「キミノイクベキトコロ」 (Kimi no Ikubekitokoro)
“The Place You Should Go”


General Impressions

I don’t even know where to begin for Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara. I came into this first episode not remembering a thing about it from the preview and was left wishing episode two was out since I was so damn interested in the thing.

First and foremost, boy am I happy to see a P.A. Works show have such a fantastic start. Starting us off in the future where technology and magic have come together to create something amazing? Sounds good to me. A main character who seems to have some real issues, but isn’t too defeated to at least attempt to tackle them? Great! Time travel done right and can be potentially used as a fantastic plot point? COUNT ME IN. God there are so many different emotions that this first episode ripped from me that I can barely keep them all together. That said, I think that might be a great description for this first episode. An episode that was quite chaotic with little follow up, but kind enough to let us know just enough to feel invested.

Moving away from me gushing about this first episode, let me dive a little into what I’m hoping we get out of Irozuku Sekai. Seeing how the show is blending a lot of different genres here, I’m hoping each passing episode manages to capture the magic of this introductory episode by not focusing too much on one specific thing. Because as much as I wanted certain things to happen, I think the showrunners have found a great pace and diversification of material to tell a fantastic story. From building up just enough anticipation of what’s to come to the ability to drop some future magic/technology when we least expect it has my mouth nearly salivating.

Overall, a fantastic first episode of a show that I’m glad I had the opportunity to write a little about. That and I’m so happy to see a great start to a P.A. Works show. So while it may be a little early to make any judgments about the show, I think we’re off to a fantastic start so far.

I’ll definitely see you guys next week — be sure to catch episode two so we can discuss whether or not it was good!




  1. Second disappointment of the season. Yes it was beautiful to look at, but I found it totally empty. Well, worse than just empty, it was utterly stupid. I mean, how could you go to your own grandchild (even to one about as sympathetic as a potato) and, without any warning, irrevocably (or so it seems) fling them into the past? OK, I’m assuming there’s some kind of super-important plot point that means it had to be done that way, but I’m not going to hang around to find out.

    PS the rainbow is the wrong way around.

      1. I really like this type of stories and in this case the setting and premise is really interesting. But it hasn’t been a very good start, everything is quite forced and convenient and mc’s extremely aloof character isnt ticking me. Even with this so so start I really want to see where this is going.

    1. Wait… seriously? So you acknowledge that there’s probably some super important plot point but decide to just fuck them for not cramming it into episode 1? Jesus Christ what ever happened to the three episode rule?

    2. Your analysis is really disappointing one here. You are just nitpicking the plot holes you can think of. Giving someone a warning? Where’s the fun in there? Do you even know the word surprise? Since you give up on one episode, I assumed you would not even know the personality of Grandama – frivolous, adventuristic type girl. That alone give you reason why she surprised her, well that is just an assumption.

      But either way, your analysis is just really jumping in conclusion without really inspecting what was given. Is it not the basic of stories to throw questions that let viewer to wonder? Every story needs some acts for people to get hooked. For example the plot you refer as being stupid – not giving the grandchild warning. You are already hooked though you are just annoyed. Then the intention for plot was successful.

  2. I’ve noticed a common theme in recent PA Works anime is coming-of-age; the personal growth and maturing of the MC’s outlook from their initial stage to move forward in life. I expect Irozuku will be no different.

    In fact, PA tends to make it the focus of their stories regardless of genre. For example, Kuromukuro was scifi action on the surface, but the main core was on character interactions as they learned to grow up and decide on their life goals (amidst an alien invasion).
    Similarly the recent Sirius the Jaeger was more on supernatural fights, but the core story was about Yuliy’s personal character growth, from his anger with vampires giving way to a much deeper conviction to change society’s outlook on magical beings by the end of the series.

  3. I still haven’t seen this one, but does anyone feel that this show is giving off some Glasslip vibes? I thought that it wasn’t bad, but in a way, I hope this show doesn’t go there again.

      1. I also am a bit worried about the Glasslip potential. First episode of that had a quirky family involved in an artistic venture with hints of time travel. Was also beautifully done. Maybe this is PA trying to do Glasslip right?

  4. So Another one of PA Works Shows huh? For what i see here…

    “Time travel done right and can be potentially used as a fantastic plot point?”
    I doubt it…i could imagine that if they slip up…Well…

    YOU KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPENED!!! Oh dear, I gonna get LMAO for this one if this goes wrong (Remember Glasslip!?)…GOOD LUCK FOR THAT!!!

      1. Pfft. That’s just a bunch of horseshit weasel-words created to justify anything Shinkai. The real “wabi-sabi” trend came from Japanese collectors of vintage (mainly Rolex) watches, where they’d mistake corrosion and patina for “character” and buy/sell barely working timepieces for ridiculous amounts of money.

  5. The ideas may be interesting, may be, but the execution was so week! I’m disappointed.
    Why not show this episode more from the point of view of the girl, show how she was lost in that situation and the characters just appearing and talking with her to reinforce this feeling?
    And of course, why not have this episode in black and while? They even had that moment when she was surprised by the colors, so what’s with point and changing to black and white just seconds before, randomly, in a telegraphed moment?

    I wanted to like this anime because of “photography”, but really…

  6. Did nothing for me, this. Only reason I downloaded this was because some comment somewhere said it had a Flying Witch (manga) vibe to it, but as far as I’m concerned, it had none of that. All I saw was teenage melodrama and a revolting color palette.

  7. I thought it was pretty good. I was surfing the internet on a laptop in front of the TV and the show gained my attention. I couldn’t look away. Hopefully, they can keep it up. “Yagate Kimi ni Naru” and “Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san” couldn’t do that to me.

  8. I’ll see a few further episodes to decide. There was an initial sort-of hook with the MC being a bit relatable to me, but I don’t think that will last due to the rest of her characterization. This is beautiful to look at, but the rest of P.A. Works’s anime are also the same, so that alone won’t make this one shine. I think it’s vital that it doesn’t focus solely on the MC. We’ll see.

  9. Quite an expected show for me to pick up; after reading the synopsis I thought magic/time travel, school-rom theme again? Thought maybe I could get a better idea of it from the first episode. And I did. What a meet cutethere… 😀
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer
  10. Dude…it’s only been one episode chillax, so the poilot didn’t catch your heart? Watch two more episodes and decide from there. If you want to call it quits now fine this isn’t the show for you.


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