「聖邪決戦」 (Seiya Kessen)
“Battle of Good and Evil”

At the end of the day, good triumphs over evil just as the Pope wanted.

This battle was a culmination of everything that has happened until now, with Naofumi at last standing up to the Church that had him persecuted from Day One, and the heroes coming together against a common foe. One of the best scenes was probably when Motoyasu and Naofumi flawlessly pulled off a combo attack against the Pope. Sure, it didn’t have much of an effect thanks to the Cathedral negating curses, but considering how on the outs they’ve been, it was an extremely satisfying moment.

Just to make it clear who’s really on the side of evil, after taking a few hits, the Pope callously ordered his dying followers to pour even more mana into his weapon, which ultimately led to his downfall when it became clear that the Pope has no true power of his own to defend with. I was so proud of the heroes for working together and keeping their bickering to a minimum, that when they approached Naofumi with, “Hey, you’re pretty OP, right? Why don’t you take care of this?” words could not express my immense displeasure. While it makes sense to send your DPS to the front lines, that’s never been Naofumi’s role, and whenever he tries to be something he’s not, it comes at a cost, leading to what was probably the weakest part of the episode.

As Fitoria mentioned, the Rage Series takes a toll on its user, especially now that there’s an angry dragon ghost inside of it. It’s really too bad that the dragon prioritized showing us a season’s worth of flashbacks again over attacking Ren because the latter would have made much more sense. After last episode, where the heroes decided to put aside their frustrations and Naofumi had the chance to vent his frustrations, for his resolve to have been so easily overridden by the dragon within the shield seems forced. Similar to previous instances of Naofumi using the Wrath Series, the result doesn’t feel earned, and thus Raphtalia and the others talking him down carries little emotional weight, causing the scene to feel needlessly drawn out and undermining the urgency of the situation. In a light novel, where the reader can skim through paragraphs at lightning speed, internal monologues don’t necessarily interfere with the flow of the battle, but the same can’t be said for three separate monologues given at a point that should have been the height of the action, though it really only amounted to a costume change while Naofumi and the others fought off the Pope’s kaleidoscope illusion. However, Naofumi regaining his senses, a feat that will become more and more difficult if he continues to use the Rage Series, led to him pulling together a strategy that the others were able to follow, one that played to each of their strengths, showing off how well the heroes compliment each other and how much they’ve matured since their last Wave. Then, with an assist from the Queen, Naofumi was finally able to put the Pope down for good. Most likely the Queen will pardon him for turning the Head of the Church into tomato sauce, but Naofumi’s not getting rid of that Devil of the Shield moniker any time soon.

More than any of the others, this one was tough to review purely because of how much I enjoyed it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – This is an entertaining adaptation. It may not be flawless, but you can tell that the voice cast is putting in the effort 100% of the time, and the animators definitely aren’t phoning it in, either. When the heroes coordinated their attacks and the first opening started playing in the background, it genuinely took my breath away. After seeing them be at odds with each other for so long, watching them work together felt like season finale material, and I’m not just talking about the Four Heroes. Melty, Myne, and the rest of Motoyasu’s party cast support spells, showing they could put aside their differences when it mattered, too. In the end, though it was the Pope’s machinations that tore them apart, they were also the force that would tie them together, and so long as the other heroes realize the reason Naofumi is so powerful despite his lower level is due to him literally risking his sanity and health, there may be hope for future team-ups yet.




    1. It was during Naofumi’s internal struggle. Raphtalia, Firo, and Melty each had a lengthy piece to say, which migh not have been quite as jarring if it hadn’t been established that everything we saw happening in his head was happening in real time

      Never have I seen a person be so incredibly Extra with so little screen time.

      She’s perfect

  1. The issue you mentioned regarding the flash back is mainly an anime one from what i recall.
    As you mentioned previous episode already, this has been drawn out longer then needed, which has the issue of some things falling flat. Here, it just feels like an rpg with them just following a turn system. As for them calling naofumi out, not only would it fit better, but that actually would have made sense if it wasn’t so drawn out with all those flashbacks. Naofumi is supposed to be the weakest of the four after all and since he did pull out a rather strong skill in the previous wave, it is only logical to think he could do it again. The response of them not using their weapons correctly felt just as weak as them considering the damned shield for their offense.

    1. Now that you mention it, the other heroes don’t actually know why Naofumi doesn’t pull out the Iron Maiden at the start of every fight. It’s pretty clear that the Rage Series, which they have seen, isn’t something to be messed around with, but that doesn’t mean they know how dangerous it is. Plus, instead of telling them, Naofumi decided to give it a try, but got much more results from working as a team.

      I think I was just hoping those three would want to pull their weight. This was their first real challenge and instead of embracing it, they basically went to the Mercy ( or Reinhardt ) of the team and asked why he wasn’t doing more. And as a result, Naofumi nearly died. If even one of them had been shown checking on Naofumi instead of staring at the sun, it would haven’t have been half as frustrating, but for now, I honestly hope these guys don’t team up.

      It’s bad for Naofumi’s life expectancy

      1. As he first used shield prison before activating the iron maiden back then, they should’ve figured out at the very least that he needs some sort of setup/combo to pull it off unless they are stupid ( spear dude might be the exception here though ).
        And it is actually kinda logical that they went to naofumi his rage shield if we look at it from their perspective. Bow, sword and spear all think of it as a game, so by using game logic you want your glass cannon to deal as much damage as possible which is ironically also their tank.

        I found it more strange during the whole drawn out 3 episodes that they never wondered how naofumi managed to become so much stronger then them in the first place, even if they still use game logic.
        I mean, they are higher leveled, had better items, more team members and even had their team upgraded with class upgrades and still had a lower output then naofumi and his 3 team mates who have no class upgrade, are of lower level, probably lower quality equipment and a hero who is not even supposed to be a dps. Not even Ren, who seems to be the smartest of the three never stopped to think of how a tank without any help from the state could outdamage 3 dps that had all the help the state could give them. Never got explained in the novels as well i think…

        These skills are not that bad on his life expectancy though. Sure, they are hell on his body and mind, but as long as he has a healer on standby, he’ll survive. The ones the other 3 will be getting are far worse for naofumi his life expectancy, and he isn’t even the one using them.
        Isn’t mercy a healer though? Naofumi is more like a tank like a reinhardt, but not that much of a healer unless mercy is also a good tank.
        Haven’t played overwatch in a damn long time so i am not up to date on those things.

      2. When he used a shield to enhance party?
        Closest i know of is a shield he doesn’t have at this point.
        Don’t you mean enhance items instead of party?
        He has shields that enhance the items he farms and one that enhances the effect of potions but no shield that enhances his party.

    1. I further would like to add, this entire problem where the pope outlawed the heroes and the heroes exposing the church’s corruption had more weight in the Manga I feel. If you compare the manga to the Anime.

    2. As a reader of the manga, I just feel like they’ve already wasted too much time on this one fight alone, and that there might not be enough time left for the next arc.


        With 4 more episodes it will an epediated story.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
    He could have had a better face of despair. Well, I hope to see all of his followers get burned at the stake or get fed to monsters.
    I feel sorry for Naofumi in so many ways. I am still bothered by these three buffoons that blindly believed Naofumi was a criminal for so long. I want to see them suffer soon.

  3. That power is frighting and dangerous. Despite the protagonist “progress”, he’ll fall in the abyss someday become super evil and crazy like DIO. Also still don’t like him every much.
    Also another thing, what can he do with shield in a fantasy battle keep block until the skill swordsman or spearmen find an opening to finish him off, aside from using magic.

    1. Well,the rope shield can be used to catch and choke someone if you are using it, Two-Headed Black Dog Shield will attack anyone who attacked it with the two heads on it, the bee shield can paralyze those hit by the needles and he has the skills and effects of the cursed shield if i stick to shields already obtained.
      So, yeah. He has more counters to deal with attackers then just magic in a 1V1 there 😛

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    I know everyone’s been going on and on about the king and the eldest red-headed princess’ bad actions, but I believe it’s rare to see “royaute oblige” (a play on Noblesse oblige) with this Queen. Royalty does not last long that acts this badly (and the Pope was ready to kill off the royal family and install a different form of civilization).

    I hope to see more of the Queen in this anime.

    1. Noblesse oblige is one of the more destructive philosophies to the human condition.

      It is a philosophy predicated on dependency, economic serfdom, and societal bondage – the antithesis of the Medieval Market and philosophy of Citizenship. Both Noblesse Oblige and Citizenship clashed against each other in the ebb and flow of Europe’s history (and that of other regional histories).

      Historically, Noblesse Oblige required a hereditary hierarchy who’s responsibility it was to rule over a peasant population.

      Noblesse; it literally means “Noble birth” or “High-born”.

      Oblige; Meaning “Responsibility”.

      It is a philosophy that dictates the responsibility of the “High-born” over others – and with it, the Right to Rule over others. Because a “Responsibility” is inseparable from a commensurate “Authority”.

      This is in stark contrast with the idea of the Citizen and Citizenship – literally “city-dweller” – and in later vernacular, it became synonymous with “freeman”, and is now commonly referred to as “private-citizen”.

      Whereas Noblesse Oblige dictates the responsibility to rule over others, Citizenship dictates the responsibility to rule over One’s Self. And while both presume to serve the greater community, they have exceedingly different societal outcomes:

      – It is no mistake that the theory of historic Noblesse-oblige is popular among those who seek dependency and couched in terms of “in the interest of others” and “responsibility for others”. It justifies “Power over Others”.

      – It is also no mistake that the theory of historic Citizenship is popular among those who seek independence and couched in terms of “in the self-interest” and “self-responsibilty”. It justifies “Power over One’s Self”.

  5. Is it possible with that terrifying power, Shield Hero the protagonist will fall under the curse and consumed with pure rage & revenge of everyone and destiny that will lead to his suicide…or whatever?

  6. Is it possible that their is a time travel travel curse involve like that spear hero or the bow hero will so consumed with regret, envy, & self hatred will somehow unlock a ability or magical item that cause time paradox like that Red vs Blue Shinzo Paradox…?

    Also the Spear Hero spin off will we see the raccoon girl again in action in the novel and will it become an anime in near future as possible?!?!

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