「魔法少女たちと美しきこの世界」 (Mahou shoujo-tachi to utsukushiki kono sekai)
“The Magical Girls and This Beautiful World”

If there’s one thing I like more than weekends (and oh boy do I like weekends) it’s getting things right, and MSTA certainly provided in this regard—and in a few others beside. With all the teasers and hints beside it’s easy to guess where this show plans on leading off, and while it may be right before the “true” story begins—i.e. after finally learning the Babel Brigade’s actual mission—at least MSTA is doing it with style. After all nothing satisfies more than some good action following a season of muted buildup.

Probably the biggest surprise for me this week wasn’t so much the fact Gies and new magical girl lost (both were going to lose because being the antagonist is always a losing endeavour), but that they actually lost after achieving what they came for. One noble sacrifice in the name of escape I can understand, but actually throwing both pieces away? I expect that magical item to be something truly special for the Queen being fine giving up two thirds of our known enemies so late in the game. At least we got some choice discussion between both Gies and Chisato for the cost, because as we know being a magical girl is suffering and oh boy Chisato definitely met that requirement. Leave it to the literally half human cyborg to take the roundabout method for mahou shoujo recruitment when a few honeyed words probably could’ve done the trick just as well. Just look at Kurumi to see how well some cutesy Asuka encouragement went towards her fruitful career of torture victim playmate collecting.

Beyond the shock and awe however, Chisato’s real backstory also brings up the act of making magical girls in the first place. Hilariously enough, after nearly a full season, we still don’t actually know how magical girls arise in MSTA. They may technically have the freedom of choice (even if only an illusion), but what beyond that? Is there a psychological requirement, certain life conditions—i.e. physical state—or is it entirely down to serendipitously encountering the cute and cuddly? And what about the thing/item/device keeping magical girls as, well, magical girls? It’s quite a big void MSTA hasn’t touched on at all, although it’s pretty easy to guess the circumstances required. Kurumi’s history for example (alongside that of Chisato’s) heavily implies suffering and tragedy is a prerequisite towards getting superhuman abilities and the personal mascot companion. It may not be entirely accurate of course (Asuka’s past seems to lack any serious torment pre-parental murder), but never doubt something along these lines eventually being revealed for all our mahou shoujo. After all considering all the talk about regret and the actions required of these teenage girls, you can bet there’s still some major secrets waiting to be revealed.

The only question is just how many secrets we will discover in MSTA’s last big anime kick at the can.




  1. This is PeiPei? Must be doing some espionage work in Thailand.

    And this was the moment when Chisato’s mental state broke.

    1 episode left. If the preview is anything to believe, we may get a small bit of what PeiPei is doing in Thailand, both Chisato and the other torture victim gets a 2nd chance in life by working with the M Squad, and we will be left on a cliff-hanger where you have to read the manga to continue the story.

      1. I also picked that up from the ED credits. Had to rewatch everything to eliminate any other possible suspects.

        Guess we’d have to wait for next week to find out what she’s up to.

    1. The last time I saw someone transform into an cute animal form to facilitate healing was… Yuuno Scrya from the very first Lyrical Nanoha season. 😛

      Gies is stupid though. One quick stomp would have crushed Tabira’s skull but looks like he decided to just step on her head and gloat.

      Magnus Tancred
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Tokushusen%20Asuka/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Tokushusen%20Asuka%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2031.jpg

    Encounter “cute and cuddly animals”? Seriously cute and cuddly animals should be the last thing that prepubescent girls should trust their lives to!

    Unless it’s a talking jewel or the power of Starlight Divine Buster Breaker.

    War Nurse seems to be on the precarious edge that separates Magic Girls and Witches. Fret not War Nurse for Kami Madoka is salvation.

    Henrietta Brix
    1. War Nurse seems to be on the precarious edge that separates Magic Girls and Witches.

      Asuka is the anchor that keeps her “nice”. The question is, if ever Asuka dies, how will Kurumi react? Will she be overcome with soul-crushing despair like Chisato here,


      or will murderous rage consume her until she burns the worlds (Human, Disas, and Magic alike) to ash or someone manages to kill her.


      Given how extensive their preparations were for this operation, it not surprising that Gies’s body is fully tricked-out to counter the magical girls. It takes a Getter Tomahawk magical ax to finally put him down.

      Magnus Tancred
  3. Some quite intense combat. Really liked Kurumi’s one. Even after getting into semi-berserker mode, they still kept her strength and weaknesses.
    I think this is so Kurumi style.

    Can’t say suffering is a requirement to become a magical girl, but I think an intense wish to become one is required besides the mentioned affinity. Chisato for power/revenge, Asuka for idolizing them and Kurumi possibly because her only friend asked her to (that is enough reason for a teenage girl with one real friend). I suspect Tamara’s reason is closer to Kurumi’s than the other two.

    Kurumi picking up another harem member, dark eroge style. She might end up with a larger harem than Asuka. XD

    1. Could very well be, I’m just surprised the show hasn’t really touched on the reasons behind becoming magical girls yet. It’s something central to the genre—especially for deconstructions—but we haven’t got much to off of here yet. Funny choice, although cannot say it’s hurting things yet.

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