「カルミラ島」 (Karu Mira-tou)
“Cal Mira Archipelago”

Sometimes, Raphtalia and Firo remind me of proud parents the way they gently prod Naofumi to open up more and meet new people. L’Arc Berg (Fukuyama Jun) and Therese Alexanderite (Hayami Saori), who we last met appearing on the ship heading to Cal Mira, had a bit of a rough start with Naofumi. Laughing at him when he told them his name wasn’t the best way to get on his good side, but their charming personalities seemed to win him over in due time. Considering how quick they were to assume that Naofumi was using an alias, it’s probably safe to say that L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite are not the names their parents gave them. Whatever their reasons for going to Cal Mira may be, seeing the pair being genuinely good to Naofumi and his party did wonders for the heart.

Plus, they’re both on the powerful and experienced side. L’Arc wields his scythe with ease, while Therese, after having her stone polished and cut by Master Craftsman Naofumi, became able to purify monsters (and leftover blood curses) with ease. The moment during battle when she cast her flames over Naofumi without even singeing his cloak looked to be when his trust in the pair (as well as his and L’Arc’s budding bromance) became solidified, to the point where he asked them to come level grinding with his party the next day. Though he was rejected, and I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Wave that’s about to hit Cal Mira, he’s still thinking of inviting them to join his party, making this the first time he’s ever seriously considered expanding it.

Towards the end, there was a brief sojourn to the beach where Firo showed off her adorable pink suit, and Raphtalia tried to do the same, only for Naofumi to throw both him and herself into a pair of Christmas-themed penguin monstrosities to investigate something Firo found underwater. Since the existence of Christmas in this world is in question, it’s plausible that one of the past heroes/isekai protagonists designed the suit, which means Naofumi and his party are once again walking swimming in the wake of greatness here.

Unfortunately, exploring the ship Firo found leads to them finding a dragon glass in its depths, meaning that Cal Mira can be hit by a Wave at any time, and time is running out.

Given that L’Arc and Therese seemed to know that something was going on – which, of course, they wouldn’t share with a guy naively pretending to be the wicked Shield Hero – my initial theory that Naofumi activated the glass doesn’t seem to hold much water, which leads me to my second theory – the Waves follow the Heroes. In any case, something fishy is going on, and you can bet that the Cardinal Heroes… well, the Shield Hero… somebody is going to get to the bottom of it.




  1. I remember having to read many chapters in the Manga before getting to this scene. The Anime just blew through it in 24 minutes skipping some important details but still.


    I am surpised even in the Manga Motoyasu doesn’t go head over heals for Therese.


  2. Stars, I think the Waves just happen wherever there’s an hourglass, like Naofumi said. It’s more like the Heroes are only alerted/teleported to that specific part of the Wave if they’ve been to that hourglass. Remember that according to Fitoria the Waves have been happening all over the place in lots of other countries, but the Heroes didn’t know, so I think they need to have connected to a country’s hourglass before they can get alerts.

    1. That’s what Naofumi said, yes, but given that Cal Mira is such a huge tourist spot, it’s hard to believe that they’re regularly accosted by destructive Waves. Not only that, but no one said anything to the heroes about it? Not even one, “Oh thank heavens you’re here!” It’s super chill! There’s not a trace of property damage anywhere

      It feels to me like Cal Mira has never had a Wave before, and their first occurring mere days after the Heroes arrive? I’m just not buying it *inserts Charlie Day meme*

      1. I agree Cal Mira hasn’t had a Wave, but I think that’s more to do with whatever schedule the Waves follow rather than the Heroes showing up. It’s more like they’ve been super-lucky, or it could even have to do with whatever “activates” the XP gain on the archipelago(which did just happen for the first time in who-knows-how-long). The Waves have just been too many places the Heroes haven’t been for me to believe the Waves need to be called or are following the Heroes in some way.

  3. Not sure if fitoria explained it properly, but the waves happen randomly across the world. Random being the keyword there i guess.
    So, if you got crappy luck you would have to endure multiple waves but if your luck is pretty good to excellent, then you won’t have to endure as much waves in general.

  4. The last episodes felt kinda rushed. I feel they skipped important things like the attitude of the heroes and the rock monument the past heroes left for the new ones.

    And of course they couldn’t help but turn this episode into the classic “beach episode”, even if in the manga they don’t show Filo or Raphtalia in swimsuits. Although, I really liked Raphatalia’s design.

    1. Well, apparently they are trying to cram a whole arc in the last episodes so eh.
      If you have any questions, just ask i guess and we can try to answer them for you.

    1. Despite the episode progress and some good vibes episode, just hope they make spin off series soon. Because I’m curious of the outcome of the Spear hero redemption progress, plus I’m Light Hero guy. Also hope they continue on this series plan project, starting the Spear Hero story first.

  5. I get the feeling that L’Arc and Therese know exactly who Naofumi is and are sizing him up. Too many clues in this ep point to it. Overall, those two didn’t seemed surprised at what he did, but they did seem surprised at the level of his skill. Therese’s amulet’s power and “Tate Bozu” poppin’ those booze balls like candy. It even got L’Arc to remark, “You go way beyond being able to hold your drink.” As for our new adventurers, it was asked in the comments of last episode if there couldn’t be more Heroes other than the Cardinal 4 still around. L’Arc might be an ex-Hero, but more likely he and Therese were ex-party members of one of the Heroes, probably a Shield Hero. With the coming wave we’ll find out.

    Keep Refrigerated
  6. When fun “xp-bonanaza-vacation” episode suddenly turns “apocalypse is coming”
    Boy does Naofumi never get a break…
    But at least he met some decent heroes. I am betting my pointy hat that new friend erm, acquaintance is “Scythe Hero” himself.
    Boy it was quite obvious ever since Glass have shown that “Cardinal 5” are not only one heroes out ther, nor the strongest.

  7. I wonder, what if L’Arc and Therese were actually in cohorts with the Glass Maiden? (glass maiden was the name, right?) Like the anti-heroes or something? or actually someone from the waves that stayed in that world? is that possible?


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