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「私未満/昼の星/逃げ水」 (Watashi-miman / Hiru no Hoshi / Nigemizu)
“The Incomplete Me / Midday Star / Mirage”

With the season quickly approaching its end (oh how the time flies these days) it’s time to bring on the conflicts and climaxes, and Yagakimi fully intends on being part of that party. Yuu and Touko may still be circling around the quite blatantly obvious at this stage, but don’t worry, we all know what’s coming up next. Nothing after all says summer like a little honest discussion under the cabin sheets.

While clear enough at the end of last week that Yuu was rapidly falling in love with Touko, this episode more or less confirmed it. Anxiety about not being in contact with the sempai? Worry about not being the one who contacts her first? Actual nervousness when finally chatting with the girl? Oh yes, little Yuu has caught the love bug. Considering the genre we’re talking about this was always going to happen eventually, but it’s still quite funny (and cute) seeing the results play out. Yuu for example recognizes the emotions she’s now feeling, but is determined (at least on the surface) to try and keep them contained. To fall in love with Touko would irrevocably change their relationship, as such a change would not only require Yuu to openly realize the flaws in her thinking—i.e. perceived inability to love—but force the mental hand of Touko. Yuu understands deep down her “platonic” caring is what Touko carry on her mission, and that any need of the same affection in return will upset the balance. One way or another, Yuu knows what will happen when the lid blows off. Just ask Sayaka.

The really ironic thing about Yuu’s shift however is that Touko cannot see it. The student council president still firmly believes Yuu is incapable of love, with the possibility of Yuu actually coming to hate her should she push the romance too far. We know it’s nonsense of course—just look at that face of disappointment—but Touko hasn’t yet made a situation letting Yuu effectively blow her top (although she sure came close last time). When Touko does unexpectedly corner Yuu and force a response however is when the fun and games (and this story) truly start. Can Touko tolerate having a partner who expects something in return for her love? Will she be able to reconcile becoming her sister with the demand of being herself with another who loves her as Touko? These are the million dollar questions, and as Touko’s father hints towards, ones even Touko is worried about under the surface. For all that Touko is determined to be her sister, it’s something she has more talked herself into from external pressure than personally chose. She has largely put off deciding on who to be until finishing what her sister started, but with the play quickly approaching the need to choose is not far away. Much like Yuu with deciding on whether to embrace and admit her feelings (as with Sayaka), Touko must determine the one image she wishes to embrace.

The choice will ultimately decide this little yuri love story is going to end.

December 8, 2018 at 6:06 pm