「冒険と日常と」 (Bouken to nichijou to)
“Adventures and Daily Life”

Well who knew, Goblin Slayer isn’t all about goblin slaying. And for that matter our goblin slaying armour boy either, but I think that was a given considering the last arc. Yes it was laid back filler character development this week for fall’s greatest meme show, but for all the concerns regarding empty anime calories I don’t see much of a problem with it for Goblin Slayer. Actions always speak louder than words and they definitely made themselves heard here.

One of the things I’m really starting to enjoy about Goblin Slayer is the show’s gradual fleshing out of its world. These moments are largely minor right now, but stuff like adventurer promotions and the importance of equipment adds a really nice touch to the overall aesthetic, showing the world to be more than running out and killing things. Lose your sword and lack the money to replace it? Too damn bad, figure it out kiddo. It’s the professional lifestyle in a nutshell, especially the need for humility and knowing when to ask for help from those who you’d clearly want nothing to do with—I love it all. Especially the adventurer promotional review, and not for catharsis of best clerk girl revealing her love, although that was pretty damn cute and you know it.

Probably the bigger surprise, however, was the complexity Goblin Slayer is starting to show. The guy may remain a one-dimensional greenskin genocide machine, but he’s clearly more than that under the surface. He’s willing to help his fellow adventurers should they come to him, and while no one should expect the goblin-free moon, he’s certainly open to ideas, whether that be offering advice on weapon selection or entertaining the idea of actually doing non-goblin things. While definitely something I wasn’t expecting this show to feature, this is a development which largely ensures Goblin Slayer won’t be growing stale anytime soon. Need a break from the usual? Just have our titular character do something different for a bit which thanks to a little interaction was primed in advance. It’s smart writing on the part of the series, expanding the array of available scenarios for later arcs without breaking the overall feel of the show. Plus when you couple that with Goblin Slayer’s willingness to focus on its side characters (including those not part of the main party) you’ve got lots of room to keep things entertaining. It may be all about those green critters here, but no one ever said a break or two could ever be worthwhile.

For the immediate future though it looks like it’s back to Goblin Slayer’s namesake as mysterious letters and foreshadowing teasers make their presence felt. If you thought last week’s ogre was fun better grab those reins boys and girls, I imagine we haven’t seen anything yet.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    “Prithee, be careful. I don’t want to see m’ work squandered!”

    I can’t help but wonder if the blacksmith has said something similar to that to Goblin Slayer a number of times before finally giving up.

    This side story already looks more interesting than the announcement of Diablo: Immortal at Blizzcon 2018… (Basically, Activision-Blizzard going full EA and releasing a new entry in a storied franchise as a mobile game.)

    Sword Maiden hype!

    Breather episodes are nice. Well-written ones, even more so–even if some parts are anime-original.

    1. None of this was anime-original, they just shuffled some stuff around and included parts from a side-story. The care they took in making it all mesh well together was great, though.

  2. Well this was odd. They took the next chapter, combined it with the bit about the two noobs that’s actually from a side-story, then jumped the rest of Vol.1 entirely to get to the promotion exam and the letter. I can only hope this means they’ll come back to the end of Vol.1 for the finale. Vol.2 is great and all, but it’s not worth missing the end of Vol.1, which is just plain awesome.

    Overall though, I think I like what they did here. More Guild Girl is never a bad thing, either.

    1. Yeah, the way they decided to jump straight into Water city arc is surprising, but does kinda makes more sense in terms of narrative if you consider the escalation that the threat level of a goblin champion is a rank lower than a Goblin lord.

      Overall am guessing they decided that the Finale of the Vol. 1 Arc is a better stopping off point for a season (which I approve of XD)

  3. I did speculate that this might happen but it looks to be that they put in some Brand New Day spin off content (like the new adventurers trying to get back the sword and Goblin Slayer being an observer for a promotional exam) to add some content. While the Water City arc is long, it is not likely 7 episodes long. I hope it runs for about 4 episodes, a breather episode likely drawn from Brand New Day and then the Farm arc as the finale for about 2 episodes. I honestly think that the LN/Manga readers will pitch a fit if they skip that arc altogether.

  4. I don’t understand people saying this was spinoff “filler”, when it’s the first chapter of the 4th book. Being adapted with some of the late content of the first one.

    But I already expected them to slightly modify some of the content in order to put the second novel in there as well. The invasion is a much superior ending point as a whole, I doubt it wouldn’t fall flat otherwise, since the next good ending point is like, in the fifth book, and they don’t even have a double cour to pull that off. Since book 4 is full of side stories, they are better implemented like this not to become too superfulous-ish in a full direct adaptation (now THAT would feel like filler, probable reason why they adapted into a separate manga publication).

    1. In a narrative perspective, it makes sense that the Water Town arc comes first than the Raid Arc.

      In terms of threat, a horde led by a Goblin Champion is a little less threatening compared to the Goblin Lord’s horde.

      And besides, a full blown war with tons of adventurers taking the field is an epic ending for the anime series

      1. I’m cool with this switching of events, though I’m a little concerned with how they’ll handle Show Spoiler ▼


        White Fox has been pretty faithful with this adaptation so far though, so I’m hoping they know what to do when that comes to pass.

    2. basing on the pace they’ve set am guessing the water town arc would take maybe 3 or 4 eps tops, with the Raid taking up the last 3 assuming we’re on a 12 ep cour 😕

    3. The Anime has the right to mix the flow of the Manga story as long it makes sense, to keep even for the Manga fans it fresh

      i do not mind it at all. I just wonder what would act as “final arc” storyline. Someone speculated the Village defending arc and even myself would suggest it. With this arc now (Previews) the “ask strangers for help” make more sense in my eyes…

      Sorry for a bit spoiling the beans, but it is to explain the flow

  5. This is a strange kind of filler. Although it’s true that the material comes from the books, what we see is a Frankenstein, an anime-only mix and match exercise.

    Like you, Pancakes, I appreciate the effort to flesh out the setting, and it’s evident that the anime wanted to use this episode of respite to show a broad selection of vignettes about the every day life of the adventurers. Which is good and nice. Problem is, after reading the manga, I feel that some juicty details of those scenes were lost in the process. They would have given even more depth to the setting:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The pace of the anime is quick, so I understand that they decided to leave some material out. But that also means that, due to changes in the order of the events, some nice things will never be shown.

      1. I’d guess that Show Spoiler ▼

        That way they only have to change one little detail and can play the rest of the scenes straight.

    1. Part and parcel of adaptations sadly, but at least to Goblin Slayer’s credit the show is being conservative with the axe. Everything shown so far is enough by anime-only standards to keep the story coherent which isn’t a small feat (just look at the disaster that is Tokyo Ghoul). Also I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the missing minor details pop up later on considering the rearrangement of scenes.

      1. I must admit that the anime has tried to be creative with the mix. The way the story alternated between the newbies’ sewer expedition and the guild interview, trying to reach a climax with both at the end, is something that was definitely not part of the original source material.

  6. It is also important that GS give out an Aura where females feels protected.. Yeah i know, it sounds like an Macho, but in the end did he not protected her? Give an protection feeling for the “Cow girl” friend? It is an easy simply construct, but then perhaps here lies the secret of his success

      1. “Gib mir kleines bisschen Sicherheit in einer Welt, in der nichts sicher scheint”


        “Give me a little bit of Safety in a world, where nothing looking save”

        “Gib mir einfach nur ein bisschen halt und wieg mich einfach in sicherheit”


        “Give me just a little holding and weigh me just in safeness”

        that’s mostly the gist of this Song

  7. This is a solid adaptation. The pace is good. I’m kind of surprise to see the adaptation from other book and the different order of events. This episode really fleshes out the world around GS. The adventure quest in this world is very dangerous. There is no easy exp farming. Everything can easily tear you apart if you underestimate them or unprepared. And it’s time for the best girl in next episode. P:

  8. I think the switcheroo was a good decision. It fleshes out characters like Guts Heavy Swordsman, Lady Knight, Spearman, Sorceress and the guild adventurers in general so they don’t look like convenient asspulls when the story needs them.

  9. I dig spells and spell casters, I also dig witches thank goodness Major got some more screen time with her suave speach pattern.


    We really don’t know much about the Goblin Slayer or what he did to get to Silver rank. Yes we know his sad past, and his goblin pest control occupation. But we have yet to see the trail and error moments, where he went through instances killing mobs of goblin; grinding his way through the ranks and now he’s got a posse.


      1. The anime skipped most of it, but Guild Girl’s crush on Goblin Slayer was pretty much already the worst kept secret in the guild. Even Spearman(who has a thing for Guild Girl) and Witch know about it.

    1. A lot of that is covered in a side-series called “Goblin Slayer: Year One”. We will see a little of how he was trained later, though.

      And since it was skipped I’ll just go ahead and say that what he’s done hasn’t changed in almost five years: killed goblins. The guild just recognizes the goblin threat more than others, acknowledges how many people Goblin Slayer has saved over the years by taking out thousands of the little bastards before villages were annihilated, and then forced Silver on him to both try and emphasis the points that killing goblins is very important and that Goblin Slayer is a serious veteran that deserves respect. Unfortunately people still just see him as a weirdo and miss both points entirely. >.<

  10. Still preliminary evaluation,

    When I saw that the anime came out I first thought that it could be a big letdown, but I have never been so wrong. I was really surprised that they did not cut anything because of too much violence and sexuality, instead a realistic picture is reproduced, something for which I always praised the manga and now also get to see it in the anime.

    Finally freed from the typical fantasy anime characters and the “We can do it!” Principle in which Bob the Builder builds the Plot Armor.

    I am very Gehyped. I did not expect that, all expectations were exceeded.
    The Goblin Slayer does not need a plot-armor, he’s just badass.

    It can only be hoped the dark mood will persist and will not be destroyed by typical “Get on a magical adventure” posturing.

    This anime goes back to the very old Beserk times in which darkness could also be properly portrayed.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2005%20-%2016.jpg

    I liked this episode. It’s still focusing on the lowest of the adventurers, the poorest of the poor when it comes to weapons & armor. Lose a sword? Too bad, everything costs m-o-n-e-y.

    Still, Goblin Slayer’s chain-of-logic was impeccable:
    – No sword? Go for a club.
    – Cut down a tree, or a big enough tree branch, and use it for a club until it breaks
    – Don’t forget your fists

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    I have a sudden urge to find more anime with HOT female sorcererous, sadly I don’t think there is much anime where female sorceress are the herorine, just “side characters.”

    OR at least more anime with elves.

  13. When people say this episode is rush. this is an example of a rush episode.

    The Rookie adventures took 4 days. and this happen like 1.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and the moment Goblin Slayer didn’t show his ripped body i am very disappointed since it will ruin the scene in the coming event

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. Was holding my breath the whole time waiting for someone to get hurt woah.
    I’m pleasantly surprised to see things getting more fleshed out, but still a bit sad that no one gets names, even though it’s just one of the author’s set-upts

  15. The swordless adventuring story reminded me of all the swords I have broken in Baldurs Gate I (at least before I got the poisoned iron problem fixed, but by then everyone in the party had magical weapons…)


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