「魔王ミリム来襲」 (Maou Mirimu Raishu)
“Demon Lord Milim Attacks”

I. Love. Milim.

After a bunch of serious episodes that really did some heavy lifting when it came to world building, it was real nice to finally get an episode that just was a huge package of fun. And by fun, I mean Milim’s introduction because as a character it’s really fun seeing someone stronger than Rimuru finally enter the picture. Not only does she provide a nice contrast to the stoic behavior of all our other characters who revere Rimuru, but you have to love someone who’s able to call Rimuru their friend. You know, if you really think about it, how long has it been since someone’s actually called Rimuru their friend? Come to think about it, has Veldora been the only one minus Milim who’s went and formally called Rimuru their friend? Also, was I the only one who was a little annoyed Benimaru and friends came in and interrupted Rimuru’s conversation with Milim? It’s not like they didn’t know who she was, and you’d think by this point they’d understand that Rimuru is capable of handling himself in the face of all things overwhelming.

Fun times aside, I also enjoyed the little bit of seriousness that the story sprinkled in right toward the end. Looking back at the short scene with the Demon Lords earlier in the episode, it’s actually kind of crazy how the balance of power works in Rimuru’s world. With vast nations controlling things at a political level, it makes you wonder what kind of balancing act those leaders are doing when it comes to making sure these Demon Lords don’t come and just obliterate things. Which then leads to the next logical question — why are the Demon Lords in a non-aggression pact with each other? Could it be the fact that the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction is at play here? Jokes aside, I do hope we get the chance to see some more of the Demon Lords since there are a lot of unanswered questions here — hopefully Milim will be the one who can get that ball rolling.

In any case, this week’s episode was just plain fun and I wouldn’t mind a few more episodes like these. However, based on Rimuru’s monologue toward the end of the episode, it looks like there’s something menacing is hiding over the horizon. Hopefully it doesn’t end up wrecking the town that Rimuru’s been spending his time building, but it looks like only time will tell. See you guys then!




  1. Considering that the Demon Lords seem to appear in the opening with Milim, I would say that there is a pretty good chance that they are going to wind up on screen. Clayman especially seems to be one of those devious, scheming types which means that he could wind up as an antagonist eventually.

    It would appear that Milim is the 900 pound gorilla in the room. We do not hear if she rules a nation (presumably she does as a Demon Lord) but the way she talks, Milim in her own person represents her nation’s power. Tangling with her is suicidal even for someone who can apparently easily devour a newly born Demon Lord class opponent. When you fight other Demon Lords you are fighting a country. Milim by herself is the deterrent in her case.

    One thing I do like about Milim is that she’s a ball of energy in a show populated with more sedate, serious and sombre characters. That she is capable of mass destruction does not even phase me at this point after so many years of watching anime. A great addition to the show and hopefully the second cour of Slime will be as good if not better than the first.

      1. That was the biggest change that bothered me. Here we got a relaxed smile like Clayman was playing Milim, but in the manga it’s clear that her spontaneous, unpredictable nature is the cause of no end of headaches for his schemes. She’s basically his natural enemy without the slightest effort.

      2. Yeah, Clayman is just too obviously evil. It is one of the drawbacks of the animation medium; manga and light novels can spend pages on a given character’s inner monologue but anime cannot. Thus the scheming, thinker types tend to suffer when translated off a page. I think similarly Youjo Senki suffers from this since we hardly hear Tanya’s thinking anymore in the anime whereas it is a major factor in both characterization and humor for her LN and manga counterparts.

        I do think that the Demon Lord Council was rushed through very badly. We see none of the interaction that was so good at characterization in the manga and LN. In the LN it is a point made that while Milim is impulsive she is hardly stupid. She brought Frey there so that they would have a quorum of Demon Lords. The anime acts as if Frey, Clayman, Carrion and Milim were the only Demon Lords and thus could nullify the non-interference treaty around the Forest of Jura through a collective agreement. Anime watchers would know that there is at least one other Demon Lord, Leon Cromwell (ie the guy who put efreet in Shizu). At least even the manga notes that a quorum of four Demon Lords can nullify and amend treaties without needing the rest present.

    1. Perhaps Miliam is something alike Rimuru.. Perhaps she is an “Dragon” just in Human Shape form.. These Boots.. this big Twin Hair tails…

      But this is just an fluke of mine

      1. Considering that Milim refers to herself as a “dragonoid” I think you are on to something. I would not be surprised if she winds up connected to an elder dragon or the dragon race in some manner.

  2. Milim is absolutely my favorite character in the series and withotu question my choice for best girl. She’s just so much fun! And they didn’t even show all of her antics from the manga. And she’s really a sweetheart… so long as you don’t get her angry.

    I am a bit worried about something, though… There was some fairly significant world-building content that should have been in this episode, but which appears to have been cut. For whatever reason, after pacing themselves slowly and carefully up until now, it looks like they’re really going to try to rush through two volumes in the remaining time.

    1. Keep the faith a little longer. They probably just wanted to introduce Milim to Rimuru faster, so they ran out of time for the other stuff and decided to move things around a little.

      I really cannot see them trying to pack two volumes into 7 episodes. We’ll hopefully finish the kids’ arc and get right up to a teaser intro for Hinata and that’ll be it.

      1. @Wanderer: Right, sorry, got my Volumes mixed up. My guess is that they’ll cut out some of the talking (lot of talking in these two Volumes if I remember right) and focus on character moments for Vol.3, then have a solid 4-5 episodes for Vol.4. Not as amazing as what they did with the first two Volumes, but I’m willing to forgive if they make everything count.

        The Danmachi Vol.4 flashbacks are a lie…

    2. Yeah, I’m feeling the rush as well :(.

      Yeah, this is where some things begin to get really interesting
      and I feel they’re cutting important things, that w/o reading the
      WN/LN/Manga, will leave the audience lost. Especially things with
      Milim and her bonding w/Rimuru particularly with Shion and Shuna.

      And, what happened to Shizue’s mask that Rimuru faithfully wears when
      he transforms? I kinda missed that when he transformed for Milim…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      So it almost seems like they’re (now) treating the Anime like a Manga/LN
      supplement, which is kinda annoying to the Anime-only followers.

      Does that mean everything is bad? No! The things they adapt, they do
      quite well (poor Gabiru still has a way to go learning his humility).
      But I’m beginning to believe the slow and (too) thoughtful pacing in
      the beginning is starting to rush the great storytelling. Hopefully, it’s
      a glitch and it’ll improve.

      It took a little while to get used to Milim’s VA – for some reason, it
      wasn’t what I was expecting. I’d best describe it as “trying too hard.”

      Still lovin’ it!

    1. I really didn’t want to be the first one to say it, but since it’s there now…

      DAT ASS!!

      It says something about how free-spirited Milim is when she’s this innocent/childish yet being in the bath feels less revealing…

    2. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2016%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
      often times, I feel that the less clothing and more sexy-looking a female anime/manga female character is then the more powerful she is. I can’t remember how many sexy looking female characters there are that are so strong and have so little clothes. But it makes sense if she is so strong, where her skin should be like armor, and less clothing provides more mobility.

      Notably, most big-breasted fantasy girls are often strong as well.

    1. Notice how 5 of them, three females and two males all turned humanoid? It’s not just female related it seems, they probably choose their evolution during sleep, Gabil went for upgrade over his current form, these five went for humanoid form with ninja skills.

      There is a great manga called RE:Monster, it’s Isekai, it has A TON of detail about this, they cover almost all essential character evolution, basically they choose their “skills” and “job” during their sleep, remember old days of RPG where you would go novice>thief>rogue or novice>thief>assassin, novice>thief>hunter etc.

    2. Perhaps Gabiru was just an overridden name, and the others had her names for their first time. Seems like the “Name giver” DNA somehow blend in trough the Magic. So Gabiru has still the same “dna” of his first Name giver

      I think

  3. In just one episode, I feel our slime evolved a lot of Pokemon and recently captured the strongest legendary pokemon. Evolution….thankfully it works the same way as Pokemon and not the same as our world

    I Love Milim too TAKAII. I actually don’t see many female heroines (or important characters in general) that dress the same way as Milim, so hot and she seems like a possible love interest for our slime. Most of the female characters, that dress the same as Milim, are usually mobs from my experience.

    Anyway, I am wondering if our slime can crossbreed by now. In many hentai, we recall that orcs try to crossbreed with female humans, so our slime should crossbreed after eating an Orc Lord. I want to see Milim and our slime make a child of insane power.

    1. perhaps Milim are so happy, because someone is not afraid of her and see her “true self” as friend

      i think the Key lies in “Ramiaru’s” fearless and befriend actions. She is “one of them”

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2016%20-%20Large%2009.jpg


    Guys of the “Female Demon Lord” Animation team, get her “Pantsu on her back” right.. As if this line of cloth has an mind of its own.. Becoming thicker, and thinner, showing nearly the entire ass or goes back as an swimsuit…

    i know in animation it is hard to draw this.. But as if you want to “force jump” her ass into our Eyes.. no to burn this into our soul…So how is the Villain here!!!

    1. The word “power” has many different facets. Ever heard of hard power vs soft power? That’s just one example.

      Rimuru mentally out powers Milim very easily. He still falls in the trope of overpowered isekai protagonists. Since his reincarnation, Rimuru has never encountered any circumstances that endangers his existance or even his objectives. But that’s what makes Slime fun to watch dosen’t it?

      1. No, mentally Milim is a genius of battles, Rimuru did just a trick to temporarily appease her, but his goal is still to find a fight with rimuru because he knows he has the potential to give him a decent battle

  5. Every antagonist in this anime are literally comical clowns.


    If not overpowered, they are outwitted by Rimuru who was a mediocre middle aged man in his previous life. This should ruin the whole show but it is actually it’s greatest strength. For this is a SimCity, Cilivlization type of anime than anime about war or survival.

    And what the hell people. Are you guys really lusting for a fictional character who looks like a 14 year old and has the behavior of a child? I’m calling police.


  6. I just find it hard to belive that she has Never tasted HONEY before? I mean, wasent she just in a lavish castle with lords?? Surely they have tea and biscuits a.k.a sweets

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. After a bunch of serious episodes that really did some heavy lifting when it came to world building

    I wouldn’t call them heavy, but they were needed and imo are still very much needed, since the story about the world is still as flat as a penny.

    Milim is cute, jeah, but how he beat her with honey, seemed so damn dumb too me.

    It’s also getting pretty boring when he gets like everything while doing literally nothing. The dwarven king even played some kind of postman for him.

  8. People easily distracted by sexy/cute (however you feel about Milim) forget that Milim is actually a MONSTER, in a true meaning of the word.
    She is a child with related lack of self-control, AND has power that exceeds Rimuru (including captured Veldra’s power) by entire order of magnitude.
    so basically we have “did you just befriend Cthulu?” moment which is by the way “Crowning Moment of Awesome” for the Rimuru. He managed to think on the spot, and pacify the child-demon with some sweets and kind words.
    BTW my pet theory with Milim is that she chose the sexy outfit to prove shes “adult” which for obvious reasons fails…
    I hope that Milim will grow up some in the mental sense during the series, becaus, as fun as she is as comedic character right now, it would be for her own good to mature abit and become more responsible.
    Last but not least:
    Rimuru being sexless keeps him from any lolicon charges. Not so with our viewers in the real world so keep your enthusiasm down. We can love Milim,but just as younger sister of sorts.
    Actually my own sisters often acted much like Milim, just without the sexy outfits and demonic level superpowers…

  9. Ep 17:

    – If you know the Manga, then this Episode feels a bit rushed. They covered so much ground in one Episode.

    – This Demon Lord Girl is still funny.. Very powerful but funny

    – I just hope that we slowly has now enough of others “look down on an Slime!”


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