OP2 Sequence

「人間の怪人」 (Ningen no Kaijin)
“The Human Monster”

With the season opening jitters now out the way and the gripes about J.C. Staff quality firmly exhausted (although Genos’ upgraded arms are still a travesty for all mankind), it’s time for OPM to get down to the business of hero shenanigans—and what shenanigans they are. We may still only be in early days, but with the introductions flying around and foreshadowing growing ever brighter, you know it won’t be long before the real fun begins.

As an indicator OPM won’t be entirely following the usual script of last season, we are starting this one off with one serious teaser in the appearance of Garo (Midorikawa Hikaru). While it’s pretty easy to guess what this guy’s fate will be in the end (only need look as far as the fate of Boros from last season), Garo won’t be the one and done villain as has usually been OPM’s antagonist shtick up until now. Becoming an enemy of the world after all is a pretty lofty goal for even the most determined of monsters, and given Garo has plenty of chaff to plow through before reaching the true cream of the hero crop, expecting a few episodes of tasty (in a sense) hero beat downs is not that unreasonable. The true reasons behind Garo’s actions may still be unknown, but you can bet this guy won’t be going down too easy. At least until the friendly neighbourhood Saitama finally makes his acquaintance.

As if to prove this longevity strategy as well OPM is also hinting towards the character focus this season will primarily emphasize. Blizzard for example, while being humorous and holding surprising relations in her own right, provides in a sense OPM’s version of BnHA hero’s glut. In a system designed to deliberately control quantity at various levels, you get ahead either through sheer force of will and strength—i.e. be better than the rest—or via more “deliberative” strategies which in either case may still not wind up working. It’s the nature of the beast that some, no matter how hard they try, will still fail at the game. It makes Saitama all the more of an outlier: a man who does innumerable heroic deeds, barely gets ahead on the organizational side of matters, and yet still wins out on the very things the likes of Blizzard believe only possible by being part of the inner circle. The guy may not have the perks of an S-class ranking or the popularity deserved from his actions, but he’s got friends and acquaintances more than able to make up for what he seemingly lacks. It’s the ubiquitous tale of there always being more than meets the eye, and Blizzard is just the first of many who’ll discover that about OPM’s most unassuming of heroes.

After all, with friends like these, it won’t be long before the enemies really start crawling out of the woodwork.


ED Sequence

ED: 「地図が無くても戻るから」 (Chizu ga Nakutemo Modoru kara) by Makoto Furukawa



  1. I guess we all were expecting the quality gap to be most obvious in fighting scenes and that was indeed the case. using stand still images, not being nearly as smooth as first season etc. I was kinda expecting a more exciting fight from Genos and sonic but I guess it was ok. I did get my share of Fubuki though ^^!

    1. During the fight scenes definitely, but it may come down to how they’re being executed versus any significant direction issues. We won’t have a good idea if this is what to expect all the way through until the more important fights happen later on.

      1. No, it’s direction that’s the problem. They’re consistently choosing uninteresting angles, and spending too much time on scenes that should be shorter and too little on scenes that should be longer. OPM is fundamentally a gag manga–all of the serious, dramatic aspects of the storytelling need to ultimately serve the resulting gag. In King’s introduction, for example. In the manga we don’t see much of Genos’ fight because the “gag” is King freaking out in the toilet. In the anime, however, all the focus is on the fight. That the combat itself is poorly animated is besides the point.

      2. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen demands for more toilet time in an anime. To each their own, I guess.

        As for myself, I’m enjoying this season. We seem to have an interesting villain setting up something big. This episode saw the first complex relationship development in either season as well as some individual character development, of which there hasn’t been much so far (none?).

        Anime is not manga (do we really have to keep saying this?) Spending the whole episode watching someone agonizing over a toilet bowl doesn’t work as anime. While I suppose it would be conceivable, then it wouldn’t really be a ‘gag’, would it? With motion and vocals and audio, you can really concentrate ‘agony’. FWIW, I thought we had plenty of King freaking out. Any more would have been pointless and probably a grind and would be the antithesis of a gag. Understand the differences in the media, to borrow a line.

        And just maybe, OPM is more than just a gag.

  2. Animation is yeah… But the writing still shines through. Honestly made me snicker several times this episodes, despite this being the 3rd viewing of the same story.

  3. Man, J.C. Staff must have a hard time adapting Yusuke Murata’s art as I honestly like the manga art better than the OPM S2 anime. I guess it’s the difference in quality between Madhouse and J.C. Staff as I thoroughly loved Madhouse’s OPM S1 adaptation. I always thought J.C. Staff was above average, but after what they did to Date A Live III last season and OPM this season, I should start lowering my expectations. Fortunately, they stuck to the writing, so I’m still happy we get more OPM.

    1. It probably just comes down to corner cutting rather than actual difficulties IMO, this is already miles better than many of J.C. Satff’s recent series and lacks any noticeable CGI. It may not be up to season one standards, but this could’ve turned out far worse than it currently is.

      1. I don’t know, Genos’ arms look so cheap from the screenshot I just want to cry. I have just discovered this fact and I’m so dissapointed I will wait to BD release to give it a try, I don’t want to see more of Genos’ arms right now and other worse thing JC will pull out of their cheap asses.

        I’d rather prefered to wait for another 2 or 3 years for this second seasons before giving this to the new Pierrot and Toei partner of worst studios, specially after giving us the nectar of the animation gods in the first season.

        I suppose this equivalent exchange for Mob 2.

    2. They should just do what DBZ did: go with really fast frames for movement but linger on frames that are literally just colorized manga panels. It makes the fights much more impressive even if the animation isn’t as good, because you still get that memorable choreography.

  4. Aww you don’t have Fubuki’s wtf face. But this one is good too. https://randomc.net/image/One-Punch%20Man/One%20Punch%20Man%20S2%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2039.jpg
    Haha he can’t even make a menacing look when he’s serious to taunt his enemy; I guess not like King otherwise they’d run.
    Sonic got Saitama’s picture for training?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer
  5. Garos seems to lacking in the threat level, compared to Boros. Boros remarked at the end of the fight that Saitama wasn’t even seriously fighting him. So, what sort of shtick that Garos has that would even interest Saitama fightng him?

    Sonic is starting to look like Wile E. Coyote. No matter what, he can’t catch the Roadrunner.


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