「選択問題/続・選択問題」 (Sentaku Mondai / Zoku Sentaku Mondai)
“The Problem with Choices”

If there’s one thing you can bet on when it comes to yuri it’s that there will always be cuteness. Ok, maybe fan service too (there’s an internet rule somewhere on this), but we’re talking about Yagakimi here. Hand holding, kissing, heavy petting? Darling please it’s all about that warm fuzzy feeling of successful relationship building, and this week was no exception.

While I may already know what’s coming down the pipeline later, this episode was probably the one I was most looking forward to for a variety of reasons. This is the point where Yuu starts seriously considering her feelings (or lack thereof) for Touko. This is the moment Touko winds up going all in on her infatuation (because it’s no mere crush now). And by god we cannot overlook that setup for future marriage proposals with some schmoozing with the family—one girl here is definitely forward thinking. Yuu of course though is the important one this week, slowly working her way through the mental reeds to figure out her feelings and what she wants from her relationship with Touko. The girl is gradually realizing she does feel something for her sempai, but the key question is whether that is romantic—i.e. in the vein of Touko’s feelings—or simply platonic and an extension of Yuu’s self-styled “good nature”. Honestly right now it could be either; while Yuu may be truthful in saying she’s not romantically interested in Touko, there’s no denying she’s warming towards Touko and starting to enjoy her company, and it’s not a long jump from enjoyment to desire. We’ll find out in good time what Yuu winds up wanting (the story demands it), but getting to that point will first likely require a shock or two to bring Yuu’s underlying feelings to the fore.

One potential shocker of course lies with Touko and what may happen with her and her feelings. Yuu may be working through her mental maze right now, but as Touko’s jealousy of Seiji shows the other side of the coin isn’t remaining static either. Every little thing Yuu does enhances the desire Touko is feeling, effectively giving our new love addict a new reason to keep on holding out for the moment that affection is reciprocated. It may not be visible right now, but this increasing interest on the part of Touko is slowly pressurizing and it will eventually come to a head. Eventually Touko won’t be able to take any more of Yuu’s fence sitting and will need a proper (and final) answer. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen at that point given Yuu’s own response is also in flux at the moment, but it is coming and is something to definitely watch out for.

After all no romance would be complete without a bit of rough water. It’s just a question of whether Touko’s (and Yuu’s) resolve will prove enough to get them through the storm.


  1. Really love their dynamic in this episode! It seems like yuu wants to have feelings for Touko but something is preventing her… Wonder if we’ll get an exploration of what’s holding her back or maybe it’s just a matter of time and familiarity that will nurture feelings. It’s certainly an interesting idea

    1. I think we’re getting that exploration right now, albeit slowly. The show at the moment is about Yuu trying to come to terms with the feelings Touko has and her own lack of feeling towards them. It’s not so much there’s an underlying reason for Yuu’s indifference, but that she herself cannot comprehend what that reason is. Once the light goes on (which will likely come with time and familiarity) things will quickly change.

      1. Yeah I agree but do you reckon her indifference can be rationalized? Such as maybe she’s too focused on what she’s supposed to feel which is influenced by media,society, friends etc… that she’s missing what she’s actually feeling(perhaps she’s already falling for Touko). I’m so fascinated by Yuu!

      2. Definitely could be, but I’d imagine social expectations would only factor in after any recognition of feelings—i.e. a response similar to how Yuu reacted when Seiji saw her kissing Touko. Right now I think it’s just simple ignorance on the part of Yuu, she has never felt love before (as she perceives it), so it would be easy for her to just overlook her interest in Touko as a side effect of Touko’s shenanigans. Until Yuu gets some sort of shock (like Touko suddenly growing cold) she’s not likely to understand how attached she’s becoming to Touko.

  2. So Yuu surmised that Touko had ulterior motives in buying the romance novel from her, but that got me wondering, how would Yuu have interpreted events had Touko had purchased the book from her mother instead, or another of her family members?

    I find it interesting how while Yuu is generally well grounded and fully functional, she does seem to have an irrational need to be needed.

    This came up in multiple ways during the episode: in her fretting about being chosen, when studying with Touko, while making Touko’s heart race against her bed, while doing the dishes with Rei and Hiro, and while thinking about Touko as she goes to sleep.

    “Senpai no hentai.” What a great play on a too oft-used expression.

    Maybe I’m projecting but sometimes I think the show is too understated. When Yuu told Touko about Hiro-kun’s place in their family life, I couldn’t help but think that what distracted Touko wasn’t what she said it was. Rather, that it gave her the seeds of ideas about what might be possible between Yuu and herself, and about what acceptance might look like.

    I can’t help but be amused as I wonder about how Yuu might react when she learns more about her family’s thoughts and suggestions (e.g. Take care of Yuu for me, okay.)

    1. To be fair I think most people have a desire to be needed, it implies importance and value which we all strive to have in some capacity. Being social creatures we want to be part of the group because separation can potentially lead to a multitude of physical and mental problems. Plus in Yuu’s case her thinking of Touko is a pretty good sign she’s growing attached.

      1. Indubitably, but I do think that for something approaching ubiquity, Yuu is especially sensitive on the matter. Which other characters mutter defiantly that they’re not alone? Which other characters view their relationships through the lens of neediness?

    2. “how would Yuu have interpreted events had Touko had purchased the book from her mother instead, or another of her family members?”
      Touko wouldn’t.
      If she had bought the book on purpose to “hint” something to Yuu, then if Yuu wasn’t there she simply wouldn’t buy the book.

      And of course Yuu in thinking about her relationship with Touko.
      Remembers, her drama is that she wants to love someone.

    3. I suspect it is as you say. But I’m wondering more about Yuu’s line of thought. Mentally, Yuu goes down a path when she thinks that Touko is trying to evoke a reaction from her. But what would be at the end of Yuu’s thinking had it been her mother behind the till? How would she have rationalized that?

  3. It’s refreshing to see the bed scene turn out to be quite tame while in other shows it could’ve easily been an opportunity for some fanservice. There was a right amount of flirty tension and humor, definitely a much more understated series than other romances.

    1. The understatement is probably why I fell hard for this story, there’s just something pleasant and fun about watching a relationship grow slowly and organically without any of the subversion typically gracing similar works (ex. fan service focus, melodrama). IMO Yagakimi’s approach makes the payoff at the end much more effective because it revolves more around the growth both Yuu and Touko experience than any blossoming of love between then.

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