「天使の力(ガブリエル)」 (Tenshi no chikara (Gaburieru)
“Angel’s Power (Gabriel)”

It may be confusing, it may be inexplicable, but never say Index doesn’t know how to put on a show. Islands in the sky; crazy archangels; France and Britain working together in synchronized harmony—yeah this series knows how to keep the juices flowing. I may not know what the hell is going on half the time (at the best of times), but I cannot deny the ride is a pleasurable experience.

As is often the case when villainous plots reach their climax we start getting answers for the general state of affairs, and Fiamma’s little adventure through the skies is no exception. Summoning via Sasha the archangel Gabriel (who is neither female nor male, but I digress), Fiamma’s ultimate goal is apparently to become greater than God, which as we all know is pretty much the goal of all truly evil individuals these days. Of course realizing that objective is proving a hassle for our main boss, because while materializing a whole island complete with monorail (you’re not the only one stumped Touma) is apparently simple enough, the critical piece of the puzzle for wholesale global domination is missing. And where is that piece you may ask? Why in the hands of an equally confused Accelerator of course. Yeah, you know exactly where this story is heading next. If you thought random sons daughters of God and flustered Orthodox nuns was inconceivable enough already best pepper that angus, because some twerp protecting esper shenanigans are next up to the batting block.

Outside of this arc’s main players though we also got some choice developments on the part of the secondary cast who in their own way did not disappoint. Shiage for example finally succeeded in resuscitating Rikou and unlocking the happy ending, but of course could not follow through because something something rescuing innocent villagers (alright, it’s an honest thing to do). Then comes the fun and games with best princess Carissa and her French counterpart which besides still lacking any sort of half decent explanation for the anime-only crowd, now apparently jumped half a continent to start doing battle outside the big bad floating island in the sky. How did two cutie pies wind up in Russia all of a sudden? Are these cutie pies even inside Russia? And why is hiding things in the best of locations even a bad thing? Hell if I know, but at least the action acrobatics are making up a cohesive narrative. At this stage there’s just too much going on in the world of Index to truly keep track of every little thing, but with the WW3 endgame upon us and every major character set for their debut, the results likely won’t prove disappointing.

After all we’ve got a voracious encyclopedia to wake up and one poor sucker far overdue for a set of teeth to the face.




      1. From where I came from, this world is like an examination room that determines if I pass it or fail it, those who pass deserve eternal bliss that is Paradise, while those who don’t, deserve Hell because they themselves place themselves in there through their evil actions, like making partnership with the One True God and making images of His Angels and Messengers like Gabriel and Jesus. So yes, I do have to take this particular bit very seriously even if it is fictional and I am warning you people out of genuine concern.(if I didn’t I’d just ignore and hate these stuff with passion in my heart).

        By the way, Gabriel and Jesus are not just figures from the biblical narrative. That’s one more thing to think about. Watch some Speaker’s Corner debates and you’ll find how contradicting and having no consistency the Trinity doctrine has.

      2. So you are trowing “karma” in this place?.. Well i think i get a gist what religion you mean. But this is an Page about Anime and for fans. Nothing more nothing less

        I know the difference between fiction, fantasy and reality

  1. Well, seems like this Gabriel here want to follow in the footsteps of:

    – Satan
    – Lucifer

    Well, i post the Link: https://angelicpedia.com/lists/list-fallen-angels/

    As you can see, there are not just some. And i do not know how much of them was like Gabriel Archangels.. But seems like this Gabriel here want to topple off God.. Well, in most Animes and Mangas i know (Dragonball for example. Or “Bell dandy” are exceptions..) God is not at Home or dead and Gabriel is running the Heaven. So funny that this here want to topple himself 🙂

    So, if some Manga-ka or Anime Director needs “Archangels” names.. feel free to use this List. Diablo (The Game) also used them

    But in the end they got driven out of Heaven under the “command” of God with the help of his loyal Archangels

    1. Seems like Archangel Michael has to appear and kick Gabriel in the Butt to get sane again.. Well, this are Humans that exploit angelic powers on them, without the approving of Heaven..

      So do not take this too serious. This are Humans at playing with God like Powers

    2. In defense of the rogue Archangel, what Gabriel “wants” in this situation has little or nothing to do with it… It’s been summoned into the world under the control of Fiamma and is magically bound to obey his orders.

      Gabriel’s essentially being used as little more than a weapon of mass destruction at this point…

    1. i made this long ago, and just reacting to some screenshots here and write some ideas here and there. This entire War is beyond my comprehension, too

      I touched No index with this “Lightning Girl” and the two artificial sisters that remote controlled their Battle suits. But this here.. perhaps you need to know the LN+Manga to follow this Anime…. thing

      1. That’s all she’s been doing though, which is concerning.

        Hell the only arc she was even relevant in was the Accelerator arc in Index. I feel like they try to save all her focus in Railgun and keep her as a background character in Index, which is silly.


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