「死へ進め」 (Shi e susume)
“Onward Unto Death”

Well I’ve got to hand it to Goblin Slayer, this show just keeps hitting mark. No matter how cliché this fantasy setting may be or the featuring of some provocative imagery at times (Priestess says hi again), Goblin Slayer keeps on finding a way to make what could be a train wreck into some damn fine fantasy. There may still be a lack of overarching story or real purpose beyond the slaughter, but what Goblin Slayer does it does well, and I wouldn’t have any other way.

While obvious for a while (whether through spoilers or foreshadowing) that something big would eventually happen to our greenskin slaughter machine, I don’t think many actually expected this to happen. Throwing your titular saviour through the wringer sure—everyone needs a little struggle here or there—but seemingly killing him off halfway through the show? Now that’s surprising. Of course I think everyone knows Goblin Slayer, if dead, won’t stay dead for long (something something titular character and never ending goblin threat), but his manner of actions this week really put to rest some preconceptions about the guy. Single minded focus on all things green and beady to the expense of everything else? Sure, to a degree; bet a few didn’t see that concern for comrades (in arms) coming there at the end. In truth Goblin Slayer is pretty damn complex for a guy wholly focused on his life’s mission, someone who’s one dimensional not so much because of writing constraints, but because he is, as flashbacks are showing, broken inside. There’s an important history under the armour, a history which has the answer for everything we’ve seen to date.

Of course part of the enjoyment here is down to Goblin Slayer simply having the willingness to make its party suffer. It’s too often easy for fantasy shows like these to stick with the tried and true—i.e. changing the setup, maybe having a character or two encounter trouble, but having the main guy wind up saving the day like before. Actually throwing Mr. Hero into disaster and showing him to be fallible is not all that common, especially when paired with mortality. Goblin Slayer may not be truly dead as aforementioned, but after this point he’ll never be looked at the same again. No matter his skills, no matter than seeming invincibility, he needs help to overcome certain situations, help you can bet is going to be plentiful from now on. Elf after all has some newfound respect for the greenskin terminator following that adrenalin-fuelled attack, and I think we can guess what Priestess’ opinion on letting the guy out of her sight is going to be from now on. Whether he likes it or not Goblin Slayer now has a committed party, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Considering one big baddie of a goblin and a good chunk of his minions still remain, you can bet our armoured badass might appreciate the assistance.




  1. The crypt battle was good at the start, although kinda felt rushed towards the end though after goblin slayer’s “Bullshit” remark.

    I kind of felt it was missing the Narrator’s voice-over as in the manga esp the line of “your ultimate fate, your final doom is always just a die roll away.”

    Also am sad they cut out High-elf Archer’s part of clubbing a goblin to death and fighting back to back with Dwarf Shaman.

    1. in some last episodes, we saw her already stabbing countless times an dead Goblin. In same case she was beating an dead horse. So perhaps they did not wanted to repeat this again, but then it would cut the “birds eye” scene around the half

      1. or simplest explanation:

        They run out of time, so an loop of the Eye was an emergency solution with music right on the spot

        But then, the “crunch time” are about to catch up with the animation team

      2. Yeah but High-elf archer’s expression of utter fury at that part after clubbing a goblin to death even made me as reader recoil back a bit. (props to the artist for that part). Totally wished they added that scene even as a few seconds, as they included the dialogue of that scene of her thanking dwarf shaman which was part of that scene.

    2. Also am sad they cut out High-elf Archer’s part of clubbing a goblin to death and fighting back to back with Dwarf Shaman.

      Yeah, I missed that part from the manga.

      However, it’s manga-only; from what I see, the scene in the novel is closer to the anime in that regard. Ironically, there’s another High Elf scene that I miss, and this one was in the novels, so ot wasn’t a case of trying to be true to the source material.

      I’m talking about her intial introduction, where the local adventurers leer at her while looking down on Goblin Slayer. In both the manga and the novel, she showed them up by acting overtly friendly to Goblin Slayer so that everyone could see: “Yes, I’m one of the fabled High Elves and I’m with him, so what?”

      It spoke volumes of her character development, since she had said not so different things when meeting him for the first time. Here she seemed colder to him. But perhaps that’s the point; in the original timeline, she had shared several missions with him already. In the anime, this is just their second quest together.

    3. Yeah, shame they missed out on some good Elf faces, and the translation on the ‘nail in the coffin’ line felt a little weaker than in the manga, probably because they didn’t show the speaker in the anime. But I liked the way the red eye glow was the red pip on the rolling die. Very cool.

      I feel like Goblin Slayer rolled snake eyes immediately before getting a nat crit on his followup.

      1. In this case, it’s not Crunchyroll’s fault. Even the Japanese streaming service have the same problem. White Fox’s streaming copy have the canary shot without credit followed by the credit. They have to fix this for the broadcast version because they do have a time constraint there.

      2. And here I was thinking the production crew simply ran out of budget and decided on giving us a whole minute+ of that eye and sibilant music when they could’ve fleshed out the battle in that time.

  2. okay, few shows have the balls to even threaten the death of MC half-way…
    my guess the Archbishop girl uses some high level miracle to the like of D&D “true resurrection” on him, or?
    best part of the episode for me? dawrf x elf battle romance
    bite me harem shippers for GS

  3. I think one of the things that seperates Goblin Slayer from the pack is its “show don’t tell” mentality and its attention to detail. The notion that goblins are prone to using poison has been in the work since the first episode. That they might use poison gas hits watchers the moment they see a canary. So when Goblin Slayer pulls out a concrete mix and charcoal for masks, it does not feel like a deus ex machina. We already know that Goblin Slayer is basically fantasy Rorschach and that he tends to prepare well for emergencies (again starting from ep 1).

    The high point of this episode for me however was the voice acting. The Priestess’ screams were suitably despairing and the tension in Goblin Slayer’s voice as he spit in the face of death (does he have levels in Frenzied Berserker?) and faced down the goblins was palpable.

  4. I must commend the music in this episode. Each scene in the sewers had its own fitting background music. I especially liked the music when they discover the ancient painting. Nothing happens (yet), but the music alone sends the message that the area is dangerous. Very dangerous.

    There may still be a lack of overarching story or real purpose beyond the slaughter, but what Goblin Slayer does it does well, and I wouldn’t have any other way.

    It’s said that the author was directly inspired by Batman and The Punisher, so perhaps what we’re seeing is a Japanese fantasy version of comic book narrative: there’s no overarching plot, because the hero is the plot. Since his personal mission can’t end unless he finds a way to exterminate all goblins in the world, it doesn’t seem it’s going to change in the future.

    On the other hand, good comic book narrative values character development of the protagonist and building a dynamic supporting cast. Which, again, seems to be Goblin Slayer’s approach. Little by little, GS is becoming a more sociable person, with companions and friends that are also learning to understand him and value him in turn. This was a good episode in that regard (seriously, compare these characters now to what they were like when they were first introduced in the series).

    1. [*E1M1/”At Doom’s Gate” intensifies*]

      Old-school version
      Doom 2016 version
      – *insert third-party remix version here*

      More like Goblin Slayer’s voice actor previously did motion-capture work as the Doom Slayer–a character that could have been nothing more than a generic silent protagonist in any other game, yet shows more depth and characterization than most FPS game protagonists with nothing more than camera and arm movements.

  5. Looks like Goblin Slayer is a multiclass Warrior/Barbarian: he activated his rage and it granted him temporal hit points so he could finish the fight. But, as the encounter ended, back to negative hit points.

    Hope his teammates stabilize him fast instead of watch him bleed out.

      1. also, when GS made the “comeback”, we saw an empty bottle touching the feet of the Goblin from behind. I speculate this was an “HP Potion” Magic drink or an Temporary “Overdrive” to keep him on his feet and then loosed the effect right at the end

        Perhaps they find something inside his back to help him stabilized or something, and some summoned Dragon warrior carry him back… If they exit the Dungeon in the next Episode…

  6. I know this is as minor as minor gets, but the bite on Priestess’s arm was supposed to be at the shoulder, almost to the neck. The bite scene itself got it right, but later we see Lizardman treating her arm. The whole point of panic was if the Champ got her jugular, so that just irked me.

    And like others said, not seeing High Elf lose it with that club took away from how screwed they all were before GS went Berserker.

  7. This show is a rush. And while I think that viewing of the show is adrenaline-fueled, I think the show itself is rocket-fueled. Certainly, my adrenaline gets flowing while I’m watching. It even went full-matrix this episode. And this episode probably could have used another couple of minutes.


    I think that the Priestess’ ongoing difficulties are the real reason Goblin Slayer told them not to drink water before combat in the fourth episode.

    I have no interest in the novels or the manga at this time, although I may look them up after the anime is done, but I think there are clearly elements of a broader story that we’re being teased with. With Hero, and the demons, and whatall, there’s a lot going on in the world around them. It isn’t just go the guild and pick up a new mission. Maybe they go nowhere, as there isn’t going to be enough to time to wander off, but it is out there.

    1. Quote from the thread:

      Sleep my child, They dont know your wars.
      That is not who your fighting for.

      sleep my child, they dont know your ward.
      Always give meaning to your, and falling, (choir: die) falling for happiness
      Thyne path be diver…

      This lullaby is really beautiful! This is a Lullaby, to calm a child with nightmares!… like the nightmares that torment Goblin Slayer… and the priestess ;(

      The song is by Mili titled Though Our Paths May Diverge. Song title seems taken from a quote by Hiro Mashima. “Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live.”

  8. Did you guys noticed it, too?
    and here

    What i am asking?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This is also an prove how mature this Anime is, its like in GATE when
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I like that

  9. VA are seriously impressive. Their performance is topnotch. It’s also entertaining to see the reaction video in youtube. You know that the anime did a damn fine job when it could make the audiences genuinely cared for the characters. And I’m sure that many anime only viewers felt relieve to see that the high elf didn’t get raped by the goblin. XD

  10. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2007%20-%2007.jpg
    I can think of so many ways to improve Goblin Slayer in D&D 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, and even 5.0. Goblin Slayer isn’t bad – for a 5th to 6th Level player. But he still has common iron armor, throwaway weapons, that buckler shield, using a common torch, ugh. At least he had the experience to buy a canary for poison gas detection. Lighter, stronger armor, a bandolier of potions (healing, poison nullification, strength bonus, etc), magically-enhanced armor or dual-use clothing items: you need to get past 600 A.D. thinking.

    What got me the most about this episode was how the “better” adventurers snickered at the “rubes from the country” when Goblin Slayer noticed how Water Town didn’t have any Huge Rats bounties. Do they think there’s a magical consecration keeping the Huge Rats out? Water Town is sitting on a growing Bad Problem, and only the Priestess has any clue about the issue. Even four Silvers plus an Obsidian-ranked adventurer team is having trouble here – the higher-ranks had better take notice. But no one cared in the previous months when a single female went missing in the streets each week. The real problem here is the prejudice of the higher-ranked adventurers.

    1. The big reveal will answer a lot of your questions/concerns about Water Town, but a part that was brushed past was that Sword Maiden has requested help from the friggen KING several times so she can fix things. His response was annoyance that a Gold Rank adventurer obviously wasn’t trying hard enough since she should be able to fix problems like a horde of goblins and murders in the street herself and she should stop bothering him >.<

      Yeah, the top is useless.

  11. Perhaps the anime will explain it later, but his poor equipment is intentional. If the goblins loot his corpse, they won’t get anything that will make them a more serious threat for the next adventurer that comes to kill them. It’s the same reason he isn’t attached to his weapons and will discard or throw them the moment they stop being useful. He’s been working solo for years and probably expected that, one day, he’d die alone in a goblin-infested cave.

    Also, although he’s frugal with his expenses, goblin slaying quests don’t pay much. He probably can’t afford a full set of potions for every use each time he goes out on a mission. That said, he does bring potions; as the episode hints, it’s the reason he could stand again after the Goblin Champion crushed him (but potions in this world can’t do miracles).

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        If Goblin Slayer is expecting to die in the goblin caves, then he’s not even up to the level of Batman, who at least gets back to the Batcave and Alfred with the bandages. We’re talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles level here, which is pretty sad.

        And to reply to Aex, if the king is hiring all the Gold+ level adventurers away from the villages and towns, all in the name of the Demon Horde, then Priestess really is on her own. If I heard that kind of reaction from the king, I’d be worried as an adventurer about press gangs from the Crown wandering around, looking for Silver-level adventurers to turn into infantry fodder on the front lines.

      2. Well, Batman is a multimillionaire with modern means and a loyal helper that basically came with the inheritance. In comparison, Goblin Slayer is poor and, until very recently, could only rely on himself.

        As for the king, his priorities are discussed in the “Brand New Day” spin-off. He lampshades that, yes, goblins are dangerous, but in the great scheme of things they pale in comparison with the forces of chaos, the demon lords and the dragons. His army can only do so much. The rest is a job for adventurers. Sword Maiden is a (former) Gold Adventurer and an Archbishop. From his point of view, she should have either the power or the money to take care of the matter herself. And that’s exactly what she’s doing here.

        Mind you, it’s not as if he doesn’t understand their position. He was an adventurer too in the past. But the realities of ruling a country are unforgiving.

    1. I once had a discussion on reddit with regards to Goblin Slayer’s finances because I found it interesting to note that Cow Girl’s uncle had estimated that he actually has enough to live in a luxury suite if he desired based on the amount of rent he pays,despite the established fact of goblin quests paying poorly in general. Plus there’s the fact that he can even afford very expensive items like the gate scroll just for the sake of goblin slaying lol. From the various comments posted:

      – Goblin Slayer has taken on countless goblin quests in his years as an adventurer, sometimes even several at a time, so the sheer number of quests + going mostly solo + his frugal lifestyle means they all add up to a pretty sustainable wealth for him.

      – His years of experience with goblins and tendency to use cheap gear/loot goblin weapons means he’s very efficient in clearing many quests while keeping his expenses low. Assuming of course, he doesn’t invest in new, expensive means to kill goblins very often lol.

      – Occasionally, high paying goblin quests like Sword Maiden’s current request might come by once in a while, so the substantial reward can last him quite a while, given the first point. His implied knowledge of rare, dangerous goblins like champions and lords suggests that he could have taken on such high profile quests before.

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    Priestess: “Someday, I will be as voluptuous as you, Sword Maiden.”

    Now that Sword Maiden’s backstory has been revealed (or at least hinted at), it feels a bit strange that I still find Sword Maiden attractive despite what happened to her (and this was after I read the corresponding chapters in the manga way before this episode). It’s like being attracted to a JAV (use Wikipedia for a relatively safe-for-work explanation of that acronym) idol despite knowing what she does for a living. That being said, I can’t help but notice how Sword Maiden’s scars are less prominent than in the manga, though I would have loved to see her partially remove her blindfold as well.

    I know “bullet time” has become a cliché visual special effect in films and anime ever since The Matrix pioneered it, but props should be given when it’s done well. (Or if given a hilarious twist like Saeko’s “bullet-time boobs” in the anime adaptation of Highschool of The Dead.)

    High Elf Archer barely dodged a fate worse than death there, although it did felt more “toned down” than in the manga.

    P.S.: Winnie the Pooh avatar is a temporary thing, at least until a certain “unwanted visitor” leaves the country.

  13. 2 highlights I enjoyed the most this episode was firstly how the glowing eye thing seems more like a visualization of how the goblins view Goblin Slayer at that moment. They went from all smiles to “holy crap”, almost priestess’ way of reacting.

    Speaking of which, 2nd highlight was massive props to Ogura Yui. That scream was legitly going through bone and marrow. Almost literally with how it sounded from Goblin Slayer’s perspective.


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