「勇者会議」 (Yuusha Kaigi)
“Four Heroes Council”

Despite Naofumi’s seeming reluctance to accept the Queen’s hospitality, it looks like his globetrotting was put on hold so that he could upgrade Firo and Raphtalia’s stats in the newly christened Church of the Four Heroes. Even at this early stage in the game, though, his party’s destinies are beginning to diverge. Firo’s shaping up to be the future Queen of the Filorials and Raphtalia will one day return to her hometown to aid in the rebuilding effort. Whether they like it or not, their world can no longer revolve solely around their companions. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll be parting ways any time soon. Naofumi doesn’t intend to leave them until he’s certain they’ve found happiness, plus his goal of ‘saving the people’ is still nebulous at best.

At least the Filorial Queen can’t say he hasn’t tried to mend bridges with the heroes. It seemed to me like they should already be past the bickering stage, or at least open to the idea that not all of them experience the world in exactly the same way, but by speaking honestly when answering Naofumi’s questions, they have made progress towards earning his trust, whether they know it or not. It’s slow going, but it is slowly going.

Already, a certain disgraced princess was up to her old tricks again. I could have sworn she was banished, not that a little thing like banishment could ever keep her down for long. Luckily, Melty was extra vigilant, nipping her latest scheme in the bud. The party thrown in the heroes’ honor still devolved into in-fighting, though, much like the heroes’ council, when one of Itsuki’s companions got a little too lippy around Raphtalia. She’ll put up with a lot, but talk bad about Naofumi and you better be ready to put your swords where your mouth is. Besides that, it actually went rather well. Well, not the party. That was a disaster. But after storming out of the council, Naofumi decided to believe in his fellow heroes a little, leading him to unlock new copying abilities in his shield, which he promptly used to rob the blacksmith.

That’s what you get when you give a guy Barbarian Armor, I suppose. And speaking of, on an entirely separate note, the dramatic fwoosh Naofumi’s cloak does every time he enters or exits a room is such a nice little detail. Nobody storms out of heart-to-hearts with half as much style as the Shield Hero does. Once that outburst was done, though, he and Raphtalia both seemed to regret losing their cool. The other heroes just don’t really know how to deal with Naofumi yet. Yes, they were all summoned at the same time, but Naofumi has grown and changed to such a degree that it’s impossible for them to accept that every bit of his strength was gained through hard work and experience. Although, it’s also true that none of the other heroes have accessed their Curse Series, so it’s understandable that seeing Naofumi’s power would be intimidating. Itsuki and Ren seem to be the closest in the group, but Motoyasu, I would hazard, is regarded as an equal as opposed to an unknowable factor, which is why they’re seen hanging out together when waiting for the ship. The Shield Hero’s a wild card, no doubt about that, and not everyone’s a fan of surprises.

Now that upgrades and group therapy are out of the way, it’s off to Cal Mira, a place where the heroes will hopefully be able to grind and make up for lost time. Meanwhile, another new pair of characters have been introduced, a young girl and a young man who seem to despise war, given several comments they dropped about ‘needing to win’ when they passed through Raphtalia’s hometown. In any case, it’ll be nice to see how they shake things up in the final arc.




  1. Usually when one poisons an apple pie they get thrown into the dungeon, but not here! This character needs to be able to roam free and get slaps on the wrist so she can have more chances to cause chaos.

    After all these episodes I’m sure she’ll learn her lesson…Oh wait no. No she won’t. She was seconds from being beheaded and she’s still doing this. We can’t have He-Man kill Skeletor because Skeletor needs to be alive for 100 more episodes.

    Carry on!

  2. Those 4 will need a lot more group therapy then if they want to get better…
    As for bitch, while both her and trash got stripped of all their power, they are still king and princess. So they are allowed to stay, but going with the novels i’d say that is mainly to keep them around as playthings.
    Besides, who else would they keep around for shock therapy if bitch gets banished?

    And i find it rather funny how the three stooges never considered a basic concept from online gaming if they still consider it as gaming. You have the quick and easy route, which translates to the so-called pay2win most of the time and you have the longer route of just grinding your ass off. The ones who went the pay2win route have most of the time the strongest weapons, skills and so on sure but they lack the practice and skill to use them. The ones who grind their ass of however will most likely lack the best gear and skills for their lvl ( at least, in the mmo’s that i know with those mechanics, you had to pay resources and/or money combined with your skillpoints in order to get the skill. Good luck getting everything right from the start without a ton of grinding or using real world cash ) which in turn ensures tha you’ll get a better timing with them and usually more experience and skill as well. That way, you usually know when to use which skill quicker for more effect.

    1. In the manga is was a good point by Naofumi that they seem obsessed with their own personal game knowledge, like everyone else has to be 100% wrong. Turns out that they’re all right: rarity, item stats and grade all matter. They just don’t show up unless you’re willing to accept that they matter, which I wish someone had pointed out is very backwards.

      As much of a smug piss as Itsuki was being, I wish he’d gone into more detail. The item creator is faster, but does it get you the same skills as doing it by hand? Is there a trade off, like maybe a quality cut for the time saved? Naofumi probably figured all this out himself after the conference, and we got a two-second stat screen on one shield that showed all three systems the other heroes were talking about, but I like detail.

      1. With the current knowledge of the 4, it wouldn’t suprise me if none of them figured out that one would have to accept that all 3 matter until later in the story. Naofumi didn’t even know those things were possible in the first place after all. It was only after he accepted that there might be some truth to what the other 3 told him that he got access to those functions.
        I know Naofumi tries to explain that concept later to them, even though they don’t believe him at first but i don’t remember if they ever figured that out completely…

  3. To the manga readers, will it be explained why Raphtalia and Filo couldn’t choose the upgrades they wanted? The explanation seemed pretty short and weird.

    On a side note, why is the queen such a perfect character? I like her way too much for being more of a side character.

    1. That was cut, yes.

      They couldn’t choose their classes because of Fitoria’s blessing. The cowlick actually went supernova in the manga and noticeably did something to the hourglass, then everything was done and their stats were just about doubled, which the queen found absolutely absurd. A Class Upgrade gives a minor boost to stats, a specialization, and lets you keep leveling. It doesn’t double your stats and do all that, unless your pals with the Filorials Queen.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2030.jpg
      A merchant’s gotta eat, but being able to copy any shield in his store means Naofumi has more shields. The other three already did the same with the “copy system” using the King’s arsenal, so why not the Shield Hero? It’s not like Naofumi can afford to buy every shield in the store; he cannot carry every shield with his Cardinal Shield sticking to his arm all the time. Although Raphtalia and Filo could have each used a backup shield.

  4. These guys just don’t learn their lessons so, I can’t blame Naofumi for just getting up and walking out. The other three heroes are so stuck on themselves they don’t listen, but just lecture and argue. This has to catch up to them at some point. Bitch/Slut is just unbelievable as well. Coming so close to losing her head and even that doesn’t change her behavior. There has to be something more to that. And the Queens warning to the other three Heroes with the flashback reminded me we still don’t know anything about Glass other than she can kick all their butts easily at this stage.

    Best moment was the Queen walking right up to the line of squeeing like a fangirl at the mention of Fitoria’s name. I can see where Melty gets it from now.

    Keep Refrigerated
    1. The reason bitch keeps doing that stuff gets explained later ( not this season though ) and is rather eh at that point.
      As for the 3 stooges being idiots, remember that they still think it is all just a game.
      Now here comes a fun thing, or at least i found it rather funny in hindsight.
      All four of them are already pretty leveled and familiar with the world. However, when they noticed Naofumi didn’t even have what they considered basic knowledge as them they started to treat him as a beginner again. Someone who probably bought his acount or just bought his way into their level of power instead of getting there through hard work.
      If they didn’t fall into that trap, they would have figured out some more knowledge together but it is what it is i guess?

      1. A Game?
        Did they never had an injury with display their own blood? “If this is a game, why i am bleeding or feel pain?”… no wonder they are so “dumb”

      2. So far, they never had a bleeding injury as even glast didn’t make them bleed while getting their ass whooped. The only one who has been bleeding so far is Naofumi ( way before he even had his curse series shield with those bloody technique’s mind you ) so he knew from the start it was not a game.
        The other 3 usually overpowered their enemies or stayed at a safe range before they got any bleeding wounds.

  5. They should have gone with the execution… B-censored roaming free is just a disaster waiting to happen. Next time she is gonna arson the whole royal castle or something like that, and I think there can be some Church old guard who will help her with any sabotage she would plan…

    As for the disaster of the council and adjacent party… Let’s just say it devolved rapidly into discord discussion of best character build for an MMORPG. God help me I have seen enough of those…

    The silver lining is that Naofumi got to unlock a whole new bunch of abilities and shields.
    The help screen for this “game” really sucks…

    The new characters and Glass made me wonder – are there other Heroes out there besides the “cardinal 4”?

  6. I feel like being tricked to watch this show by the general high rating it had gotten and I’m still planning to finish it even though I don’t particularly enjoy the repetitive and predictable narrative it has shown so far. Maybe I will be blown away by the last few episodes? Like a reverse of Darling in the Franxx? I think not but I’m hoping. The most obvious thing about this show is the deus ex machina elements it threw pretty much every time on just about anything…whether it’s luck or being protected by plot armor when it’s overused, it takes away the fear and intensity viewers should feel when the character they care about is in a life-threatening situation. Other than the main protagonist and his close companions, pretty much everyone else is a one-dimensional character. You have 20+ episodes to develop various characters, make them more interesting and add to the complexity of the story/world but you choose to reduce them to mere hollow props in favor of 1000 scenes to show how nice and loyal Ralphtalia is or how pure and innocent Filo is. I feel like this story is written by 15 years old with better than average imagination or just a lazy writer. It’s a harsh thing to say but that’s how I feel after hours of binge-watching this series. What do you like about this show and does it deserve the high rating it has gotten so far? I’m very curious about what others think about this show.


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