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「セックス・ピストルズ登場 その➁」 (Sex Pistols Toujou: Sono 2)
“Sex Pistols Appears, Part 2 “

Now this is what makes JoJo exciting! The second half of Mista’s fight with Sale and his stand Kraftwerk was well-done as a full-on bloodbath where both characters risk life and limb to use their stands to get rid of one another, albeit with Mista’s handicap of needing to bring Sale in alive. On top of this, we are given an early glimpse of Mista’s backstory that gives us the details behind both his personal life and his ethical code.

Much like with Abbacchio, David Productions introduced Mista’s backstory at a far earlier period, letting us learn about what makes him tick as well as what he enjoys. Whether it’s eating cheese and wine, smooth-talking, or beating up guys who insult his favorite movie stars (in the manga, he mugs someone who mocks Clint Eastwood), Mista’s background gives us more to work with by fleshing out what he enjoys, what sets him off, and where his faith and superstitions come from. They also put the effort into making Mista’s life-changing rescue efforts gritty with how violent both the attack on the woman and the four shots he used to kill the men were. They didn’t show how Mista came about Bruno, but it offered a nice glimpse into the part’s coolest character.

It also helps that his fight with Sale was awesome. Pulling the wool out from under Sale’s gravitational powers by using bullets in his hat was impressive, but even more impressive is how he was able to calculate escaping out of every near-death situation he faced with Sale. Kraftwerk’s stand powers are a force to be reckoned with as they can manipulate the gravitational force in objects and allow him to climb pebbles in mid-air, block bullets from reaching his vital organs, and launch precision-targeted bullets wherever. Mista taking a bullet to the chest and continuing to go on while Sale talks after getting shot in the threat was crazy enough on its own, but Mista’s last gambit to shoot a bullet in Sale’s mouth to get Sex Pistols to steer Kraftwerk’s bullet into the first bullet in his head to embed it further into his skull as brutal and ingenious in its execution. It helps set the precedence for how insane the fights will be now that the fights and outcomes will be far more vicious and visceral in nature.

November 24, 2018 at 4:20 pm