「スパークシグナル」 (Supaakushigunaru)
“Spark Signal”

Hmm what’s that, you wanted the Index WW3 arc? Well too damn bad, it’s Academy City time! Magic and associated shenanigans can wait, we obviously haven’t had enough of spec ops Accelerator and the unfortunate drug mule Shiage who no matter that growing heart of gold still winds up with the crap jobs. It may be back to “side”-story galore as the likes of confusing acronyms and Academy city underground make their second appearance, but never say a bit of Schroedinger’s panties ever went amiss.

While Index is pretty much predicated on a magic-science dichotomy playing out in real time, the series for me honestly works best when focusing on the science of Academy City and its various practicing denizens. The show may be rushing like a madman with more names, plots, and spontaneous developments than even the most prolific of light novel readers can handle, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun at a base level. Maybe it’s Accelerator pulling the (anti)hero with his newfound sense of purpose, maybe it’s the likes of Saiai finally receiving a bit of the personal attention previously lavished on Mugino and Frenda, but in practice? It’s a setting which simply works. No matter the issues with Index’s current love of getting through as much material as physically possible, the attention lavished on arguably minor characters is a treat to see, especially when the personalities are so different from everyone so far seen. It may be plot-induced whiplash from here on out, but hey, you cannot deny it’s fun in its own right.

As for that Mach 3 speed story we’re currently witnessing, well, I imagine there won’t be too many surprises. Much like with the previous (and just as ludicrously paced) Battle Royale arc, small group organization politics and shenanigans are the name of this game, with the remnants of everyone’s favourite SCHOOL, ITEM, MEMBER, and associated partners being put on the case of yet another terrorist bunch who naturally have nefarious plans in mind. Or, you know, something actually dealing with the director board, a thing called DRAGON (and Spark Signal), and one Stephanie Gorgeouspalace who we’ll soon find out has one specific reason for taking on her appointed task. It’s pretty much the same format as previous Academy City arcs, but when scenes like this keep making an appearance, I don’t think I’ll be growing bored any time soon. There’s a lot of battling yet for our ragtag teenagers to engage in before the dust settles (and we return to the magical Chomper and her Fist of Justice), but you can bet the results will be a blast.

After all, when it comes to Index, there’s never a moment to sit back and smell the roses.




  1. Even railgun is better. This season sucks. Can’t follow, no idea what’s going on. I agree with many others, this adaptation…plain terrible, worst I’ve seen and I’ve watched a lot. Supposedly, they’re rushing since there’s a lot of ground to cover.

    Good I’m not the only one who feels this way

    1. Stop blaming the adaptation. If you’d read the light novels you’d know that the stretch of volumes this season covers just sucks in general and jumps back and forth between the main story and underworld stuff instead of building up a continuous story across volumes.

      1. It’s difficult to add every detail on video as you would with LN and Manga, with time constraints. With Anime titles you have season constraints too 24 – 25 episodes it makes the producers cherry pick what to keep and what to leave out.

    2. As mentioned below it’s already been admitted this season is intentionally rushing in order to reach the “good” stuff of the franchise. The writers/producers have said Index III is for the readers and dedicated fans first and foremost, with later productions (most likely Railgun) probably slowing down and taking their time to provide what we’ve all come to expect.

  2. I guess there are two ways to look at it. I choose to not really care about the pell-mell plot. The characters can worry about that. Taking it seriously will only lead to despair or worse. I think the producers are serious about getting the story done and finished. They have big plans. When I noticed that it was more than 24 episodes, I wondered what was up.

    But as pointed out, the characters are fun, and it’s typically in these brief moments when they get to demonstrate their charm, or as Misuzu might put it, appeal.

    That all said, I feel that because fo the story compression, this season is less like a roller coaster and more like being dragged down a flight of stairs. I would still rather see it than not, but this may be the first Index/Railgun show that I don’t buy.

    1. “Characters”, if you can even call it that, are a bunch of glaring overused stereotypes.
      It will be great fun watching kamachifags contort themselves into unbelievable shapes defending upcoming muh dark edgelord pukefest.

      Railgun was the only bright spot because of the bitches.

      1. Stereotypes or not, IMO there’s still something to be said about how each and everyone is different from one another. No matter the issues with this adaptation (and there are plenty don’t get me wrong), every arc is largely different from the rest, ensuring there’s always something unique at play even while the formula more or less stays the same.

        Don’t disagree on Railgun though, that is definitely the one I’m looking forward to returning the most.

    1. Pretty much this, I’m simply enjoying seeing more animated Index with the promise of further Railgun in the not too distant future. This season may not be the same as Index I or II, but hey, we could’ve never received it in the first place 😛

      1. Coming off Season II and knowing the content coming up, I knew way in advance there would be complications this season. After the Aqua Arc, events start moving too fast to allow an abrupt stop without leaving the show on a massive cliff hanger.

        There were three scenarios in my mind. First Index III adapts side novel content (which does introduce characters who are important later on) and ends at the Aqua Arc after 24 episodes. Second would be the Durarara!!treatment of three 12 episode chunks spaced out. Third is what we are getting, with way too much content getting stuffed into a 2 cour season.

        At least the next season which starts fresh doesn’t haven’t to rush so much content to get to an okay stopping point.

  3. I rewatched all Index seasons before this just so i can remember everything, now we are on episode 15 of third season, i have no fucking idea what the hell is going on, why do half the characters suddenly know each other, what the shit is this all about, this is terrible adaptation.

    1. To be fair the producers/writers did warn this season would not be fit for anime-only audiences; they’re effectively making this for the readers first and everyone else second. The show is certainly failing by traditional adaptation standards, but if the only goal is pleasing readers—i.e. featuring fan favourite characters in anime form—then it’s hard to find fault with its approach.

  4. As someone who has liked the Index III anime despite its flaws (and even as someone who has liked the novels for the series)I was happy to see the DRAGON arc getting animated though my favorite moments that happen most likely will be in the next episode.

    As for the episode itself I really liked it and it was great to see Accelerator do some badass moments while referring to himself as a villain (though personally I see him more as an antihero in a sense). As for the stuff involving Hamazura personally I really liked it and my favorite moments involving him might happen in the next episode.


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