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「キング・クリムゾン vs. メタリカ」 (King Crimson vs. Metallica)
“King Crimson vs. Metallica”

Continuing off of the last episode’s razor-vomit-extravaganza, this episode focuses on the on-going conflict with Risotto as he tries to uncover Doppio’s true identity before eviscerating him with more iron. But because we see the fight from Doppio’s perspective, the narrative is flipped over its head and we find ourselves wondering how Doppio will be able to use King Crimson’s sub-ability Epitaph to escape from a painful and almost certain demise.

What adds to the tension of this fight is the cerebral trauma that Doppio experiences at the hands of Metallica. The ability that Risotto’s stand has to manipulate iron through magnetism opens the door for some highly disturbing body horror. With how ubiquitous iron is as a mineral and element that is essential in the composition of numerous natural resources, it gives Risotto leeway to torture Doppio extensively using his own blood as a weapon. From turning Doppio’s blood into razor-sharp objects burrowed underneath his skin to depriving his body of oxygen, Risotto switches through just about every way he can use Metallica to cause excruciating pain the further the fight progresses.

From Doppio’s point-of-view, he’s at a stalemate. He’s unable to use the full extent of the Boss’ powers, forcing him to only use one micro-fraction of King Crimson’s abilities through Epitaph, the component of the Boss’ ability that allows him to see 10 seconds ahead of time. But much like the Boingo chapters of Part III, foresight can only be a rewarding ability if you get stuck in a situation you can use to your favor. Due to this element, Doppio’s main objective throughout the fight is to make sure that Risotto is on the receiving end of the grim fates that appear to affect Doppio. Epitaph conveniently shows Doppio near a detached foot and with a hole on his head to make it look like he would be the victim of Risotto’s stand, but the laws of time make it so that, rather than reversing fate, Doppio has to experience Epitaph’s prediction in a way that he would survive from. At the same time, he must continue to use the Boss’ input as his sole guide during the fight as his interest in self-preservation gives him full incentive to encourage him to find a way out of any situation that could cause irreparable damage to his body.

While Metallica isn’t repulsive in the same manner as stands that can melt people, it’s lethal and punishing ability makes it difficult to watch as Doppio has to tear his body apart to avoid dying at the hands of Risotto. To be exact, it isn’t until Doppio examines his surroundings that he even has a fighting chance against Risotto with the intervention of Passione. Seeing all of La Squadra alive as they rummage through the Boss’ home assuming it was all irrelevant to their search does put the futility of their stories into perspective. They spend all of this time trying to find the Boss to find his secret and avenge Gelato & Sorbet, and not only do they lack the information necessary to know the answer was under their noses this whole time but right when Risotto has a good idea of who Doppio could be, he is gunned down by Aerosmith. But unfortunately, the rough and bitter end of La Squadra with Risotto’s last breath only marks the beginning of Part V’s reoccurring message of fate being a cruel mistress.

April 19, 2019 at 9:15 pm
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    Ok why that pink hair dude is acting so creepy with all these personas and eye color?

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