「大飛行船強盗」 (Daihikōsen gōtō)
“The Great Airship Robbery”

After delving into the character’s backstories and motivations these past few weeks, I was rather hoping we’d be continuing that trend, but instead that all took a backseat to more of an episodic structure as the Hagoromo was taken captive by a group who are definitely air pirates, and certainly not hired thugs or anything ridiculous like that.

One of the alleged pirates must be a familiar face, only who could it be? Is it the pirate who spared the goofy looking – I mean, the bravest bird in the skies? Or was it the pirate in the bar who claims he doesn’t drink anymore? I’m honestly curious whether those moments were meant to humanize the masked foes or ready the audience for an upcoming reveal that these people may not be as bad as they seem. Someone has it out for Kotobuki, and I believe these men were hired to get the Kotobuki squadron out of the way. Mayor Isao, as suspicious as he is, at least doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would order an airship with allies on it sabotaged and blown out of the sky.

The bartender turning out to be an ex-sharpshooter was a great example of an escalating joke gone right. First, he pulled out a gun from behind the counter, then revealed an entire stash of weapons, and finally took out half-a-dozen or so bad guys with skills that would make Neo from the Matrix green with envy, only for the audience to find out that his wife left him because he couldn’t part with his gun collection.

In other news, it was confirmed that these pirates were also at Nanko, which means they’re specifically targeting the Kotobuki. Additionally, Kirie appears to have come to the realization that since she’s fulfilled her dream to fly, she has no aspirations for the future. When compared to Reona or Kate, who are using their earnings to care for people in their lives, Kirie’s life is fairly simple, and this may be starting to bother her. The most compelling protagonists tend to be ones who have a dream they want to make a reality, but since Kirie’s already living her dream, it may be about time she found another goal to set her sights on.




      1. for Anime and Mangas my mind behave like an Sponge. but mostly i forget their names. Just Pictures remains

        Remember the lately Battleships Animes or in this case “Strike Witches”? if done some research on them you properly would find the infos, too. But i am not omniscient . I just have an touch for them.. I keep it save inside my “adult” heart

  1. In other news, it was confirmed that these pirates were also at Nanko, which means they’re specifically targeting the Kotobuki.

    If I’m interpreting the flow of events correctly, the Hagoromo was a decoy to lure the “pirates” targeting the fish (the reason for the newspaper announcement and Kotobuki Corps complaining about not getting the credit).

    1. Now that I think about it, that makes sense. I thought Madame was angry with Isao because he’d been willing to shoot down their airship at Isesuka, or at least partially responsible for the ship being attacked in the first place, but actually it was because he used them as bait to capture the pirates. Personally, I still think they were after the Hagoromo, though I’m mostly basing this on the explosives they brought with them. Why go to such lengths to destroy the ship if all you want is the fish?

      As for them being upset about not getting the credit, isn’t Isao taking most of the credit for himself actually keeping the girls from being targeted? I don’t know if he’s protecting them, per se, but he does seem to be aware that staying out of the limelight would be the safer option.

      1. rewatch or in this case rehear the last seconds of the previous episode. there was this conspiration that gave the roots for this here. Someone want to “crush” them

  2. Since it looks like Mayor Isao was controlling the “air pirates” (the fish thing looks like a scam) he does seem to be the kind of guy who would blow up “allies” and a bunch of people who keep getting in his way. If I am right that also means he is tied in with Standon Oil somehow.

    1. If he’s controlling the air pirates then I’m sure he’s tied up with Standon Oil and the whole thing was a set-up, but until there’s undeniable proof that he’s corrupt, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Kouya%20no%20Kotobuki%20Hikoutai/Kouya%20no%20Kotobuki%20Hikoutai%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    Wait a tic, isn’t this the guy who betrayed the Elite Industries leader back in episode 04?

    Johnny? So he’s basically this universe’s version of John Wick?

    Also, this week’s featured plane, the Toryu (the Ki-84 “Hayate” was already seen the previous episode):

      1. Also an comment to your first Picture here.

        I do hope that we will not see an future “Hostage” episode. Because he now knew this “little brother” of them and such

      1. But yes.. there are still Traps in this age.. condensers could do the trick when they cut the batteries

        The “high Tech” boards was invented way after WW2. Just look how “primitive” the V1 “Computer” was build

  4. Die Hard? “Under Siege” may be a more suitable film to compare it to. 😀

    What I find strange is that the Hagoromo didn’t use its AA guns for close-in defense. Another thing: does the hangar bay have doors or not?

    Magnus Tancred
    1. I didn’t see any doors. Unless it opens inwards, I’d say it doesn’t have any.

      Haven’t seen “Under Siege” yet. I’ll add it next to “Cape Fear” on my to-watch list. I did see “The Rock” with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, though, so maybe that could work?

      The Rock on an Airship… Sounds like the next Dwayne Johnson movie 🙂

    2. They have Doors, but this one here entered from the front. and forced “shoot” open the landing door…

      But… Well, Anime Magic.. he is still in the middle of this runway and they are just landing without gap to give them time to move away from the landing runway…. so they would in Real Life crash into each other in the middle

      But as i said.. Anime magic.. and also alone the Weight of these Planes would shake them

  5. the shady pilot/magician/industrialist.politician….
    I am betting my “Palpatine for president” poster that he financed the entire attack by mercs too good to be ordinary pirates, in order to get rid of the Kotobuki girls, and make himself look great by saving the town with his private air force…. he even quickly snatches captured pirates “for judgement by law” no doubt to ensure they dont talk too much

  6. Ep 09:

    – This is more an “building up for next week” Episode
    – Did i mention the Russian Night Witches and their Slow but more agility against to fast modern planes? Seems like we have here an visual proof of that.
    – Things of World Building are starting to get serious

    Well, watch it. As i said some Political backgrounds are building up and i curious to see what they have in the Box next week


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