「大鬼族の襲撃」 (Dai Kizoku no Shuugeki)
“Attack of the Ogres”

Ah, yes. The somewhat Japanesey-Ogres have finally made their debut!

General Impressions

I’d be a lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now. As someone who dove real hard into the source material after requiring more Tenshura, this moment in the source was something I was dying to see how the anime would adapt. Because as much as I love to see Rimuru showing off his excessive power, I was curious to see how the show would handle the somewhat hot-tempered Ogres. Seeing how they’re obviously inspired by the Ogres of Japanese lore, it was really fun to see the plot embrace that entirely and just run with it — especially when it came to the lead Orge donning red armor. The reason why I enjoyed it so much though was it’s always fun to see someone challenging Rimuru, especially if they’re able to keep him on his toes.

Luckily, the Ogre Princess was able to speak up and knock some sense into all of her comrades before Rimuru had to do something a bit more serious. A feat that I think complimented the personalities of the other Ogres well since it pretty efficiently communicated that the group facing Rimuru were capable of much more than just violently rushing at people.

Besides that, there wasn’t really all that much that happened throughout this week’s episode. Minus some fun antics with Rimuru playing around with some of his new powers (I might be in the minority, but I think I prefer seeing him in his Slime form), this was plain and simple a nice setup episode for the things to come. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out just who and what it was that ravaged the Ogres’ village since it looks like whatever is causing trouble out there might be rearing their heard toward Rimuru eventually.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!

Spoiler Talk

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  1. The actual structure of this show is amazing, and does go to show the author’s civil construction experience. Everything is like a widening spiral, where Rimiru generally isn’t out looking to make a huge impact on the world, but his expanding sense of responsibility means that has the ever growing area of influence he is involved in gets wider, he gets pulled into greater and greater events.

    First just wandering a cave, until his meeting with Veldora propels him onto a wider stage and sending ripples across the world. Then just exploring the forest, only to discover the goblins and become their protector. Meeting with the goblins sending him out to the dwarves, who then work to expand the city, which brings Shizu and her crew into Rimiru’s area of responsibility. Follow that by the expanding influence of the new town bringing him into contact with the Ogres…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Our poor slime just wants to have some basic security for his folks and maybe enjoy the company of some buxom elves – instead he’s trapped in an ever widening whirlwind that is gonna sweep across the forest and the world… or so he says.

    1. While I agree the structure is a seller, I’ve always admired the tone more. It’s really hard to have characters so comical and lovable and still have real emotion. It helps that Rimuru is OP, but there are plenty of series out there where an OP MC tries to be funny and it either just make it impossible to take anything seriously in the series or the comedy clashes with the rest of the show. Here, though, it just works with everything. I’m not sure if it’s how willing Rimuru is to make fun of himself or what, but I love it. If I didn’t know the story I’d have been worried about the goblins when they clashed with the ogres and left wondering how Rimuru would resolve things. Plus, he still screws up with reading people, and that’s good! Gives him more character.

      Another great “sigh” from Great Sage in the cave, too. No, Rimuru, the mask is not cool…

      1. Definitely the tone. That combination of comedy, good feelings, action and emotion is perfect.

        I’d say being so OP would be a detriment. Too many OP protagonists in too many Isekais, where everything becomes a poorly-thought power fantasy. At first I thought it was the comedy the key, but now I think that there are other elements in play that make it not only bearable, but engaging:

        -The series allows other characters to have their own moments, even if Rimuru is there to save the day in the end. They struggle, they suffer, and you worry or cheer for them.

        -Rimuru can’t always solve conflicts with brute force. This episode was a good example: Rimuru could have beaten the Ogres easily, but his real goal was to make them see reason and stop fighting on their own. In the end, it wasn’t him but the Ogre princess who did it. Similar things happened with the dwarves (he could have evaded capture or prison, but that wouldn’t have given him the engineers he needed) and Shizu (defeating Ifrit didn’t save her in the end).

    1. oh, this is priceless. thank you for sharing. I am sure Goblin Slayer will faint if he sees “Good” goblins. Is there a fan-made version for Goblin Slayer and Overlord? I recall seeing “good” goblins there.

      1. Well, he imagined an Female adult version of himself.. But then.. You know

        Also.. nobody talk about the “grand Sage”.. It is like the Fight Club. You should not talk about the Fight club…

        Because this Grand Sage program AI? started running while he was still Human in Episode 1…

        Was it because he was still an Virgin with his 37 Years old? then what about me? I am Grand Guildmaster?

        Joke of course

      2. Well, Rimuru is genderless, but I wouldn’t consider him the “heroine.”
        Poor guy, he lacks “something.” I still wonder if he can crossbreed with female creatures?

        Anyway, that big chested girl looks hot. I should look for more anime with characters that resemble her. Are there any anime with big chested heroines? Most big chested girls are often “childhood friends” that get heartbroken in the end T_T.
        Looking for an anime that is the opposite of Fuuka.

    1. Well, when Rimuru said “they are Big!” the Female Org stopped for an second and feel offended.. So she know what he was talking about…

      Seems like only their Red Armor leader and the Old Man really wanted to go all out

  2. Loli-slime is best slime! @Takaii – yup, you’re in the minority.

    But seriously, it looks like the staff is having a great time with
    this series from the sound effects to Rimuru strolling anticipating
    what’s for dinner that night to realizing his “boys” didn’t make it
    (I feel there was something lost in the translation to plural English
    but I got the gist of it anyway) when he transforms into a human form.

    And Great Sage’s lack of enthusiasm just really cracks me up. Anyone
    notice how we’re trolled too, by Great Sage? Sometimes she provides very
    detailed images to Rimuru and sometimes she provides very kindergarden-ish
    images – like this episode’s explanation of the height difference
    (where have I seen those characterizations before – they look familiar).
    Like she’s subtly making fun of Rimuru’s human form – think of those
    images from previous episodes about the other monsters’ threat to the
    Goblins …

    And speaking of Rimuru – how many of you out there took a while to get
    used to Rimuru speaking in human form — it was weird for me in the
    beginning ’cause my brain was expecting a voice like Shizu’s.

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  3. See. ….. ANY other studio would’ve just skipped the past 8 episodes and just started the show with THESE turn of events, since it features most of the cast on display on all the marketing. You would be SO lost as to what happened beforehand if we didn’t get that long prologue. I was weirded out by the slow pacing, but now I understand why it had to be there.

  4. At the end of the episode one of the ogres says they don’t have names, and immediately I rolled my fckin eyes because I knew EXACTLY where they were going.


    … do not understand how Rinmuru’s naming ability…

    … works.

    Can no other creature do it to other nameless ones? Why can HE?

    1. Naming took mana you see
      Rimuru just happen to has a mana generator inside him
      ( He himself didn’t know but that mana generator is so afraid of the consequence but can’t said it
      It work out in the end tho because of said mana generator )

    2. Shizu only name one bring
      which took small percentage of her mana so it won’t risk her life

      In Rimuru case is the extreme one but he survive because of

      1. He have this mana generator inside him with high regen rate so it just won’t run out easily
      2. Great Sage limit his mana usage so Rimuru won’t die from overnaming

    3. Giving a monster a name requires such a vast amount of magicules that the average monster would be seriously hurt by the ritual – in many cases, the depletion is so bad that the giver would never recover. It’s basically a case of completely depleting its MP and then sacrificing both its maximum MP bar and its HP as well to provide enough power.

      Thus, while most monsters COULD name another monster, the cost is so high (and the benefit often low due to the inherent weakness of the namer) that they don’t bother. Monsters don’t need names to operate, after all.

      re: Naming Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @starss
        You do know MP/HP are just representations of what would be magic power and your physical state of existence. So fantasy settings even if they don’t display HP/MP it essentially exists. I don’t really understand why your confused by a mechanic that they explained right in the first episode. Games try to model a setting and just because a fantasy setting isn’t from a game doesn’t mean it can’t have things that could easily be represented in a game. It is confusing/illogical to claim that because it isn’t from a game it can’t have any rules/features that might exist in a game.

      1. Well it actually is more like in fiction named characters tend to be much more important than 1000’s of unnamed mooks. So it really isn’t exclusive to games. Games are works of fiction and in fiction named characters are more important generally stronger. So in Slime’s world that is taken to the logical extreme where being named makes you stronger.

  5. (I might be in the minority, but I think I prefer seeing him in his Slime form)

    Nope, in his Slime form = Lesser time to Draw, less Money

    So, the one in charge of the Budget do agree with you

    But in the OP we see his Human shape form and perhaps the Viewers want now to see some Human shape

    1. The point about the money is a good one XD

      But even if the human shape is to be expected, I’m a bit disappointed by the one he got. A sexless child? I understand that androgynous and cute characters are popular in Japanese media, and they probably wanted to keep that “cheerful, harmless, innocent” vibe of his slime form, but… I don’t know.

      Personally, I think it would have been more interesting if he got a complete female body like Shizu’s. It would be too easy to play his discomfort for laughs and/or fanservice, and justify why he wants to stick to his slime form unless there is no other option.

      1. Actually, if you think about it. Rimuru is likely a young child for a slime. Remember, he was reincarnated as a slime that probably, normally, don’t live very long. So that’s probably why he’s so small when he first materializes his human form. Also why he isn’t like a baby, but a young child.

        …to put it another way, think of slimes as pets. If you think of him as like a cat, he would live like 10-20 years. That’s probably being generous for a slime’s life expectancy, but let’s roll with it.

        When he’s inspecting those forms, his reincarnated self was thinking how he’d look as an adult because that’s what his reincarnated self would think he should look like. In truth, he’s probably in his male form right now and like you’d barely get a small difference for his female form, as his slime body is just a child’s still.

        Or at least that’s how I’m thinking about this. There’s nothing that says this outright, but that’s kind of what I figure about it. Also explains the voice on why it sounds more kiddish now than when he was a human.

        Dorian S.
  6. Absolutely just loving this show and these new Orge characters are going to be a nice addition to slimes growing United Nations. I too am apart of the minority that prefers slime in its slime form. I have gotten so used to it that way that this human form thing doesn’t gel for me. Good episode. So short!

  7. I was amused as hell to see Rimuru play with his new human body, and his (I will stick to the foremr life gender) mild disappointment at being sexless regardless of form he choses to use.
    Ogres look like fun bunch, closely mirroring the retinue of Japanese feudal lord (show, and I presume the source also really went to great lengths to undersocre their Japanese style, down to weapons and speak mannerism). Can’t wait for them to get named by Rimuru, since they certainly deserve names of their own.
    Also again I loved how Rimuru’s common sense and amiable disposition won thru even famously bad-tempered Ogres.

  8. The ogres are awesome, but the plot structure of this anime is kind of a mess. Rimuru talks grandly about ‘inheriting Shizu’s will’ and all… and then he goes back to building houses?

    I’m not saying he should have run off after the Demon Lord, but… it’d be nice if he showed any intention of actually following through there? Asking people about the Demon Lord, something, anything.

    1. If anything I’d argue that makes him more responsible than the average Isekai MC. Jura Forest isn’t stable right now thanks to Veldora and Rimuru pulling off a jail-break, as we saw when hundreds of other goblins came flocking to Rimuru and Co. for protection. Rimuru knows he’s partly responsible for the situation, which was part of why he saved the goblins from the direwolves in the first place. Even evolved, hobgoblins are still only around the middle compared to the rest of the things in the forest, so it’s possible that if he left to look into Shizu’s past he might come back to find everyone dead. They need a town and weapons to defend themselves with.

      And who is he going to ask, anyway? They don’t exactly get a lot of traffic in a place that until recently was known for Veldora and nothing else, he can’t go back to Dwargon, and this isn’t exactly a great time to introduce themselves to someone entirely new. It’s not like he has a reason to rush, either. He’s just waiting so that when he starts getting involved he can really commit.

      1. *shrug* People knew things he didn’t about Veldora Storm Dragon, presumably the actual Demon Lord is an equally iconic figure. Even if all he got was myth and rumor, that would feel like he was trying to do SOMETHING.


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