「禁書目録(インデックス)」 (Indekkusu)
“List of Prohibited Books (Index)”

You know at some point I expect future generations to marvel at the speed Index is pushing. The rush through time, the cleaving of material—there’s just something impressive about the rate at which story and development both offer themselves on the altar of adaptation progress. Well, that or the staff having lost their minds in the name of making up for seeming lost time, but I’m a positive man. Someway, somehow, I expect it all to make sense in the end. Hopefully.

While we’ve received the full meal deal of key character highlights before, this week truly went all out in throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) at us. Not only did we get the ultimate showdown of ultimate epic-ness between Touma and Fiamma (more on that below), but we also got Shiage proving third time is indeed the charm against Meltdowner while Misaka does, well, Misaka things. Does any of it make sense? Hell no. Is it great to look at? You’re damn right. I’m pretty sure no anime-only viewer for example can reasonably explain just where Mugino popped out from—let alone how to make her appearance mesh with the events of last episode—but hey, never doubt the impact a crazy face can have on the proceedings. As Lessar shows sometimes it’s not as much about the impact you have as the role you serve, and in Index’s multivariable cacophony of crazy all it often takes is a little lighthearted playfulness to properly to stand out from the crowd. After all I’m still trying to figure out just where that ridiculous (yet eerily alluring—giggidy) devil tail accessory specifically originates from.

On the side of actual story developments though we got the most movement (and confusion) with Touma’s and Fiamma’s duel. I think the biggest thing here wasn’t so much Touma actually losing his arm in a fight (frankly the kid was overdue for a bit of challenge for once) but the fact is just magically grew back after Fiamma absorbed the damn thing into his three clawed horror of an accessory piece. Sure I can get behind some pseudoscientific or hand waving magical reason for deus ex Touma rising to the occasion yet again (albeit it without the signature fist to the face, sniff), but dammit I want the reason explicitly laid out so I’m not forced smashing the square story peg into the round logic hole. You expect major developments like these to actually broker a mention after all similar to Fiamma’s horribly cliché (yet no less amusing) raison d’etre, but in Touma’s case? Zilch nada. Of course we may find out these things next week after One Punch Man confirms his name again, but right now I’m just left scratching my head the same way poor Misaka finds herself trying to get into the action. There’s a story here just begging for a bit of additional fleshing out, with the only question being how far Index wants to take it before wrapping the proceedings up.

Personally I’m expecting the head scratching insanity to ratchet up some more before the answers (and happy reunions) finally make their appearance.




  1. It’s a shame they just cut out Mikoto vs the Russians and disabling the nuke entirely. As for Touma, the stuff about his arm is meant to be mysterious, but think back to the second arc of the first season, when he also got his arm cut off. What happened back then is also important.

      1. They could, but I’d wager not (too many Railgun-specific things needing adaptation to really delve into magic). It’s likely one of those things where you’ll have to read the light novels if you want a decent answer.

      2. It’s unlikely that Railgun will cover WWIII. The current manga arc is set a few days before it though, but has nothing to do with it. When the Index manga adaptation reaches WWIII, (it’s currently back at the battle royale near the start of this season) it should adapt Mikoto’s fight, since it doesn’t cut as much as the anime does from the novels.

      3. Past history with Railgun shows they’ll do half manga material and half anime original arc. They never do anything more than this. So expect the Daihasei Festival Arc in Railgun Season 3 and that alone.

      4. Daihasei Festival Arc in Railgun is Chapters 43-70 in terms of manga material too. So it works out longer than the Sisters Arc. Then they’ll just go all original to cap the season and that will be that.

      5. My wish is that they’d adapt LAC along with the Daihaseisei. Especially because a scene in the arc makes no sense without LAC first. Railgun S even set up for LAC years ago. But on the other hand Index III removed a few lines that refered to LAC and a certain character’s disguise.

  2. You know at some point I expect future generations to marvel at the speed Index is pushing

    We have it already. Look at the ones that watch Youtube videos with 1.5x speed or more to rush trough the Video

    1. Also with Touma’s arm absorbation.. Would he like to “end” all things? All Holy? all Magic? all time? So he want an “Reset” or “Newstart” of the World.. or to end his own suffering, he just want to end all

      Like someone cursed immortal want do die. even in the bible there are one that is “cursed” immortality. For ones it is a gift for others a curse

  3. I really like the magic vs science theme of this show but everytime I watch Touma fight anyone I’m just like wow just because he can cancel all supernatural powers with his right hand, he’ll win with his fists because he’s actually mike tyson while the other level 0 character is more realistic and tries to make use of weapons.

    1. When his “new” arm began to materialize, he was speaking to someone. Not his enemy in front, more to the “original user” of this Arm. So Touma knows the power inside him and to whom it belongs, too

      Where in the Mystic History, was someone (god or something) that could cancel all things out? an Destroyer… Just he do good deeds under the willpower of Touma…

      This is all “based” on my old school “to learn the bible and its meaning” teachings

      1. Without getting into spoilers (though really, even well into NT, we don’t know that much more), but there is “something” within Touma that Imagine Breaker is holding in. When Touma lost his arm to Fiamma, he felt it trying to surface, and his dialogue was essentially him trying to reign it in while telling it not to interfere. He doesn’t know what it is any more than we do (pre-amnesia Touma may have known, but he’s been gone for a long time), but he knows that whatever it is, it’s dangerous, and he doesn’t want to let it loose, even on Fiamma.

    2. It’s just part of the Index landscape sadly, you know Touma is going to prevail so it becomes a game of seeing how dumb his enemies will get to reach that point. Probably in part why Railgun is arguably the more popular material of the franchise.

      1. In contrast, the Methodist publication The Interpreter’s Bible states: “xXxXx, however, is an angel not of Satan but of God, performing his work of destruction at God’s bidding,” citing the context at Revelation chapter 20, verses 1 through 3. Jehovah’s Witnesses as well cite Revelation 20:1-3 where the angel having “the key of the abyss” is actually shown to be a representative of God, one from heaven, and, rather than being “satanic,” is the one that binds Satan and hurls him into the abyss; concluding that “xXxXx” is another name for Jesus Christ after his resurrection.

        xXxXx = my spoling protection

  4. good lord, Mugio
    no going totally ax-crazy, then being redeemed by HA-MA-ZU-RAAAAA! was highlight for me… I had spoilers about her “getting better” later in the storyline but found it hard to beleive them… not so much anymore…
    lvl 0s just rock!

  5. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2024%20-%20Large%2014.jpg

    Hamazura has that magic touch, quelling the rage and hate of wild women. If it only took ahuge to calm Mugino then Hamazura should have done so early on. Though I think Frenda would still be dead.


    Holy cows I really thought Misaka Worst died, from those gunshot wounds my mind pictured Misaka Worst getting shot.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2024%20-%20Large%2014.jpg
    Can’t wait to see Mugino in “yandere mode” over Hamazura, though the breakneck pace (and skipped LN details) of the anime version has dampened that anticipation. Also, is Takitsubo safe?

    Fiamma has such a disarming presence… (I’ll see myself out.)

    1. in the end it will probably cost Fiamma arm and a leg…
      wait Mugino has that base basiclaly covered already?
      Takitsubo is probably safe, though how she did survive that barrage of Mugino Missile Massacre I dont know…
      anyway now there is that little problem of AC bomber aiming to get rid of both Hamazura and Mugino. Normally Mugino would obliterate any bombs with ease (and the bomber too), but she has run out of batteries, kinda. So it is up to Hamazura to get stuff done, again?

  7. Lessars tail is part of a set of items with dragon related magic. Each member of New Light has a part (Claws, Wings, Tail and Horns) but Lessar having the tail is most likely just for trolling reason.


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