「フィーロ」 (Firo)

Oh don’t deny boys and girls, you knew it was coming. An isekai with only one girl part of the protagonist party? Utter heresy—blasphemy I say. Never say Shield Hero doesn’t know its audience or its genre though, because those doubts and concerns have been laid to rest for good—and in arguably the best way possible too. Our future might be all about those genetically modified catgirls, but cute birdgirls from eggs could just be the thing to give them a run for their money.

As anyone already familiar with Shield Hero can say the big thing this week is the introduction of Filo, and it’s not too hard seeing why. She’s an actual girl (at least until the growth spurt kicks in), has a transformation ability with some comfortable applications, and—best part of all—was born from a bloody egg suggesting there’s more where she came from (and you damn well know you want another six or so). We may only have some comedic relief and unconditional love to go off of so far (until the fun of next week), but oh yeah, this one is a keeper. Raphtalia after all might not yet be putting the cuteness of bugs’ ears to shame (although she’s quickly getting there), but it’s arguably the right time to introduce some competition for her when it comes to Naofumi, because while protecting that smile and seeing it prosper is objective numero uno, there’s only so much tension and romantic suspense you can generate alone with a guy who she’s firmly enamoured of. Hell she reinstated the slave crest just to showcase the seriousness of that affection and all but physically rubbed the results in our unfortunate hero’s face—having to share the shield with someone else will help keep our favourite racoon girl just that bit more honest and upfront about her feelings.

Beyond an imminent romance shakeup though, Filo’s introduction also helps accelerate matters concerning the other heroes and everyone’s favourite antagonist Malty. Having Motoyasu now lose twice in rigged duels with Naofumi (not counting the public rebuttal by the other two heroes who still shouldn’t be trusted) is bound to infuriate spear hero and his main supporter both, especially considering Naofumi is now slowly building up his own wellspring of support. To the princess’ chagrin the shield hero is starting to throw some serious wrenches into whatever goal she’s trying to pursue, and with the Queen now apparently getting involved in support of Naofumi, you can bet it won’t be long before Malty gives up relying on others to win her battles and goes after Naofumi personally. One way or another there’s a major showdown coming soon between our two key players and their parties, and while we may not yet know Malty’s true objective in pushing this fight, you can bet we’ll discover it before too long.

Well, at least after we finish with Filo’s introduction of course. Going to battle with the newest good guy girl only a name and a cute face? Now that just won’t do at all, no matter what Raphtalia may think.




  1. I have to admit I did not think the Queen would make an appearance so quickly. I thought they would save her reveal for the big moment when she returns to her kingdom but I can understand they wanted to foreshadow her a bit.

    Filo is a gamechanger in the story. A breath of fresh air. Her cuteness, her demeanor and her antics all serve to make Shield Hero a lot less dark than before. That time is over and Shield Hero seems to be moving into a far more positive time for Naofumi. He is rightfully gaining the recognition due to him as a Hero who stood up for the common man. Motoyasu again proves to be the Sitcom Archnemesis; he is not actively malicious although he has reasons to dislike Naofumi. Malty on the other hand is definitely nothing but malicious; she’s working hard earning her upcoming name.

    1. Motoyasu may not be actively malicious, but the way he keeps following Malty’s word blindly despite seeing blatant evidence of her misdeeds can make a case for lack of intelligence being a sin lol.

      1. Motoyasu takes “a sucker for a pretty face” to its logical extreme.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Andrew: Sadly, the story has to hit a particular point before the spin-off can really get off the ground. Before that point Motoyasu just does not have the popularity to headline a show all by himself. And yeah, Filo is certainly lethal levels of cute.

      2. I feel like the anime actually made Motoyasu into almost the villain’s stupid sidekick. In the manga he was just an annoying fool that would’ve rather just avoided Naofumi, but now he’s actually getting really cliche with the “I obviously let you win” and “I’ll get you next time!” junk.

        Was he like this in the LN and the manga just toned it down?

  2. The bit at the beginning with the other heroes complaining about Naofumi’s unfair treatment was surprising for me since I don’t remember that happening in the manga. It makes the Sword and Archer heroes a lot more likable already.

    1. It was cut into two different parts here. In the manga the complaint and the reward all came right after the duel in the courtyard, so it came off as more them being upset that the duel itself was a sham and how Malty and Motoyasu’s attitudes had finally started to get on even their nerves, instead of over the fact that Naofumi was being mistreated.

  3. Oh god, were all going to jail.



    Jokes aside, and as an LN reader, I will reveal right now that there is no harem in this. Nor is there romance. Unless you read the web novel which acts like a draft to the current light novel. There are major differences between the two thought espicially in the later books.

    Naan Tastes Good
    1. I wouldn’t say there absolutely zero harem and romance. Raphtalia’s feelings are pretty obvious, and later we get a few more girls that range from closet-tsunderes to… ahem… aggressive. It’s just not as in-your-face as some people might be used to, and it’s always a sub-plot that’s happening to the side. The point is the journey, the devotion they have for Naofumi as he makes the world better one begrudging job at a time, and Naofumi driving them all nuts(in good ways).

      1. So it sounds like a “Death Match” harem as
        opposed to a “Smartphone” harem with 9-1/2 brides :).
        That’s okay, as cute doesn’t have to be lustful
        (I’m kinda a softee for the cute harem companions.)

  4. I cannot be the only one who thought of Flonne from Disgaea at the end there? Filo and Flonne are almost the same character except one is a bird and the other is an angel. Looking at pictures even their outfits are really similar with a white dress and a big blue ribbon.

  5. Random place (well not entirely) to ask this, but how much would someone recommend watching this series as a whole? I haven’t even picked up ep 1 to start off with, just cause I would like to know tentatively, if the plot progresses well, or at least for the duration of what this anime may be covering.

    1. It’s a good fantasy story, with an Isekai setting, and is above average, actually enjoyable, but is not a masterpiece, and probably will not be memorable.

      It has some good side characters, some good plot twists, some good fights, almost non romantic moments, but mostly in this loooong first arc, it will focus mainly in the path to reedemption of Naofumi in the eyes of everyone. At times is quite basic, Naofumi becaomes OP in relation to the other heroes, but in general he always struggle to fight enemies much more powerful than the main cast.

      So if you like adventure, traveling stories, fights, a minor conspiracy plot, and watching a character cleaning his name of false acusation, you would enjoy this. The animation is consistent in this adaptation, and if the story follows that path I supposed it will follow, this will end pretty well.

    2. Why don’t you watch the first episode and judge for yourself? If you think it’s worth your time? continue. If not, discontinue. It’s that simple.

      Everyone has different preferences and tastes and thus asking them won’t be accurate. Just for referece, currently this show is highly rated on MAL, Anilist and is fourth in ranking in Anikore’s Winter 2019 TV shows. It has the most new ratings in MAL and Anikore for Winter 2019 and is apparently the most popular new show according to Crunchyroll and some japanese tv statistics. (Check the sources if your not convinved. For japanese statistics, go to reddit search for it if you like. The URLs are there and if you understand japanese.

      Anyone can say what they want on rankings be it has flaws or whatnot. However, saying your opinion on a show weighs more than an aggregate user score of a thousand or even tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands is just plain narsacistic, even arrogant. Now if you personally know someone who you trust and has the same preferences as you? Well, that person might be able to help. But nobody knows your tastes and prefereces more than you do.

    3. Well, i avoid episode 1 and 3 so far. but right now i am watching this anime from here on Randomc.net sidelines. Because many said that it would become better. But i even saw the Manga and even there… ups. i was about to spoil

      anyway. i am watching from the sidelines “hopping” it fits my “gusto”. But perhaps this is not for me

    4. Considering it’s a two cour show hard to say what it’ll turn into (we’re only 5 episodes in), but the best way to find out is to always give it a shot yourself. Shield Hero is standard isekai with a few tweaks so if you’re familiar with the genre you’ll know what to expect.

  6. Ginobi47
      1. But was that the agreement?
        The Lance had a royal decree, the previously lord became meaningless. Noafumi challenges him for the right to rule the village. But anyway, without documents and decrees the village falls in a grey fuzzy legal zone.
        But most annoying was seeing that the Lancer will be just the standard dumb/fool blonde from now on. Remember this old archetype?

    1. If you care about spoilers from Web Novels/LNs, provided that the anime does follows in its foot path then please read the spoilers, if you do not wishes to read the spoilers, then don’t click

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Naofumi, however, does not want to rule the town of Lute, as ruling it will cause the town to be scrutinized by outsiders as supporters of the shield, thus isolating the town. Even if he was offered the position as lord, he will still refuse, unless something changes his mind later

      Remember he needs to get stronger each time for the incoming wave, thus he needs to go out further into the wilderness to train and upgrade his skills or get new skills

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2005%20-%2017.jpg
    50 silver pieces to enter the town and 50 sp to exit? The town won’t even be rebuilt at those prices. Somebody’s trying to fill her (his?) coffers as fast as possible. Anything you tax, you get less of. It’s a good thing Naofumi won the race.

    Still, for a princess like Malty to act like that in front of the people, I have just two words for her to think about: Marie-Antoinette.

    1. The biggest complaint I have about this story as a whole is that someone really should’ve made Malty more intelligent. I just becomes more and more obvious she’s just there to be a pain in the ass, and nothing she does really makes sense even after you get more context. Until you get the final piece of context and then it all makes sense, but that’s not until like 3/4 of the story is done.

      So, to anime-only guys and gals she won’t make sense until like Episode 80…

      1. @Panino

        As others have intimated, the reveal of Malty’s plan is really late in the story and as such spoils a lot. However if you are interested read the spoilers below.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. She’s certainly setting herself up for a fall, but as long as she’s under the spear hero’s banner I doubt anything will happen publicly. It takes quite a bit to provoke revolution, especially considering the likes of Naofumi helps offset the extravagance Malty and co. are showing.

    3. “Anything you tax, you get less of” True in this situation.
      More complexly tax effects on a curve with both 100 percent tax and zero tax having nothing produced. To little taxes, in general, a lack of stability, laws being enforced, public works (roads and stuff), education limit production you then hit the sweet area of the curve and then taxes above that start reducing production. Much more complex than this of course but this is true in general, specific examples can vary.

  8. It’ll cool do a brand new spin off series with same beginning but a new fifth hero with smarts, a bit tragic back story of his childhood friend, and big heart to help out the shield hero. As well ability to see the futures. Still want to see the other spin off.

      1. I’m just saying it’ll be better, plus I read the NL of the Spear Hero it’s really annoying of the Oink thing & other stuff. Beside the characters of the series & novel are either idiots or just caught off with their own glory. So they need a bit smart and 5th hero so that story could be interesting with an add of a new conspiracy and future site maybe.

  9. See what I mean from my last post on the last episode. Naofumi moved the hearts of the common folk and united them. The nobles and the spear hero are complete strangers to the village. Naofumi being treated unfairly is the best thing ever. The spear hero just gets it in the groin and is ignorant (dumb) with the workings of this relm.

    Let’s be real here kitamura is just muscle Malty and the King are just reaping the benifits of being protected.



      1. In that case, Raphtalia must consider it as an engagement/trust proof towards Naofumi, kinda like an engagement ring. Granted, that’s extreme but this serves to show how strong their bond is becoming.

      2. Mmm well it’s good idea see the another outcome of the series like spin off or new spin off with different character like 5th hero idea with a new destiny, like Raphtalia not a slave anymore and become true lovers and comrades. Still retain the same main character.

      3. More disturbing to us post-Enlightenment people for sure. All should become familiar with the Enlightenment and then you will know why Kings ruled so long and lack of knowledge of it allows dictators to rule now. Before Enlightenment most thought of themselves as some form of property of another and many drew comfort in the knowledge they belonged to a good master. And before modern times Marriage was the same as that slave contract a woman was entering into the bondage of her husband by marriage. Of course, the woman was her father’s property before then. In Russia, before Peter the Great the wedding was ended by the father of the bride handing a whip to the groom symbolizing the transfer of whipping rights. Peter introducing modern trends to Russia replaced that with a kiss the bride by the groom. Only women had wedding rings for a long time as the ring symbolizes ownership. At 56 I still recall wedding being announced as two ring ceremonies as only one ring (the obeying wife) ceremonies were still done as you can notice in old movies.
        Still many would like an owner in their lives it part of their personalities, and if that a true desire should be respected as long as they respect your right of freedom. As former military service of lord still has some appeal to me in stories. And all this inhuman genetic code to look for alpha varies person to person like all genetic traits

      4. I never thought a simple conjecture would turn into this type of discussion.

        With that said, being Naofumi’s slave adds a boost in gaining new experience regardless of it being for combat or whatnot. (For reference, read the LNs and skip the WNs. The LNs are very entertaining to read in my opionion)

        Having seen the preview for the next episode, it won’t be long before we see a homage to Spice and Wolf, a dead dragon, melty q, and literally cold glass. I’d say before or at the 12th episode mark. I really enjoying this thus far. It’s like watching Code Geass all over again for all the rage, frustration, and catharsis it had offered.

    1. Well, there’s actually a material for that. I mean, when Naofumi visits Ren’s homeworld to drag him for a rematch against the last boss, Ren says something about having visited a different other world for 2 years or so. Let’s just see if the author will write Ren’s journey into a spin-off because Motoyasu spin-off pretty much starts from the same point in the WN.

      1. I hope it’ll be time loop curse thing like re zero that he cannot tell the heroes but his allies and find himself love life! Hope we can see raccoon girl with a different outcome with the shield hero maybe.
        Or time destortion or whatever. Either way ren needs to redeem himself as hero, team player, and true friend with shiled hero in beginning of the story.

      2. I hope it’ll be time loop curse thing like re zero that he cannot tell the heroes but his allies and find himself love life! Hope we can see raccoon girl with a different outcome with the shield hero maybe.
        Either way ren needs to redeem himself as a hero, team player, and true friend with main characterin because he’s an idiot than spear hero

    1. Good good.. because this Bashing Show Spoiler ▼

      I just hide it in spoiler tag to be save. gome-ne

  10. I wonder their another spin off if all the other spin off converge into a time union thing? That all the heroes will feel a deja a vu feeling and story itself will lead into chaotic events, with new information, new destinies, and a huge amount of regrets.

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