「大激突」 (Daigekitotsu)
“The Great Clash”

While it’ll still be at least one more week away before some Rimuru action, I’ll admit that I may have gotten irrationally excited to see everyone else kick orc butt.

General Impressions

Before diving into the mix of things, let me take a moment to comment on Rimuru’s fallback plan. Because as unlikely as it would be for someone of his stature with the types of troops he has at his command to fail, I love that there was a contingency plan in place to keep everyone else safe. Not only did it show that Rimuru isn’t just paying lip service when he talks about keeping everyone safe, but in terms of morale how could you not want to follow a powerful leader who understands that anything can happen?

Fangirling over Rimuru’s tactical ability aside, let’s take a second to talk about Gabiru. Seeing how we collectively understand that he’s not a bad guy and is actually someone whose powerful pride as a Lizardman was manipulated, I was actually feeling really bad for him this week. Besides watching his men get devoured by an ever evolving orc army, it must have felt pretty terrible to see his arrogance give the orcs abilities that should be reserved for his race. Add in that he was unable to take on one of the Orc Lord’s lackeys and it would be an understatement to say that Gabiru was having a bad day.

Luckily, Rimuru and team just happened to show up on time to provide some much needed relief. While I wasn’t expecting them to literally blow up thousands of orcs with magic, I won’t lie and say that it wasn’t cool to watch. Plus we got to see Ranga finally show us just how much he’s trained these past few months by obliterating the biggest threat that we saw this entire episode!

Overall, not too bad of a setup episode for what’s to come. Seeing how the Orc Lord himself has appeared, it looks like there’s only a few ways for things to go from here. All of which most likely lead to a situation where Rimuru and this big baddie go toe-to-toe. If I had one hope for all of this though, it might be hoping for Rimuru to end things without slicing the Orc Lord’s head off like he’s done to various enemies in the past.

In any case, I’ll catch you next week where I hopefully have the same reaction that the Lizardmen had when they watched Souhei obliterate the orcs in the underground labyrinth. See you then!

P.S. I forgot to talk about the baddies who are making all of this happen, but I’ll hit on that next week where we’ll hopefully get some more insight behind why they’re trying to cause all of this chaos in the first place.




  1. I think i like how Ainz (Overlord) handles situations better than Rimuru, Rimuru seem to underestimate himself and his allies while Ainzs overestimates his enemies.

    It seems everyone under Rimuru was “taught” extent of their abilities when they evolved (perhaps everyone has some form of inner “Sage”, he really has no idea how powerful his abilities really i guess this is to further the plot later when he accidentally overkills something, but i wish he was up to speed from the get-go.

    1. One thing in common is that they both underestimate how loyal their subordinates are. Rimuru might not have fanatics like Ainz, but I still had to roll my eyes when he worried about whether or not the Kijin would stay. Shuna and Shion are ready to have his slime-babies and the guys all go berserk if someone insults him, so I think he’s all set there.

      1. I can actually understand Rimuru’s doubts. We have the advantage of knowing it’s a series (and the opening basically spoils everything), but we also have another in-universe example that has the opposite outcome.

        Gabiru was also named by a powerful being who he reveres and trusts implicitely. But he’s still royalty and his first duty is to his people. It wouldn’t be strange if the Kijin left to rebuild their own village, even if they swear eternal friendship and fealty to Rimuru.

    2. I think Rimuru still influenced by his middle of the road life he had as human in Japan. Ainz on the other hand was in top guild on his server so he has little more confidence with his powers yet careful with handling what he thinks are new bosses like any gamer would dealing with new in game encounters.

    3. What happens Rimuru put his mask to suprass his powers since if he used them without the mask it will destroy everything in sight including his freainds and goblins since we already see he still cant control them in the battle against the ogres, this is what really sets him apart from Ainz since one is a heartless bastard lacking in humanity that it would give him the same thing to destroy anything in order to achieve his goal, while Rimuru remains kind despite everything.

    4. Well, Ainz has a lot more experience than Rimuru. Not necessarily the world, but of his character and his subordinates. He knows what they are capable of doing.

      Whereas Rimiru is new to his body and world. And his subordinates (especially the new kijin) haven’t been able to flex in front of him yet.

  2. The battle between Rimuru and the Orc Lord should / will be a real nail-bitter,
    if they stay true to the source material.

    I thought it was funny / well written how Gobta saved Gabiru from the general.
    I’ve re-watched some of the earlier episodes, and Gobta has steadily changed
    and improved (even how he’s drawn) and has grown from the village idiot to
    an important part of the community. Think about it – he’s in the thick of the
    battle along with the Kijin. I’m impressed.

    And Souei’s just a super-scary assassin – almost as scary as Shion. I loved
    the Lizardman’s reaction when he “takes out the trash.” Priceless!

    If it really is two weeks ’till the next, it’ll seem forever…

  3. A bit off-topic, but the OP continues to confuse me as the weeks go by. Unless they drastically change the pace of the show or skip over a lot of the calmer moments(which I hope they don’t do either), I really don’t know what they were thinking advertising Show Spoiler ▼

    as the last fight. There’s tons left between here and there, so please, no skipping stuff to get there faster, because everything between now and then is just as good.

      1. Four episodes seems to be pushing it a bit. The way I figure it…. the Orc Disaster story will be wrapped up by episode 14 (first half will be battle, second half epilogue) leaving 10 episodes for the remaining 2 volumes… and I don’t expect Ramiris or Hinayana to show up until episode 24, so there’s plenty of time for Charybdis. Book 4 seems li,e the best place to cut material, as there’s no need to spend as much time traveling or with Yuuki.

        Also remember there’s gonna be an OVA in !arch, so they could easily cut some scenes from the story proper for the OVA. Like Milim having fun in Tempest? That could be the whole OVA.

      2. @Arsene: It seems very unlikely to me that they will wrap up this confrontation quicker than one episode, particularly given the title of the upcoming episode, which is the same as chapter six of the LN. I find it very likely they will keep their current pace: which is basically one LN chapter per episode. As such, the last episode of this arc will be episode 16, and then the next arc will start in episode 17. Now, it’s true that volume 3 has fewer chapters than the previous volumes, but not so much that they could possibly cram volume 4 in as well without causing trouble.

        The people making this series have been very slowly and carefully making it as good as they can, and I don’t believe they would choose to abandon that premise right at the end.

      3. I think you’re forgetting how much is in book 3. They can’t really cut the political stuff because it’s kind of the whole point of the Charybdis arc, and hugely important for the series going forward. The most likely candidates for cutting are, I think, the special class stuff, Milim hanging out in Tempest (which I still think is ideal material for the OVA, unless it’s a new story), or Ramiris/Diablo. There are only 24 episodes this season: they’ve already had to cut stuff, and they’re gonna have to cut more.

        Note that cutting and removing are not the same thing.

  4. Another way this show impresses me is how it uses Rimuru as far as moving the plot. Some use the MC as the driving force to push things forward, others just have him sit back and get dragged to solving one thing after another, so I like how Rimuru is kinda a balance. Yes, Shion’s hero-worship pushes him around a little, but never in that “guess I don’t have a choice” way where she runs off on her own because he won’t act. He’s cautious but not so much that he needs to be dragged, which is nice when you think of how he’s the leader. Things come to him, but he doesn’t whine about it until the last second then have to muscle through the problem with raw power because after a week of knowing what was coming he was somehow still unprepared.

    I guess I just really like MCs with both a spine, decent brains, and a realistic world view. You know, like what normal, competent people in their thirties would actually be like.

  5. Again, I must commend the series for giving spotlight to the other members of the cast:

    Gabiru, presented an idiot too full of hismelf and easily manipulated, looked cool when fighting seriously. And to his credit, not only he didn’t consider abandoning his goblin allies to the orcs, but even ordered his soldiers to protect them.

    The ex-ogres were the star of the show. From ninja abilities worthy of the Narutoverse to feats of mass destruction, they show that Rimuru doesn’t need to save the day by himself all the time.

    1. No one wonders, how Magic powerful their Princess become, when this “leader” here can cast such Mass destruction “Bombs”?

      So the Princess should be even on an stronger power level…

  6. This lizard will lead his men to heavy causualties I have no respect for his lack of planning. Gabiru is esily swayed by public opinion and group energy causing lack of planning before a battle.


    Thankfully, a real man arrived just in time with his troop managing the situation.


    1. His battleplan wasn’t bad though. Quick guerilla ambushes were an optimal way to take advantage of the lack of mobility of huge fatass orcs in swampy area. It would all be fine if not for the orcs evolving in the middle of a fight and getting mobility on par with the lizardmen.

    1. Not so sure about having decent CG. The thing that really struck me was how lacking the choreography of the CG battle scenes was. Still, with the limited budgets anime runs on maybe they couldn’t afford something like Massive.

      1. Slime compared to Overlord’s total failure of CGI this is many miles above that. Certainly it isn’t no Hoseki no Kuni level CGI fluidity but it strikes the right balance.

        Overlord has an abnormally perfect grid formation, identical walk cycles, generally terrible compositing, …

        Slime has non-uniform distribution, varied walk cycles, decent compositing, …

  7. This is really bored, it can not be that an army of orcs is not enough to cause difficulty to the protagonist and his party this was practically stepping on ants, because its protagonists overlap everything not only the main one would certainly expect minimal moral dilemma or mercy for being in the middle of war, there are so many moral implications in this that it would be interesting to see them related by a better writer, but not only it’s like playing a musou and then return to their daily life, nothing happened here, if something comes to attack they will win to spare

    Fede 5000
  8. Woah I was gonna say Gabiru was the highlight of the ep until I read the blogger finds him annoying ????. He was indeed the most grounded in his fighting, and I was gripped by his inner monologue.

    … so Shion’s secretary outfit just …. appears without explanation. A modern-day design is inserted into this olde-inspired fantasy setting and no one questions it… yeah I know I keep harping on this but MAN. Never has an anime that’s so good puzzles me so much! Also yeah the Kirins are OP now

    1. You mean Tessaiga? Tenseiga is Sesshomaru’s Sword and looks like just a normal katana.

      TBH I didn’t notice until you mentioned it, which kinda sucks, as I’ve always adored the design of Tessaiga–easily the coolest fictional sword design I’ve ever seen. I guess it’s a good fit for Shion (I thought she used a club in the LN?) because she is kinda doglike.


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