「ゴブリンたちとの出会い」 (Goburintachi to Deai)
“Meeting the Goblins”

「ゴブリン村での戦い」 (Goburin Machide no Tatakai)
“Goblin Village Battle”

I won’t lie — I started this season not having a clue why I would want to watch an isekai show about a slime. I was completely and utterly incorrect.

General Impressions

With two episodes in total to catch up on in terms of post, let’s be a little crazy and just dive straight into a general post about both. Because just like this show, who says you have to follow conventions when doing things that make sense just makes.. more sense?

With episodes two and three covering a good chunk of material ranging from the character development to setting the overall tone of the show, I think this show provides the best example of why the three episode rule is such a great thing. Looking back at it, I could easily see how my excitement from episode one could get worn down waiting for the next one. Because as much as I think that this show is fantastic, I think there’s something you probably lose if you don’t get to see Rimuru’s progression over these past three episodes. It’s nothing necessarily tangible, but I think there was something special in seeing how he handled everything that was thrown at him. The best of which was how he handled his status as a slime that’s literally been given the power to become the most powerful thing known to man.

For those of you who don’t know, I really enjoy shows where we get to witness a character live out a power fantasy where they’re literally unstoppable — especially when they know it and do something with that knowledge. In Rimuru’s case though, I really like how he takes things slowly while gently abusing the skills he was given when he came over to this other world. Because for as much as I’d love to see him absorb some crazy beasts and just become a walking nightmare, it’s been fun to see him utilize his power to help those around him. God, just thinking about the underlying tones of monsters and humans not getting along and him being the bridge to creating a “new world” gets me so excited that I can barely contain it.

At the end of the day, I think we’re in a good spot for episode four. We have a general premise setup and we’ve gotten to see just how insane Rimuru’s skills are. Hopefully things will continue on exactly as they have been since I don’t think we could really ask for more.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!




  1. Well.. half way through 3rd episode, when our slime woke from his 3-day slumber and camera went on female goblin, my lower half got abit excited. Couldn’t blame myself, I’m man afterall and female goblins are HOT !

    1. The only other slime I remember is from Konosuba 2, he was a well formed human that they never suspected until catching him “slime handed”. I would say the rules are slime will eventually be able to form into whatever form as they level up.

  2. This series is the complete opposite of Overlord, no bones about it!
    I really chuckled with his trip out of the cave because the description
    of the monsters he encountered was such an audience troll. I too have
    developed a soft spot for series where we get to witness a character live
    out a power fantasy where they’re literally unstoppable. It’s great fun!

    And, of course, his healing ability requires him to slime the victim patient.

    But the only puzzlement I have is how the dragon was able to keep the peace
    is he was imprisoned himself? Oh well, I can forgive a plot hole or two for
    the quality story delivered — speaking of which, I wonder when we’ll see our
    kawaii tsundere dragon again…

    Yup, this is my Overlord replacement!

    1. I’m not exactly sure, but I’m guessing though that humans had spread around that Veldora would be unsealed if anyone caused any sort of trouble in the area. After all, why would the humans care if Veldora was gone or not?

      So basically humans using a situation to their advantage.

      Dorian S.
    2. Veldora is dangerous existence so much that the great forest of Jura is prohibit zone due to his rampage tendency.

      Everyone just afraid of accidentally unseal him think of an unstoppable storm

  3. Oh whew, I was worried no one was going to cover this. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of the adaptation (the animation on Rimuru makes me happy every week), so thanks for taking a look Takaii.

    1. Think of male foxes being called dogs and female foxes being called vixens. Or bulls and cows. Bucks and does. Boars and sows. Ganders and gooses. Stallions and mares. Rams and ewes. Cobs and pens.

  4. I’m enjoying this too, more than I expected. The art, the direction, is all very well done.

    The main weakness of this series is the same as in other Isekai power fantasies: the protagonist is damn strong, completely overpowered. No matter what kind of challenge he faces, don’t worry, he’ll be strong enough to overcome it or will develop an asspull ability to solve the problem.

    And yet, it’s still fun.

    Why? Because they don’t forget to make the character sympathetic. Because he’s trying hard to be a decent human (slime?) being instead of going for the “edgy badass” route. And most importantly, because the story makes fun of him. Lacking knowledge, tripping and falling, getting surprised time and again… His reaction faces are hilarious, and by being made fun of the story makes sure he doesn’t get full of himself.

  5. So … like… are slimes the most powerful creatures in this fantasy world? They can literally take on any power anyone else has by absorbing them and analyzing their information. If this is true, how come they haven’t taken over the planet by now? Also, the wolves just GO ALONG with becoming friends with their prey as long as some stranger tells them to one day?? I’m confused.

    This anime is a slow burn, the pacing reminds me very much of the opening appendix from The Hobbit. We’re in Episode 3 and so far we have two short scenes with real fantasy humans in them and NONE of the core cast makes and appearances besides the opening, save for Rimaru himself who is a simple ball of slime throughout. I’m not too keen on this type of writing that saturated every corner with dialogue and thoughts. Even animals can talk “telepathically”, without moving their mouths, and others can still communicate with them without any issue.

    I can tell the author enjoys writing, almost to a fault. We’re not yet concerned with a storyline and instead experiencing the world and how it works, making it very low-key.

    1. Pretty sure ‘Predator’ is the usual isekai bullshit powerup, not a slime thing. Like, that it was one of those rando powerups he got when he was dying.

      As for the wolves knuckling under, well… dude just hit with a +100 Intimidation check and then was like ‘Now be friends or else’. It’d be nice to see more backsliding – I mean, a lot of goblins got eaten by wolves just last week – but clearly the author has no desire to get that deep into interpersonal relationships.

      1. Pretty sure I don’t understand the meaning you’re using for the words “predator” or “intimidation check”, which leads me to the next logical reason for why this sort of writing doesn’t gel with me: … I NEVER PLAYED FANTASY RPGS.

  6. the only thing I see different about this isekai with others is that the MC is a slime, a power fantasy becomes very boring when the protagonist is invincible full of powers and tricks to crush any enemy as if they were insects is just like overlord, but instead of being a villain (or pretending to be) here is a good guy, would be just like the trash of isekai wa smartphone he just lacks his harem, if it were not for the opening I would think that it would only be a boring anime about a guy living a simulation of fantasy rpg, but for some reason there will be several fights, just to show the disproportionate power of Slime, how excitating! yawn

    Fede 5000

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