「結びの伝説 1日目」 (Musubi no Desetsu: Ichinichime)
“Legend of Fate: Day 1”

It wouldn’t be a proper love comedy without our scantily clad heroines in the water! But because this arc is centered around a school camping trip in the winter, we’ve got an onsen episode this time around. Since the sisters take Fuutarou along without taking the first bus to the campsite, they are slowed down by heavy traffic and snow to the point of needing to stay at a luxurious lodge over-night. With Fuutarou’s presence and the responsibilities they have for the camping trip, however, it’s not all relaxation and steam censors.

This was an eventful episode for Ichika as she grapples with her feelings for Fuutarou. Miku’s arrangement to disguise herself as Ichika whenever she’s busy landed her in a sticky situation where she ended up confirming that she was dancing with Fuutarou by the bonfire. The romantic story that comes with the bonfire pairing up whoever dances beside it puts Ichika between a rock and a hard place. At the moment, she’s been trying to support Miku in trying to be her wingman, but now that the opportunity has arrived for her to get closer to Fuutarou, she’s having conflicting feelings. Does she go with her conscience and try to continue acting like the mature sister who looks out for everyone, or does she go with her heart and try to get with the guy who’s been helping her remain confident about her dream? If Miku gives Ichika her blessing to dance with him knowing what it could mean, does that give Ichika carte blanche to make a move? Temptation ends up taking hold when she ends up waking up next to him and leans in for a closer look. Itsuki caught her leaning close to his face, but with the possibility of having to switch schools for her music career combined with her conflicting feelings about whether to rock the boat and make a move on Fuutarou, Ichika is confronted with multiple dilemmas that will prove to pose deeper issues for her for the time being.

Miku’s split-decision to diffuse a confession she received in her Ichika disguise by saying Fuutarou to dance with her has also caused Miku a great deal of stress. Currently, she’s been faced with the issue of being more open with Fuutarou and upfront about having a crush on him. Her confidence issues have been the crux of many of her problems as the other girls are finding themselves enraptured by Fuutarou. She spends time grappling with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to dance with Fuutarou as she would’ve liked, but while she’s at the lodge, she has to confront her insecurities further when she has to consolidate having to share him for the time being. She wants to keep Fuutarou to herself and channel her emotions towards asking him out, but with the combination of the disguise circumstance and staying overnight in a room with Fuutarou, there is a lot on Miku’s back that she has to contend with if she wants to set her feelings in stone.

There were other notable moments in the episode as well with the other sisters. Unlike the other girls, Yotsuba is the paragon of positivity, aiming to make sure that Fuutarou has the time of his life just by the fun he’ll have at the camping trip rather than trying to sweep him off his feet. Nino had her trademark wit on display by flipping Fuutarou the bird in a quintuplets guessing game. Itsuki is also a wild card considering that she just caught Ichika in a compromising pose over Fuutarou. What it means for the sisters should prove to be interesting as the next episode hones in on the events and consequences of the camping trip and bonfire dance.



    1. The war is the high point of the fandom with how crazy it has been getting, but there are at least three of the sisters I’d be happy with seeing win the Fuutarou Bowl.

      But getting the finger when I got most of Nino’s key moments like her picking out Fuutarou’s outfit and her backside?

  1. It was fun how decisive Miku became upon wearing the wig. And later, as herself again, she loses her edge.

    FWIW, I think that Ichika (and all of them really) needs to rein herself in, at least as far as Miku is concerned. It’s one thing if one of them ends up with the guy that multiple sisters have fallen for but if it’s accomplished by climbing over another, then it’s gonna leave a mark. The sisters are going to live with each other forever.

    1. that whole bit really foreshadows the “You need love” thing. the fact that blondie there figured something wasn’t exactly right, whilst Fuu dense’d himself more then Jun from Tomochan( which is a record of it’s own).

      >by climbing over another
      yeeeeeeeah, about that.

      cpn mango
      1. Whenever someone calls Jun from Tomo-chan dense, I really have to wonder if they even followed the story ^_^; (I mean don’t want to get off-topic, but entire ARCS were all about confirming that Jun intentionally played dumb because he was afraid of what would happen to their current relationship were he to go after Tomo).

        But as far as Fuutarou goes… yeah, he is comically dense.

    2. Seems like one thing that will definitely cause more friction among the sisters considering that, if the rest end up falling in love with him as hard as Miku and Ichika did, they are all possibly jeopardizing their own relationship with one another as sisters because they are interested in the same boy. Like, what would happen if one of them wins? Will they all be fine with it, or resent eachother for years to come? It’s gonna be messy, but I’d imagine that’s the main appeal of the series as the drama ramps up.

  2. What I really like about this episode was how it looks like the sisters will put their motto to the test. Can they actually share feelings of happiness and sorrow together? Especially when it’s happening to different individuals.

    Now, some random observations:
    It seems that Miku’s the best at impersonating her sisters. Seems real good in impersonating Ichika and Yotsuba. Only cracking under the preasure of getting found out. The ending sugests she could impersonate Itsuki as well.

    Starting to suspect this is what Nino wants Fuutaro to be like. XD

    1. It does do a great job at showing the girls try to prepare for the off-chance of having to compete with one another for Fuutarou. Where Miku tries to weigh what she would be willing to let slide if she can still have him at the end of the day. Or what exactly Ichika is willing to admit about her own feelings and if she could really let others know that she ended up falling for him.

      There are slight moments that Miku breaks character in the Ichika disguise, but she’s definitely able to mesh into both Ichika’s and Yotsuba’s appearances the easiest of her sisters.

      Nino did say she was more into the bad boy type, so she probably wouldn’t be as abrasive to Fuutarou if he had a rougher edge to him or acted more aggressive (albeit with his older haircut)


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