「星空の誓い」 (Hoshizora no Chikai)
“A Starlit Pledge”

Never say a little patience doesn’t off. While KnM is unlikely to be doing much with the serious side of its story anytime soon (demonoid magic duels when?), we can rest easy knowing the big, life changing, baby-making developments are finally making their appearance. No matter how long it may have taken for the blatantly obvious to come out the woodwork you know you got to love the results.

Although it’s pretty much KnM’s modus operandi at this point, it bears repeating again: this isekai knows how to do lighthearted. The Shin-Sicily relationship we all knew was a given could have easy been dragged out, teased, and otherwise awkwardly (and annoyingly) avoided for a long time to come, yet in one episode we get confirmation and intensification both—even if one particular trope still makes its presence felt. No matter how simple or derivative these scenes may be overall (it would be wrong saying this series is unique), it’s hard overstating just how well KnM is nailing their execution, particularly that sly comment about those ubiquitous romantic death flags which plague many a romance. Who knew, I think my opinion of August just jumped a notch or two.

Barring such cutesy love stories (and the utter lack of others), the interesting part of KnM this week was in the secondary cast. We got some hilarious shots of Merlin going sleek beach mode, one guru I’m sure just entered some picture stashes thanks to that surprising swimsuit choice, and a fiancé who definitely doesn’t have a dirty mind in the slightest. No really, I swear. Also more snaggle tooth Maria for added flavour, but frankly she’s already been best girl for a while now. The one irk however definitely lay with August’s sister May (Hinanogi Maya), because while she successfully filled in the mandatory sister role and all the fun it entails there’s no escaping that “interesting” voice. Whether down to voice actress choice or intended delivery style the girl certainly sounded strained and off, which definitely didn’t help improve on the material in question. Not enough to put a damper on things overall mind you (at least for me), but if May winds up speaking more than a few times per episode going forward, it’s going to be hard keeping a straight face and forgiving attitude.

Guess we’ll just have to see what comes next in this little training camp adventure, because you know full well something is just waiting to top the likes of magical beach volleyball and interrupted kisses.


  1. May’s clothes were what bothered me in the manga(she’s way too young and too little to show for that outfit), but now that takes a back seat to her voice. She sounds like someone trying to play the sweet little sister while having really bad allergies.

  2. This show is rapidly going down in quality, first episode had me captivated and i had my hopes up, but i guess it was another “hook in the viewer” trap, now it’s just another basic isekai garbage, sigh.

    1. I would characterize it exactly like that, but I see
      it mainly as a SoL series with a little bit of conflict
      thrown in just for no good story line reason. IoWs, take
      out all of the demon stuff and the story doesn’t really
      change much. Compare w/Kimetsu no Yaiba where the
      demon is an integral part of the story and you see what I mean.
      Now, maybe it’ll get dark Show Spoiler ▼

      but we’ll have
      to wait and see how the adaptation will fare…

    2. Frankly it was never going to be anything but standard isekai from the start; only difference is its focus and how it’s going about execution. Given how derivative KnM could’ve been I’m quite happy with the results so far, but I can see why some would dislike it overall.

  3. First I like to say it’s great seeing the elderly taking time off, we all need to recharge our battery once in a while; even if they are supporting characters who spend their time at home doing nothing but be on the receiving end of fanboys for past accolades.

    Now I am surprised of all the supporting characters that are getting screen time is the step-Grandparents. Adding them almost feels like a filler episode with all their comedy. I understand this is the MC’s story but I wonder if the Grandparents will get involved and do magic battle(s)


  4. Damn, what a fun episode. XD

    From avoiding a thermonuclear weapon that wants to get stronger,

    to have my babies type of confession,

    and one of the craziest beach volley match I’ve seen. They sure know how to make light-hearted fun.

    The last group scene was also fun. Was rather nostalgic since I’ve experienced it myself. The thrill of hiding from teachers checking out rooms is something I think everyone should try. Of course the difference is we didn’t get caught. 😛

    Tip my hat to Aug for getting Shin out of that death flag. Progressing things along was a pleasant surprise. Too bad we couldn’t ship him with any of the other girls since he’s already taken.


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