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「地獄の蓋」 (Jigoku no futa)
“The Lid of Hell”

Oh yeah now we’re getting somewhere. Well ok, maybe not just yet, but almost. We’ve got the evil magical attack, the bait and switch, and the hint that things are going to get ugly for quite a few people—it’s the Friday night fight you’ve all been waiting for. MSTA still may be holding a few cards in reserve, but I think things are just about ready for their grand reveal.

One of things I’ve been harping on about (read: really hoping for) these past few weeks was there being some serious tension between our magical girls, and if events this episode are any indication, it seems that might’ve been slightly too hopeful. While technically possible for the likes of Mia and Tamara to hold underlying grudges against one another (I wanna believe!), what we got was the happy go lucky reunion, helped along in part by a touchy feely Asuka. Delicious interagency catfight and mahou shoujo implosion? Not in this cutie breaking blender it seems, although there may be something tasty to come once Kurumi discovers Tamara’s own love for the protagonist—and you know she will eventually. Hell at this point MSTA is pretty much a battle over who gets the first real swipe Asuka, with Mama General Tabira leading the way. You want a piece of that Kurumi, you best get on level with the competition.

Besides providing plentiful milf memes however, Tabira’s appearance does lead to some further plot developments and some hints as to the Babel Brigade’s ultimate objective. We know for example that Tabira is the creator of magical girls (well, the Magical Five at least) and is mostly responsible for keeping their powers up to date. It’s easy to guess this is the primary reason she is being targeted by the Babel Brigade, for if Tabira can create magical girls out of nothing, it’s not too great a stretch to assume she can also tailor make them to specific purposes. Want a magical girl force wholly devoted to wrecking the world while screaming about despair? You’ve got the right mama for the job. Of course it could also just be as simple as killing Tabira off to prevent any sort of “good girl” mahou shoujo revival after eliminating the protagonists from the picture, but I’m an optimistic lad—I firmly believe there’s more to this little showcase of evil plushy power than simply wrecking face. Just have to think back to the previous mention of Girl of Mass Destruction: you know there’s more than the obvious waiting in the wings.

How long it takes for us to find out (if we even do this season) naturally won’t be known for a bit yet, but I don’t think the wait will be all too long. With Nozomi and Sayako yet again in mortal danger and every girl set to get their piece of the action, MSTA is raring to show us just what this series is all about.

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March 8, 2019 at 9:32 pm