「強い奴の抵抗」 (Tsuyoi Yatsu no Teikou)
“The Resistance of the Strong”

While J.C. Staff’s love of all things static and blurry is likely bound to keep on rubbing the wrong way for certain reasons, it is nice to know OPM is returning to form to finish off its latter half. From electrified martial arts (Kamehameha says hi) to some more, erm, outclassed engagements, we got more of the monster bashing everyone knows and loves, and the firm promise of even more to come. Sure it may be a little annoying one complex dude is getting the paw shaft, but hey, bald needs must.

Barring all the fighting this week, arguably the biggest thing was the final stage of development for our surprise winner quickly turned loser in Suiryu. His epic fall from grace, that beatdown, and the well-deserved cry for help, all of it was a given considering the karma the guy has been building up for himself amidst the arrogance and ignorance towards responsibility. As previously discussed Suiryu was all about reaping the rewards while ignoring the accompanying responsibilities. Who cares if I don’t help those weaker than myself, someone else with the desire (or lack of choice) will just pick up the task after all. Well, until those helpers disappear and you suddenly find yourself without a friend in the world of course. It’s the logical conclusion for all we’ve seen so far of the guy—i.e. you aren’t running away if you’re the last one left—and while a little heavy handed in approach (if wholly deserved), it’s a lesson one martial artist won’t be forgetting for a long time to come. Suiryu has finally learned what separates heroes from the rest, and just in time to see the biggest hero of them all do what he does best.

Outside of a little karmic justice though we got into the real meat and potatoes with the “official” reveal of the Monster Association and their purpose in life. No big surprises here, we got a bunch of freaks recruiting other soon-to-be freaks in the name of simple conquest and domination, all the while complimenting the carnage with a little kidnapping and mass hysteria. It’s your textbook evil scheme (complete with telling the captured hero, because evil), but never say OPM doesn’t know how to spice the usual up a bit. The level of monsters popping up for example is going to make life interesting for everyone not named Saitama, while the new mechanism of monster proliferation ensures we’ll likely see some interesting opponents in the future before all is said and done. It could be OPM will end before the good stuff heads our way mind you, but hey, I’ll keep my hopes up.

After all considering the titular punching man himself is back again for some fist to face action, you know what comes next won’t be boring in the slightest.




  1. I’m not very knowledgeable so help me out here
    Why is the animation so bad ? is it because the studio’s style is just this way ? if so then why give it to this studio specifically ?
    Is it because the budget is low ? how on earth does that happen ? I mean OPM season one was a so damn popular, the manga is too.
    Is Bungou stray dogs or Kimetsu no yaiba more popular that they attract more money ? not just those but almost every show I’ve watched has better animation even those with extremely generic premises
    I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why. Send help

    1. Iirc they prioritized starting the anime soon rather than wait for a specific animator. Said animator (forgot his name) has other projects already this year. Which is bad cause the animation sucks, but also might be a strategic choice to not lose popularity.

      Mother’s basement has a video regarding this, you could check it out to get a clearer picture.

      1. 4 years ? other projects for 4 years ?
        Also just because they did not get this specific animator, they gave it to some really bad ones ? there were no better people in the market ?

      2. Pride and not humiliating and losing face… It is not so easy as you think. in the scene, connections are very important, so do not break promises or make enemies

      3. Because the studio that animated Mob Psycho 100 II released it last month, and they’re rivals with THIS committee. So they thought putting it out now with a rush job would be more important than actually making a good anime.

      4. Because both seasons of Mob Psycho 100 were done by Studio BONES, which ALWAYS does great animation. They just lucked out when they retained the jobs for Season 2. Sometimes a second, third, fourth, etc, season of an anime has to be given to another studio, which is what happened with, say, High School DxD, or Attack on Titan, etc, for either financial reasons, or some other one.

        But this is fuckin One Punch Man. Seeing it given this treatment is an embarrassing decision because you really only have one chance to make a season 2 of your manga!

    2. These are questions asked by several millions fans of this franchise, as to why OPM S2 was sent to slaughterhouse like this !!?? for which your probably never get a proper answer, so just let it go man. It’s easier to forget it as soon as you can, as agonizing over it won’t change anything.

    3. Why do people continuously complain about the animation so much, it’s not like it’s Berserk level of bad. And I say that as a Berserk fan.

      Just enjoy what you have!

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. The first season was hard to beat, but they had an obligation to make the second season at least as good, or better. They didn’t meet that standard. That is creatively irresponsible and a betrayal of fan expectations.

      2. I’ve seen only several action shows with animations worse than this
        I’ve seen a few shows with animation much better than this THIS SEASON , and they are not nearly as popular as OPM
        I’m just wondering how is this possible

      3. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I’m enjoying the season so far.

        Though I wouldn’t have high hopes for a new season of Berserk, but I’ll still watch it. (Decides to rewatch the original series….haha)

        Unrelated: I think doing a live-action (ala GoT type of show), might be doable. Whaddaya think Pancakes?

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      4. You mean as coverage? Certainly possible depending on the material.
        Zaiden for example would’ve covered Thunderbolt Fantasy if he had the time previously.
        Just depends on what the season offers and whether those interested can slot it in!

      5. Oh, I just meant whether or not you thought a live-action Berserk would even be possible/doable. Coverage?!! That’d be cool if such a project was even greenlit!

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      6. Whoops haha, my mistake!
        Yeah I think it’s doable/possible (and there’s rumours of one in the works), but like most fantasy series it comes down to actors and budget. Skimp out on either and it’s likely to be terrible. For better or worse GoT has set the bar for live action fantasy TV, and everything upcoming will be judged against it.

    1. And it looks like at least part of next episode is what took Saitama so long to get to that cliff. Which is the only saving grace, cause he took way too long to get there.

  2. This is the first episode that really missed it’s mark for me. It was pretty obvious that Suriyu would get beat up but it took way too long for such a short anime and then it even ends with this crap DBZ cliffhanger.
    Other than that, the hospital scene and Garos fight scene were also totally unnecessary. There was nothing of value to the watcher.
    Instead of focusing on single scenes everything seems so cut up. Feels more like a mondern B movie.

    1. All the minor plots and shifts every week are arguably this season’s biggest weakness. It was fine at the beginning, but these past few weeks have really suffered in terms of writing and direction. I still think it could be worse, but it’s hard singing the praises of OPM right now.

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