「オークロード」 (Ooku Roodo)
“Orc Lord”

Today marks a fantastic day where Rimuru’s council grew just a little bit bigger.

General Impressions

After their introduction last week, I was hyped to see just how Rimuru would handle the Ogres that showed up at his doorstep. Seeing how they share a common enemy with a massive army of Orcs waiting to devour everything they hold dear, I wasn’t too surprised to see Rimuru offer Benimaru and what was left of his clan the opportunity to work under him. What I was surprised about though was how the story gave us more insight into Rimuru’s thought process as well as how he realized just how tough it probably was for Benimaru to submit to someone so soon after losing against a threat that he should have been able to defeat. Besides once again shining a great light on Rimuru, I think it also really helped flesh out Benimaru since it felt like he was just shy of really “breaking” out from that angry/angsty personality of his.

Also, this is a real minor side point to the previous paragraph, but I too was really happy to see Kurobe look like a typical guy compared to the rest of the new Kaijin. Besides grounding us back in reality compared to how good everyone else became, I just loved the way Rimuru instantly warmed up to him.

That said, this week wasn’t all fun and games and it looks like there’s a giant evil looming over all the residents of the forest. With a massive army of over 200,000 Orcs marching around, I can’t help but feel like something big has to happen or even someone as powerful as Rimuru might get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. Luckily it just so happens there’s another race called the Lizardmen who seem to have large numbers and may need the help of a certain friendly slime. Unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out just what happens — except I can only see bad things happening with this new Gabiru fellow who seems to have an ego larger than all the other characters we’ve seen to this point.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week! See you then!




      1. Yeah, in hindsight the anime should have been less “enthusiastic” about the redesign. I couldn’t have cared less about the ogres’ initial design in the manga, but in the anime…

        Seriously, Xgs is right. They all had more personality, looked more original and, I’d dare to say, attractive in their ogre forms. I know the Bishonen Line is a staple of anime transformations, but in this case it was a letdown (even if the opening and the ending had already spoiled it in advance).

    1. Giving oneself a name has no meaning. For monsters, receiving a name is a moment of significance: it shows that a more powerful being considers them worthy. Also, most creatures would not simply name others on a whim, because the consequences of using too much magic in the process range from permanently reducing the namer’s magical capacity, to outright killing themselves. The only reason Rimiru can name monsters with such impunity is because Great Sage is silently regulating the process for him, including Show Spoiler ▼


  1. I liked how the CGI (for the Orc’s marching) didn’t look bad
    at all (Overlord, I’m looking at you for terrible Anime CGI).

    Well, I really don’t think we’ll see any battle next episode.
    I say this because (I believe) the Lizardmen are going to somehow
    team up w/Rimiru — then the numbers will be a more likely outcome —
    100,000 + Rimiru’s 566 in change vs 200,000 Orcs. The Ogres numbered
    300 or so, so they were slaughtered by the sheer number of Orcs.
    My gut tells me that the 1st Goblin village visited will either decline
    the Lizardmen’s request; direct them to Rimiru’s village; or Rimiru
    will meet them outside of his village. Also, my impression is that
    Goblin villages aren’t that big, so what the Lizardmen hope to gain
    be asking for their help is a small plot-hole. But, given the pacing
    this series has had so far, that’s what I see happening.

    I also like how Rimiru’s offer was direct – become my subordinate.
    Not “let’s work together, yada, yada, ヤダ.” And his response wasn’t
    No Way! or whatever. It almost gave the impression that he was hoping
    for an offer from Rimiru, but didn’t quite know how to ask. It’s
    also good to know that he’ll be released after, so that if he continues
    to stay w/Rimiru’s, it’ll be a free choice rather than feeling like
    they were pressured to agree to become Rimiru’s subordinate forever
    in order to survive.

    As always, the episode flew by and have to wait yet another week 🙁

  2. Odd. For some reason I recall posting about this episode on here before.

    Yeah I think there’s some poor communication in this anime. I never considered naming to be anything special, and only now realized Rinmuru has so far worked mostly with monsters, but a lot of them are SO much like humans that I don’t group, say, dwarfs in with direwolves, or ogres with goblins.

    1. I am delighted to see a fantasy world where races don’t act totally xenophobic and isolationistic. There is much more profit in trading and exchanging ideas than in warfare and conflict… And even in warfare having some allies is extremely useful.
      I wonder if that 1000-years-undefeated dwarven state will eventually be drawn into coming orc invasion? Or maybe the human kingdom that sent the adventurers to recon the cave where the Dragon was sealed?

  3. There is a certain eagerness to show the protagonist as a Jesus christ, although up to now they have not shown real threats such as they would be the true rulers of this world since the difference between these and the other creatures of low rank is abysmal

  4. What happened to the red shade under the eyes of the princess?
    Post naming Benimaru still has it.

    Anyways, enjoying this series more since the start of this ogre arc but the way Slime-kun enjoyed his new body by being able to taste food annoyed me a bit since this is the result of someone dying, after all.

  5. I want to give here an Piece of mind why i “fallen” for this Anime:

    – It remembers me of an other older Anime, where he came from “japan” into an Fantasy world, too. And try to be an “father role” for Slaves he set free and become his party, his “family”. Where he took an errand to create 1000? Mana potions in an amount short of time, because of an bulling noble

    It is just that my mind of names from past animes are wiped at some point to keep my head “fresh” and clean for new stuff (good excuse, right?) so i forgot the name. But it was not that long ago

    – Overlord, just the “light side” path. in the anime he is trying to build also an “country”. Seems like in this case both are alike here. But here he “trust” more his subordinates and this naming is playing in his hands (like someone rank up in real world)

    – Seems like until now no sights of “betraying” are appearing.. this lust for power, for control, for “currency” power, for power of other beings…

    But in the far horizon the “war” are about come even to this anime. Well we need and “goal”, an drive to reach the end. to keep this anime moving, or it would only be “slice of life” stuff

    – I still did not read the Manga. So i am still just talk about this with the acknowledgment of this Anime as an “only viewer fan”, so please try to keep the spoilers in check. I know myself how hard this can be and how i love to speculate. But sometimes speculation can be bulls eye hits… So “please try to be gentle with us Anime only Fans”, domo-arigato

    End of my message (when next episode comes live, i copy & past it there)

    Thank you for read my piece of mind about this anime

  6. Gabiru looks like fun incoming, simply because it will be lulz time when he will confront Rimuru who is obviously much stronger with his big ego and retinue of flunkies…
    The new and improved ogres look? I dont mind, especially the female ones.


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