“The Third Level”

「第三階層」 (Dai San Kaisou)

Today in Touma’s Harem

Itsuwa is the best girl in this franchise thus far. Fight me. I’ve never seen another girl rescue Touma from drowning a river, knock out a teacher that was chasing him, cushion him from slumping onto the ground using her assets, cook dinner for him, drive him to the bathhouse AND try to protect him from an extremely powerful dude. Also, she’s extremely cute and adorable. Whereas other girls hit Touma for the accidents he can’t help, she simply gets flustered and doesn’t try to pin any blame on him. Does it get any better than this? I don’t think so. Though I have a really soft spot for Kanzaki Kaori and Fukiyose Seiri for… reasons.

Amakusa-Style Remix Church’s Doki Doki Quest

I have to say, I never expected this outcome when I began watching Index III. At first, I didn’t really like the members of the Amakusa-Style Remix Church. But every time they’ve appeared, following their introduction, they’ve never failed to demonstrate how fun and wacky they actually are. Tatemiya’s master plan this episode inspired by genius and insanity. Plus his obsession with Itsuwa’s boobs is something… I can vaguely relate to. And the way he captains the group’s plot to ship together Touma with Itsuwa has been extremely adventurous – even more so when they provoked the ire of Misaka Mikoto. Making a pass at the Railgun’s man is a surefire way to rattle her off, and you really don’t want to get on the wrong side of her!

The Melancholy of Misaka Mikoto

Speaking of Misaka Mikoto, it’s understandable that she’s really troubled by the fact Touma lost his memories. This means he doesn’t remember their pre-existing relationship, and most importantly, he didn’t bother to communicate these facts to her. If she thinks about it, she should realise he didn’t want to trouble her. But I understand that it feels bad. No one wants to be kept in the dark, especially where people they care about are concerned, even if there are best intentions at heart. I want to see how this plays into the overarching story, and whether she’ll eventually confront him about the memory loss to get clarification, or whether she’ll discover that Index has absolutely no clue herself.

Index Worst Girl?

Meanwhile, I don’t understand how Touma can constantly put up with this vile tempered chibi nun who does nothing but leech off him like a parasite. Index is a very unlikable character and at this point, despite possessing all the grimoires inside her head, she’s been irrelevant for most of the franchise. I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes her, get her out of here! Jokes aside, she isn’t entirely bad. The running gag where she bites Touma’s head does make me laugh, even if it always lowers my evaluation of her character, since most of the time it isn’t even his fault. So it’s not like she’s without redeeming qualities. As far as I can tlel, she’s received the short end of the stick, alongside that priestess girl from long ago, and it’s clear that the author doesn’t really care about them anymore. But tough luck for him – he did name the franchise after her, so he’ll definitely have to think of a solution sometime soon. Personally, I would like to see Index get greater character development. I’m sure with the conflicts between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church reaching a global scale, it would definitely help to have organisations like the Church of England on Touma’s side via his association with Index. After all, the institutions have always been at loggerheads with each other since Henry VIII established the Church of England.

Unstoppable Force

I’m sure we all had some kind of idea about Acqua’s abilities. After all, he brought a massive section of the ceiling down on Terra, eliminating a fellow member of God’s Right Hand in one fell swoop. But I’m sure we thought it would be closer. Apparently not – Touma was utterly stomped. Thinking about it, this is a terrible matchup for Touma. Our protagonist is used to facing against cocky people who don’t have a clue on how to take someone out once their supernatural talents are nullified. It’s hard to tell if Acqua is cocky so much as pious, but he looks buff as heck and possesses absolutely ridiculous martial prowess. For Touma, this isn’t a matter than can be solved with a justice punch, when the opposition can hit back with the physical force of a high speed truck. And if Itsuwa had any healing powers, apparently they were useless. So it’s safe to assume that Acqua took a trick out of Touma’s book, and the terrifying thing is that even the healing nullification is a mere drop in the ocean of what Acqua can truly do.

Concluding Thoughts

This might have been my favourite episode yet in Index III’s run, because it feels like the first time we haven’t blitzed through content. Additionally, they’ve introduced a new and mysterious villain, who presents a deviation from all the other ones that have come before Touma. He’s probably the most powerful enemy Touma has been seriously confronted by – by far. Of course, I have absolutely no clue how Acqua might be taken out, because he didn’t seem to exhibit anything that the Imagine Breaker could neutralise. There’s so little we know about Acqua’s powers, but we know enough to realise that they are beyond extraordinary. Maybe a Railgun here or a Sword Saint there could prove to be the solution? That said, he did crush Terra with impunity, so I’m not exactly optimistic that they could take him out on the assumption he isn’t caught off guard. I know that Itsuwa will stand her ground regardless, but at the end of the day, she’s most certainly no match for him. I hope that if Acqua gets defeated, or persuaded to take their side, that it won’t be an unjustified asspull. As for why, it completely undermines the story and greatly insults the audience’s intelligence. So here’s hoping that the arc resolution will be a satisfactory one.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week. We’ll find out whether Touma will concede his right arm per Acqua’s request, or whether he’ll chose to go down guns blazing with one heck of a fight!



  1. Oh boy. I was not expecting the impressions for the latest episode to be this fast. Definitely the best adapted episode so far, with very little missing and no random filler shoved in.

    I can say that Index is my least favourite character in the show. So becomes more useful later on and has her moments, but her character never really grows and it is annoying. Given her harsh past, it makes sense that she is so immature, but she shows no sign of growing up and is content to let Toma do all the work like he is always going to be there to take care of her.

    Aqua is a saint after all, and much like season 1, Touma doesn’t have any counter to the raw power they possess. I really like this arc so I am hoping the rest of it is done justice as well.

    1. Oh yeah, no denying I’ve been one heck of a slowpoke lately. Sorry people! I sacrificed Tsurune into a double post for this to happen. However, my university degree is pretty demanding and I had to put anime blogging on the backburner while I attended to a formative assessment.

      To be fair, it’s hard to grow when you’ve had your memories wiped for a couple years running. You could even say she’s mentally much younger than 14, which also means her infatuation with Touma makes no sense! With the benefit of hindsight, it was perhaps a mistake on the writer’s part to not make their relationship sibling-esque.

      1. Between the yearly memory wipes and the years of doing nothing by being dragged around the world to memorize grimoires before that, I completely understand why Index is she childish and dependent. The manga went a step further in that regard by having a couple pages showing Index being lead in chains and a straight jacket to one of the Grimoires. Even if I understand how it is justified, I still don’t like how she treats Touma. My head cannon is that Touma considers a younger sister. It would definitely be better for Index’s character if she thought of Touma as an older brother figure.

      2. Well Kanzaki, another Saint, did knock Touma out for 3 whole days in the first arc, so Saints are a really bad match up for Touma.

        I still like Index, I cannot really explain why. But I liked how she asked pre-memory-loss Touma if he would be willing to go through hell and he decided to pull her out of that hell. And our Touma now still tries to protect that promise he gave but does not remember … He tries to solve things without draging Index into it with him.
        Like he did not want Itsuwa telling Index what is happening, even if Index knowledge would probably be really helpful.

        But this upsets Index greatly, because she doesn’t want to stay out of the loop and wants to help him. If you remember, she was really happy at the end of the “Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc” where she could help out. The translated Ending lyrics this season really drive the point home, how upset and lonely she is when Touma always comes home covered in wounds …

        Ahh, and we got new Ending visuals this episode.

      3. Index (the character) is most likely 15 years old rather than 15 (she’s described as being 14/15 rather than just 14. That being said though, the anime adaptation of index has treated the character dirty. The generally superior manga version does competent job at making index come off as less annoying and her relationship with Touma more genuinely endearing. She bites him much less, gets aggravated with him less, and shows tender affection for him and concern in moments when it’s just them. Their dynamic is better realized in the manga and it’s a shame the anime cranks up all of index’s annoying qualities to 11

        Ps: this episode looked like complete ass; what the hell is happening with season 3

  2. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    Honestly, I know Touma is enrolled into a “cheap school”, at least compared to Misaka with her high expensive cafeteria, but you would think Teachers have common sense to know that, when the school runs out of food for lunch, students will starve so it is better that they go out to get food rather than die from malnutrition.

    Comparing the “real main heroine” (Index) to the “ideal girl that is not the heroine or love interest” which is Itsuwa. Sigh, not to sound harsh, but I am not sure why Touma keeps Index around; a useless nun that is considered the least ideal wife. I probably would have send Index to Aliester ages ago, I am wondering if Aliester is providing POOR (using multiple meanings) Touma with financial aid.

    I sort of wish more Anime or manga(which I am unaware of) would feature heroines that resemble Orsola Aquinas (a REAL beautiful nun with the caring Onee-san vibe) or Itsuwa (the ideal girl with a hot appearance). Those are the ideal girls that are not seen abusing the Main Character and would quickly comfort the main character when things get bad. If anything else, which would be the opposite of Touma’s current situation as many girls inflict PAIN on him, I prefer the Main Character abusing a girl similar to Darkness (Konosuba). Notably I wonder where is Oriana Thomson? I was hoping that she would flirt with Touma soon; sigh, sad that people like Oriana Thomson (a hot Onee-san) are usually considered “enemies” or the protagonists and never a heroine or even a love interest.

      1. Index is of the same age of Mikoto around 14 or 15 years old, so she will not grow that much. She is with Touma because he is protecting her, remember the 103,000 grimoires that could be used as a weapon?

    1. From the way Touma worries about money, I doubt he gets any extra financial aid from the city or the church. Touma keeps Index around mainly because she is the link between his current and past self. Because he is pretending he still has his memories, he doesn’t even know that Index living with isn’t the status quo. Also he is the appointed guardian of Index for the year, so he is stuck with her regardless.

    2. Good call. Orsola is a glorious woman and definitely needs more screen time. Aya Endou does a wonderful job with the role. I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon. And Kanzaki is great.

      Count me amongst those who dislike Index. Someone called her a useless mascot but I’d flesh that out as her being an unpleasantly useless mascot. Worse than that, she doesn’t seem to add anything positive to the show (or at least, does so rarely). It feels like at least half the interactions with her after her introduction, are just her moaning about being fed. Inspired by Itsuwa’s feminine domesticity, Touma actually called Index out on it this episode. I hope she feels guilty enough to improve herself a bit.

      1. “I hope she feels guilty enough to improve herself a bit.”
        Not happening. Even with Index’s “amazing brain and her ability to memorize every cookbook in the world,” that will never happen from my view.

        I also feel Kanzaki deserves more screen time. Sigh. Do you have any recommendations of anime showing the opposite? No “useless mascot” but instead the “ideal girl”?

  3. “[…] even the healing nullification is a mere drop in the ocean of what Acqua can truly do […]”. Aqua wasn’t the one nullifiying the healing, it just didn’t work because of Touma’s right hand. Unlucky guy.

      1. I did hear the Imagine Breaker sound effect this season back when Touma and Itsuwa were fighting Terra. However, it sounds noticeably different from seasons 1 and 2.

        I wonder if J.C. Staff lost the original sound effect file or something?

  4. “Though I have a really soft spot for Kanzaki Kaori and Fukiyose Seiri for PLOT reasons.”

    Talking about PLOT, this episode was the worst one QUALITY wise and refueled my fears of a FMP IV repeat, especially the first half, except Mikoto/Itsuwa’s bathing scene of course which looked “fine”. Index 3’s director has his priorities in (last) order indeed.

    Speaking of Last Order, at this point in the story she seems more important to the story than Index that currently has the role of a useless mascot character. Though it was very surprising to Touma order her around and her actually following (more or less at least).

    Itsuwa is cute and if I didn’t know that it’s Ai Kayano voicing her, I wouldn’t notice since her voice sounds so different from the Senpai/older girl voice roles I’ve mostly heard from her lately.

    Battle of the saints next, I guess.

  5. Agreed to a point. Itsuwa can be best girl, but I’ve got a sweet spot for Kanzaki and Oriana. Especially Oriana.

    Also… there’s one frustration about this series that’s growing in me. When will we see the Espers go toe-to-toe with the Magicians? Like, when do we get to see Misaka blast a hole through boss-level Magicians like Acqua? Or Accelerator tearing through whoever Person of the Front is? Over 50+ episodes and Science and Magic haven’t actually collided yet makes me sad.

  6. RenaSayers
  7. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2009.jpg

    [*cue KonoSuba‘s “Mainichi Mousou” (a.k.a.: Lalatina’sDarkness’ leitmotif)*]

    Musical seiyuu joke aside, Itsuwa became the best girl of Index ever since she appeared in season 2. Even more so upon reading about her exploits and cuter moments with Touma in the light novels. So I’m glad to finally see her get the limelight in this episode–even if it got cut short by Acqua’s attack.

    Speaking of Acqua, I can’t help but laugh at the official sub choice of “Acqua of the Rear” (instead of “Acqua of the Back”) since it reminds me instead of KonoSuba‘s useless goddess with vapor wear (and that aforementioned useless goddess’ rear). It also made me wonder who’s more useless: KonoSuba‘s Aqua or Index?

    On a different note, it was amusing to hear “Onakasuita” (a.k.a.: the “Hungry Index”/”Ecchi Kuroko Shenanigans” theme) once again as Tatemiya was explaining his master plan to get Itsuwa closer to Touma.

  8. “Itsuwa is the best girl in this franchise thus far. Fight me.”

    One of the joys of watching this series is getting to see the anime-only crowd go through the same progression of “Itsuwa who?” -> “Oh, the towel girl…she’s alright, I guess” -> “Huh, now that she’s on her own, Itsuwa’s actually kind of cool” -> “Holy ****, Itsuwa just took six levels of bad*** in less than two arcs!” that I did when I first got to this portion of the LNs.

    She is deceptively plain-looking, especially when simply appearing as part of the Amakusa crowd, but Itsuwa is a great deal stronger and far more interesting than she lets on. The Necessarius SS side story novel basically has her as the protagonist, and she easily lives up to the role.


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