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「交点/降り籠める」 (Kouten / Ori Komeru)
“Intersection / Rained In”

You know what’s better than a long week of all work and no free time? Sleep? Alright, got me there. Yagakimi airing when it’s supposed to doesn’t hurt either though, especially when after a couple weeks of some pretty hefty developments we are starting to get into the real meat of the story. For all that’s cute and nice about simple girls love there’s a solid wall of choice quickly approaching our main cast, one which will inevitably force a few hands.

Given the extent of Sayaka’s love for Touko shown last week it’s probably a bit surprising seeing the denouement between her and Yuu this episode, but as with all things Yagakimi there’s a reason for the results. Both Sayaka and Yuu, while both competitors for the same girl (even if Yuu hasn’t really admitted her growing feelings yet), are focused primarily on being happy with said girl. And how does one go about being happy with another? Well helping them with a problem certainly doesn’t go wrong, and we all know what Touko is intently focused on at the moment. Helping with the play Touko is so determined to have is the way for both girls to grow their relationship with Touko, ensuring either that Touko sees them as the one she can entirely rely upon (in Sayaka’s case) or helps them understand their true feelings (in Yuu’s case). It likely won’t play out as either intends, but making friendly in the meantime certainly doesn’t hurt when the mission is all about love.

As both Yuu and Sayaka know full well however, the real issue is what happens after putting on the play. Based on what’s been revealed so far Touko’s entire purpose is the play because succeeding with it will be her final claim to replacing her sister: she pulls this off, and she becomes the girl everyone (in her mind) expects her to be. But what about after, what happens next for Touko? That’s the million dollar question. Like many people before Touko hasn’t really given thought to the future beyond the immediate goal, she’s so focused on it that everything after seems like an eternity away. Does she accept her victory and finally accept herself as Yuu hopes? Does she acknowledge Sayaka in the way the vice president desires? No idea, but I’d bet on the latter personally. Touko may find herself treading water with no clear direction later on, but she’s too invested in her sister’s image to drop the act and embrace her real persona; Touko will continue doing what’s she’s doing because it’s all she’s known of late. Funnily enough though this is probably the best outcome for Yuu, because she’s really the only one who understands Touko’s mental dilemma and can relieve the pressure built up from such a demanding life. It’s going to suck for Sayaka who’s still holding out hope for the impossible, but deep down I think she knows what outcome awaits her display of courage.

The real unknown will be what happens with Yuu because while she may end up the “winner”, it’s unlikely she wants to always be with someone who cannot embrace who they really are. Or in other words Touko winning while still losing it all. Don’t expect things to be concluding in this little love story just yet boys and girls, there’s a few twists and turns to get through before the dust finally settles.

November 23, 2018 at 9:30 pm