our skeleton sorcerer.

The one irony of Ainz’s magic showcase though is that it easily accomplishes what El Nix intended: everyone and their mother is seriously afraid of the power Ainz possesses. Alliances won’t be immediately formed, but once the war is over (and it will be pretty quickly) it won’t take too long before both Kingdom and Empire start seeing eye to eye over the 800 pound gorilla staring intently at both. Of course it won’t matter once any grand alliance is formed given Demiurge has already planned for such an event, but you got to hand it to the emperor; there’s some serious smarts residing behind that face. The real fun though will be seeing how Ainz intends to push the likes of Gazef into accepting his dominance, for while Gazef for example may be willing to stand up to Ainz out of loyalty, there’s no indication yet that Ainz is willing to kill those he deems off limits. Our magical skeleton holds dear anyone part of or associated with Ainz Ooal Gown, and they, whether of human persuasion or not, are all but guaranteed permanent safety (a la Tuare). There may be a duel in the works between loyal knight and the sorcerer king, but Gazef (and Brain/Climb) actually dying? Yeah I’m not seeing it happening, not with that quip about marrying a princess.

Of course the same doesn’t apply to one particular king and the ragtag remnants of the Kingdom’s military force, but how Ainz intends of putting home their complete destruction is something we’ll just have to wait to find out.


  1. I love this ep XD If there’s one thing i have to criticize about this ep is the atmosphere they choose for Katze Plains(it’s too sunny). From Reading the LN I always imagined Katze plains) to be a dreary place (since it’s an undead spawning site due to the loads of casualties from the yearly clashes between the Empire and the kingdom. Even though the Fog surrounding the place should have lifted for the battle it shouldn’t be that sunny :p

  2. Also the Dark Young were bigger than I imagined XD Basing from the LN illustration I always thought of them to be wider rather than taller (Big heavy body with stumpy legs) since based form the description I always imagined them to literally plowed through the ranks with their bodies and crushed people due to it’s immense body weight. The anime was more like dinosaur big XD

  3. CGI wasn’t bad when it was zoomed in, but when it was from “far away” like this https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2022.jpg it was so terrible and inconsistent, they were sliding on the ground, this scene was “splat splat splat” because every time a hoof went down dozen NPC’s turned to mush but alas this was “stomp stomp stomp” instead.

    I could turn pessimistic for a moment and pretend to not know how next episode will go saying something like “they probably poured remains of their budget into the epic duel between stronoff and Ainz” but sadly no such thing as you will see next week. Mad House are known for their quality but this was a fail, where did the money go? did they take on the job of two cour season with minimum budget? who knows… but i sure hope Japanese viewers give them hell for this display.

    1. Most likely they were never supplied with a large budget to begin with, and even Madhouse cannot work miracles without the necessary resources. I wouldn’t blame Madhouse too much for this either, it’s entirely down to the production committee and how much cash they fronted for this production. Just part in parcel of most anime these days unfortunately.

  4. …the sheer scale of destruction rams home the point the “evil” Ainz seen during the earlier arc is the actually true Ainz, the one who simply does not care about humanity…

    In spite of the questionable CGI, the voice acting was quite on point and it really helped drive home the above-quoted point. My impression was that this major plot event was intended, first and foremost, to illustrate and define Ains’ character in the aforementioned way, rather than to simply serve as a major set piece in of itself. This is masterful writing folks; major set pieces serving an underlying narrative purpose, beyond simply providing climactic impact to a plotline (or in the case of bad action movies, existing for no reason besides generating flash/adrenaline). Strong plot construction in the source material surviving and shining through abysmal visual direction and mediocre screenwriting.

    The way Ains said something to the effect of “…legions are about to die, but I feel nothing…” during his casting monoloque was a little on the nose, as was his brief exchange with Gazef where he declares that he’s always been inhuman, but I think these lines were some of the most important in the entire episode, adequately serving their purpose to accentuate the crux of the entire sequence.

    1. These later arcs are really a testament to the growth of Overlord’s author, he’s done a very good job of growing Ainz from a simple alternate world transplant into a true villain, and has done it without too much heavy handed manipulation. It’s not something you can say of most light novels, which is probably the main reason why the series has obtained such a large following.

      1. Totally agree- and I was reading somewhere the other day that he’s apparently just a hobbyist, a salaryman who writes Overlord as a side job, or something. Yet he puts many full-time LN authors to shame with how far he’s come over the course of his debut series.

  5. While, I’m watching this I already make a lot of Thanos jokes.

    Ainz: Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this… does put a smile on my face.

    Ainz: I could simply snap my fingers. They would all cease to exist. I call that… mercy.

    Ainz: The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

    Ainz: You should have gone for the head.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Will Climb marry the Yandere princess. Would like to know. Anyway, if anyone seen anime like Valvrave the Liberator or Cross Ange, you would know that animators can easily make a bloody massacre scene. Sigh, I was expecting a LARGE puddle of BLOOD! but I see so many bodies perfectly intact.

    Empire commander- are you going to kill more? Isn’t this enough?!

    Me- What, Ainz is killing the enemy for you. Why do you complain when Ainz is killing people who may likely invade and destroy your country? Ainz is lowering the human population by killing many corrupted nobles and their obedient pawns.His actions are perfectly beneficial. Now the Gazef’s king can have an easier time, as the government is getting less corrupted

    1. Me- What, Ainz is killing the enemy for you. Why do you complain when Ainz is killing people who may likely invade and destroy your country? Ainz is lowering the human population by killing many corrupted nobles and their obedient pawns.His actions are perfectly beneficial. Now the Gazef’s king can have an easier time, as the government is getting less corrupted

      2 reasons;

      1st, it wasn’t clearly pointed out in the anime but the 240k soldiers are mostly mere farmers that are forced to fight for this war. Killing more than 120k of those poor souls are already too much for a fellow human to bear. After all that you still want to kill more of those helpless people? You cannot blame him to think this is all too much. MC being a non-human definitely didn’t help in that regard.

      On that note,

      2nd, this was touch upon in season 2, in this world humans are one of the lesser race. There are actually only around 6 mainly-human kingdoms in this world, 1 of them was actually lord over by an ancient dragon with a kingdom population that consist of human & non-human races. The dominant kingdoms in this world consist mostly beast-kins & such that treat human as domestic animals.

      Because of this, war between human nations are actually rather peaceful, those wars are fought more like the European wars before WW1 where war are fought around a few days or weeks with casualties in the hundreds at most. Now this undead monster are “helping” you by slaughtering your enemy by the thousands. Enemy, that you need to remember, you need to later join forces together to defeat this undead monster that you now know clearly you have no chance against.

      This would be like if China & USA going to start a war & some alien empire show up & “help” China by purging all of USA standing army, nuclear weapons & all their leaders within an hour. Do you think China would be happy of that? No, they would be horrify beyond belief. Because a new master of earth has show up & obviously no deterrent works on them.

      1. “Because of this, war between human nations are actually rather peaceful, those wars are fought more like the European wars before WW1 where war are fought around a few days or weeks with casualties in the hundreds at most.”

        I see, thanks. I was curious why are humans fighting each other if humans are one of the “lesser” race; as in the human population is so small compared to other races. Normally, if humans are endangered, then humans should avoid fighting each other, meh.

        Anyway, I remembered in the previous episode that some soldiers chose to chase after Enri’s group (which consisted of women and children) to presumably rape and kill. I can imagine even farmers can have violent desires. Also, recall in the previous episodes that some people wanted to Invade the Empire. To me, I would be happy that an enemy would be killed especially, if taking Tuare for example, plenty of Nobles consist of greedy idiots that are willing to rape and kill innocent people.

      2. See 30 Years War for one of the worst wars ever fought and for the countries involved worse than WWI or WWII in the percentage of the population dead. I talking about more than half of the population of Germany dead. The World Wars have the advantage of a much larger population base to kill from. Many wars got really bad before the world wars but on a smaller scale. But yes many wars were not as bad but it more hundreds of thousands and sometimes over a million and the peasants often starving because their food is stolen. And that European Wars were smaller Asian Wars have huge death tolls.

    1. Well, you’re not suppose to. He is an overlord. The Overlord. But most people will.

      Do you ever heard of Death Note? A lot of people root for Kira too. How about the Joker? Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, & all that “Thanos was right” nonsense?

      People likes a bad guy, especially if he’s badass.

      1. I am not above liking a villain as well, if he/she is well-written. Like, for example, Light Yagami from Death Note, Kratos from God of War, or Lucy from Elfen Lied.

        But Ainz, I don’t find him sympathetic, likeable or even interesting in the least. He’s just this OP undead sorcerer who commits ever-escalating atrocities while easily crushing any and all resistance. And what’s worse, it feels to me like the series is glorifying his actions.

        Lily Nadesico
      2. Well, fans that numbered in the 200k at the least would like to disagree with you.

        Note: In 2015, the Japan original series Overlord light novel passed 2 millions copies sold. That’s excluding all other languages, the manga & the anime.

      3. Well Overlord is written from the perspective of the who would be the Big bad in any fantasy series. Ainz is morally grey enough to be entertaining to follow. (which is also one reason why I enjoy reading Deathmage doesn’t want a fourth time as the MC is insane, but in a likeable way and is a rare MC who knows power defines what’s right and wrong in his world)

      4. @Devastator001: I honestly don’t find Ainz entertaining at all. And after seeing him slaughter 200k people and not feel anything about it, I just can’t consider him “morally grey”.

        Lily Nadesico
      5. Well, to be honest, I can never like Light Yagami, due to how he easily got drunk by his own power.

        Someone like Tanya von Degurechaff, if you know what kind of person “she” is in the inside, is also unlikable as “she” can be considered an Inhuman monster in the inside while Ainz is more human in the inside.

        Ainz, to me, is like Code Geass’s Lelouch who is a likable evil. Both of them are aware that their actions are Evil but their actions can benefit the world. Simply put, there is a method to Ainz’ madness.

      6. Protagonist villains are always going to be hit or miss, it’s just not easy balancing their evil against the audience desire for character growth and complexity. To do it correctly IMO turns the villain into an antihero, and that of course is a different sort of character. I agree Ainz isn’t really the same standard as Light or the Joker (hard to match up to them), but he has a reason for his actions which at least for me is enough to keep him interesting. Sometimes all you want is watching a guy go ham on the world, and Ainz provides that relief in spades.

    2. @Lily Nadesico

      He’s already an undead, so strong emotions are already suppressed and he’s at war, a war that had been occurring annually with the Kingdom and the Empire (which already produced enough casualties to make the Katze Plains a spawning ground of undead that had to be periodically patrolled by both sides in order to keep the undead count down.)

      He’s still morally grey as he could easily go all black and kill every one there except the 4 people he wants spared and proceed to stomp thru E-rantel (as he’s proven he is well capable of doing that), but he doesn’t, as he still operates on his own moral code. (ie paying back favors, keeping to promises made whenever possible)

      1. @Devastator001: The fact that he operates on his own moral code doesn’t negate the atrocities he committed and will commit. After this massacre, I can no longer consider him “grey”.

        Lily Nadesico
  7. because this event isnt explored any further inthe novel it shouldnt be a spoiler.
    So, Jircniv had waged an annual war against Re-estize Kingdom that is really a “war” in name only, his real aim is to slowly drain the kingdom food production capability so the kingdom slowly rot from within because of lack of food.
    Different than the empire which has professional standing army(80,000 of them) Kingdom practiced conscription so everytime Empire and Kingdom went to war, it never goes beyond simple skirmish or little eye-staring(except that one time Kingdom tried to charge Empire position but repelled back hard so Gazef had to help their ass, killing 2 of previous Imperial 4 Knight), but Empire always issues the war during harvest season, so Kingdom had no choice but to pull their farmer force into battle, wasting their harvesting season in the process.

    Now with this “war” that farmer force isnt just diverted, it is destroyed. With the addition of 8 finger into nazarick agents, just imagine what Demiurge(and Renner) could come up with

    1. Renner is prolly the only one in the Kingdom to pick up on Jircniv’s long term plans. She may be crazy, but she’s smart enough to know which side is the better choice for her future between the Kingdom and Nazarick XD

  8. Damn, I’m going to miss Gazef…

    Does anyone else have a problem with the army numbers used in the show? For a medieval kingdom, the amount of man fielded seems completely unsustainable.

    1. Well the numbers is prolly barely sustainable for a short campaign (in RL the mongol horde had around 100K to 125K mounted troops so it roughly translates to 250K mouths to feed if you count the logistics for horses as well.)

      As I recall the kingdom has the highest population count among all three central human kingdoms. (The Kingdom was originally a project of the Theocracy as a safe place to spawn heroes, but backfired when Eight Fingers grew into prominence and start smuggling out drugs)

      1. There’s a key difference though: the Mongols never had their entire army in one location. Individual Mongol armies were 10-50 thousand, enough to overwhelm the enemy, but not enough to overwhelm the land where they operated. All medieval states just didn’t have the resources to sustain massive forces, whether due to the limited potential of agriculture at this time (especially its immense demand for manpower), or the lack of communication abilities between various units (and the Mongols were arguably the best at this). A 100 thousand might be believable given the circumstances of this battle—i.e being the first and last battle of the war—but 240 thousand by historical standards is easily in the realm of absurdity.

    2. And it does affect the kingdom in the long run, All Ainz did was actually accelerate Jirniv’s long term plan of bleeding out the kingdom economically. He just doesn’t go for an all out brawl with the Kingdom as any knight casualties the empire suffers are harder to replace than the conscripts of the Kingdom. (Quality vs Quantity basically)

  9. I am horribly sorry for Gazef he is too good man to die… but I dont think he can switch loyalties. This almost guarantees his demise…
    Although Ainz can just kill him and then raise from death to tell him: “You served the King to the death, fullfilled your honour-bound oaths. Now you are free to serve me!”
    Not sure about Brain but Climb is one pretty much sure to survive, being secured by Renner’s deal with Ainz (whatever exactly it is).
    Poor Marquis Raeven has waved so many death flags that I would be amused if he survives simply because Ainz wanted someone smart to help Renner run the kingdom after old kings inevitable demise…
    re: medieval armies, probably one of biggest campaigns ever, the 1410 war between Polish-Lithuanian alliance and the Teutonic order involved as much as 20-30k troops on either side, and they clashed in a cataclysmic battle of Grunwald aka Tannenberg, dwarfing the likes of Agincourt or Crecy.
    by 1600s armies numbering +-100k have been deployed, as in Turkish campaign to trt yo take Vienna in 1683.
    And Napoleon really broke out the genie with mass conscription and armies going into 300+k.
    Anyway i find it interesting that Ainz’s spell basically mirrored the death count of the Hiroshima nuke, hammering the fact of it being effectively magial tactical nuke…
    talk about nuke mages!

  10. This episode was a total disappointment for me.
    I loved the previous one, but this was meh.
    This was supposed to be the most powerful magic of Ains, all it could do was kill 70.000 super low level soldier to summon 5 monsters who only stomp on other super low level soldiers?
    What about the teeth and the tentacles? Are they there just for show?
    I was expecting much more gore from such monsters.
    Plus other than the size they didn’t seem strong at all, I guess any of Ains minions would have an easy time with them.

    1. Please elaborate what you wish to see from Ainz ultimate spell then. Do you think it’s gonna be a meteor or a black hole or Supernova or what?remember it is originally a game spell, gonna think about for some cool and balance factor.
      yes, any lvl100 had no trouble to kill such creatures, but they are all over level 90, and for a summoned monster that isnt permanent and only summoned by spell they are a powerful monster.
      And popular fan theory assumed that the DragonLords, Apex Beings of New World before the coming of Yggdrasil Players, range from lvl70-90.
      So Ainz basically summon 5 monster that could destroy the whole world(at least until the timer runs out and theyre gone)
      The lack of gore because Madhouse doesnt care(corpse sprawling around intact and bloodless).
      But in the LN it states they combined kill at least 110 thousand kingdom soldier(not counting the 70k). And that is only because Ainz stops them when he meets Gazef.

      1. I’m actually curious if the Dark Young would stay beyond their time limits as they they were amde with dead bodies as catalyts (similar to the Death Knight at Carne village way back in season 1)

      2. Anything capable of being a challenge to high tier players, after all it’s an ultimate move.
        If an ultimate move is ineffective against powerful players what is ultimate about that?!
        Maybe in the LN they are portrayed better, but in the anime they seemed so slow and stupid that any decent group of warriors would have no issue with them.
        And regarding the gore, I think it’s pretty pointless to show some creature with huge teeth and tentacles which doesn’t use it, even if they had no need to use them it was pretty boring to watch.
        Even without going gruesome, they could have made it more dynamic.
        Was it like that in the novel or they did save in the animation department?

      3. @Chris now that you say that it is true those are mild inconvenience for lvl100 player, but not all enemies are lvl100 even back in the game, mercenaries NPC generally are lvl 80+, and ressurected player will lose some level so for those kind of enemies back in the game the goats are pretty useful. And i personally think this kind of spell is more useful against low level enemies(a.k.a rest of New World) rather than Fallen down that Ainz uses against Shalltear. Kind of like a single Aircraft Carrier(Nimitz-class) complete with its air wings are more useful compared with nuclear missile-carrying Submarine(Ohio-class).
        And yes Madhouse are fucking things up from animation perspective.Almost every LN reader will agree that it is a disappointment.
        Yes they uses their tentacle, thrashing everyone into smithereens because they have human-level intelligence, they decide to just run around and USE their tentacle, becoming moving grinder.
        No they donot use their multiple mouths because they dont need food(summoned monster) and honestly just from their tentacles and running torso it is more than enough
        PS:LN depict them as 10m in height not including the tentacles, and illustration depicts the tentacles as far longer than the torso, so the anime enlarge those monster to godzilla-lvl basically

  11. Seventy thousand killed in the blink of an eye, several thousand more (at minimum) trampled to death…

    In the end more than half of those 240k people will die.

    Even barring the absurdity of a medieval-esque kingdom somehow fielding 240,000 men in one battle…

    Because most of those 240k men are farmers, lowly citizens that are forced to fight for their useless leaders. Re-Estize Kingdom need to do this because the Baharuth Empire can sent 60k well-trained & outfitted professional soldiers to this war, Re-Estize Kingdom has no way to fight that with similar quality so they had to go for quantity.

    This of coarse back-fired on the Re-Estize Kingdom, since half of those 240k farmers never went home, the coming years is going to end with the kingdom bleeding dry just to not starve to death.

    The one irony of Ainz’s magic showcase though is that it easily accomplishes what El Nix intended: everyone and their mother is seriously afraid of the power Ainz possesses. Alliances won’t be immediately formed…

    Yeah, sadly no, what El Nix want is for the surrounding human kingdoms to join forces to put down the MC when they all know how dangerous the MC was, but he only thought the MC can kill thousands with a spell. That would show the MC as a strong & dangerous non-human sorcerer.

    Now, Ainz Ooal Gown however killed more than 120k people with a single magic spell, the MC will now be seen as a horrible god-like figure that can destroy kingdom with 1 magic spell, who in their right mind would want to fight against that? Remember, a magic spell that can kill thousands is consider as nigh impossible.

    Yes, all human kingdoms will agree that an undead king with this kind of power is, no, will be a danger to all living things, but who wants to openly declare war against that? A combine forces cannot exist if no one want to be the 1st to stand up.

    The MC had destroyed El Nix’s plan by sheer power. Yes, everyone now knows Ainz Ooal Gown is a danger, but Ainz Ooal Gown is so powerful that there’s no one would dare to oppose him.

    In WW1, if Germany started the war by dropping a nuclear bomb on Paris & wiping it off the map do you think Russia & England let alone USA would declare war on Germany? Yes, they will be horrify & Germany will be branded as monsters, but like hell they going to start a war with an opponent that can wipe them out with one attack.

    1. The thing about overwhelming threats is they will always invite resistance, no matter the risk. Yes there’s little chance of the Kingdom and Empire (among others) actually openly declaring war in the near future (it’s suicide at this point), but I’d seriously doubt they would just roll over and die. Both will quietly approach one another and come to some sort of secret agreement once the dust of this war settles, and then probably wait to see how the chips fall. If it looks like Ainz is weakening or is distracted, it wouldn’t be farfetched seeing them pull the trigger and try to eliminate him.

      1. Of coarse the human nations are going to try to resist the MC secretly. In this world undeads have a reputation to have vengeful jealousy & hatred towards living beings.

        Even though Ainz Ooal Gown “only” have no empathy towards sentient beings that are not part of his circle (which is already horrible enough) & don’t actually hate on living beings. The fact that he can slaughter so many people & laugh about it just confirms the hate he has for the livings in the humans’ eyes.

        A dictator (that isn’t your own species, let alone race) would be bad enough, a dictator that hates your guts is so much worst.

        The problem is like you say; all of those nations will wait to see how the chips fall. Which they will regret in the future if they didn’t die horribly in the near future.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Not sure if the treasures of the kingdom part is going to be explained next episode or not so i’ll put it in spoilers just in case.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Just as a heads up, but the gaming part is mainly coming from my background in gaming and a bit long now that i read over it ^_^”
    Not sure if any of this was already explained in the anime without going for the OVA’s and the like, so just tagged it to be sure.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Well Razor’s edge is only note worthy one among the gear as it’s prolly been created

      Show Spoiler ▼

      . the crown of wisdom is also one such item and the Khajit’s orb of Death are also a couple of those wild magic items way back in season 1.

    2. Chinese novel fan here. Regarding the instants death spells from what I understand they are one of the so-called coin-flip spells; They either work completely or not at all.

      Those attack-base coin-flip spells works based on level differences of the target & caster, and how much luck points the target & caster each has. Considered all of this it is pretty obvious those spells wasn’t all that against an even opponent & therefore bad for PVP.

      It wasn’t show ever in the anime but in the novel, Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Closest one that could possibly put up a fight among the human Kingdoms are the Slaine Theocracy’s Show Spoiler ▼

    (the black and white haired elf is implied to be one or an NPC back in Season 2), but AInz is prolly out their League as Show Spoiler ▼

    after seeing the carnage wrought by Ia Shub Niggurath.

  14. Emperor: 2-3 thousand killed with a single spell.
    If we can’t beat him with strength, we beat him with guile.
    Well, it’s good to be prepared for the worse.


    How so right and at the same time how wrong the Emp was! What he didn’t realize was the SCALE of annihilation! 2-3k? Try this number:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    We’re talking WMD/End Times levels of destruction here. The Emp might be intelligent, but he doesn’t realize that he might as well be treating with a tsunami or a level 6 hurricane here. Papa Bones will squash the Empire like a bug underfoot if he ever decides it’s in Nazarick’s interest. Any alliance of kingdoms against Ainz will probably just turn them into deserts.

    The only real life of something like this happening is when the Romans encountered war elephants in 280 B.C. Roman cavalry and infantry ran at first contact.

    So, 70k plus kingdom soldiers dead. The rest are probably useless in the near future. Since these are farmers, that means the bottom layer of society just got loped off. This would result in a societal collapse in real life. Unless strong leadership is given.

    For Gazeff? I see suicide by magic caster. He gave his oath of loyalty to the king. He can’t go turncoat.He can’t allow the rest of soldiers to be massacred. But he respects Ainz. So what does he do? Challenge Ainz to a duel!? It makes sense if you realize that if he somehow wins, he gets rid of a threat to the kingdom. If he dies, he doesn’t violate his oath. Admirable, but what a waste.

    1. Yes he is the most powerful in the surrounding countries even(at least publicly, Theocracy had black-scripture unit that are stronger than him).
      In Maruyama twitter it goes something like this(couldnt remember all)
      Clementine with her original equip>Gazef with national hero equip>Clementine during hugging>Gazef in ep1s1>brain>Gagaran>Zero(six arms)>other mooks….Zaryusu>Climb>tiger

  15. No denying that Gazeff is going to die, it’s too obvious, it’s the only option available to him given the kind of character he his.

    I have to question Papabone’s motive here, while Fludel didn’t blink an eye to turn sides, since having previously met Gazeff, even from little inspections from his journey as Momon. That answer was sealed.

    On one hand, I think Papabones is testing Gazeff but on the other hand it doesn’t make sense to do so. Sure strong arming might persuade a favourable answer, but why in this manner.

    Quick question to those that have read the LN, I know Papabones has been cautious here and then, so does he/merryband encounter another human player along the way?

    Spoiler tags for those not wanting to know. Thanks

    1. Well, remember Season 1. Papa Bones saved Grazeff and never asked for favors then. He’s also one of the humans that could prove to be of use to Nazarick. Now, he’s asking for more or less payback. How would it look if Garzeff refuses and Ainz lets it go? Grazeff would become the focus on any resistance to Ainz at this point. So…either join the POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!..ooops wrong Overlord! So he takes Grazeff out of the equation, by either joining him…or being dead.

      1. The fourth person is King Ramposa, as the King dying there will throw the kingdom into a free for all among the factions over the rights of succession.

        Especially since they still don’t know that Barbo is already dead, so it plays into Nazricks plan that the Kingdom be as intact as possible when they come to take over.

      2. Does Ainz even know about the Marquiz? My guess is that the first three on his list are the ones that have incurred favor from him or his Guardians. In this case; Gazef (tried to save Carne Village), Climb and Brain (both are well-thought of by Sebastian).

        Last one, probably the King? I’m assuming they need a clean succession, since I think it was hinted that Ainz already had connections to our psycho-princess. And she has plans for that.

    1. I think the guy charges at Ainz’s army to gain glory, as the nobles are competing with each other. Also the kingdom has no knowledge of Death Knights, as far as I know. The Empire has a captive one and is well aware of how strong they were.

  16. man I felt it was rather lack luster to me,cthe book describes it so much better. I get why madhouse needed da dark young scene as it is bloody gory in the book. I still enjoyed the scene of the dark young going crazy

  17. While this was an entertaining episode from the standpoint of the reaction of the Empire, this was indeed a massacre. While I am falling out of love with papa bones I am interested to see where this goes in regards to anyone that will stand up to him. I am also waiting to see who was it that was controlling Shaltear. If they gave Ains that much trouble with her then surely they can give him some trouble going forward. Surprised they haven’t revealed themselves yet.

    1. The Slane theocracy used a world item on Shaltear. It is mentioned in the first few minutes of episode 1, season 2. It is one of the reasons Ainz has been so cautious until the last few episodes.

  18. Does anyone ever appear that could legitimately challenge Ainz? I realize its part of the charm of the show but if what we end up with iis just Ainz rolling over enemy after enemy that makes this a lot less interesting for me.

  19. I remember being somewhat impressed with how well CG animation was integrated last season, but now? It’s some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Makes me think of those late 90s anime that were among the first to try and use CGI, like Blue Gender and Full Metal Panic. But even they used it better back then.

    Never mind how astonishingly bad the direction is. Did they give any thought to scene composition or lighting here? Like, at all? Cause I sure as hell cant tell.

    I was really looking forward to this third season, as it covers arguably the best novels, but this adaptation has been a complete mess.


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