「異世界の守護者」 (Isekai no Shugo-sha)
“Guardians of Another World”

If there’s one thing to be said for the Queen, it’s that she gets things done. All Naofumi had to do was teleport to the capital to inform her about the dragon glass and he had an entire armada on his hands to face the oncoming Wave with. Plus, while he and the other heroes were sailing to the Wave’s location, the locals were being evacuated. Talk about efficient. With that said, though, as admirable as it was for the Queen to join in the fight herself, the risks of her participation seem to far outweigh the benefits. After all, who would arrange for evacuations and executions and supplies if anything were to happen to her? Probably Melty, but Melty was almost drowned by a fish. Still, I’m glad the Queen and Melty are supportive of Naofumi. It almost makes up for him still not cooperating with the other heroes. Almost.

It actually feels as though they’ve gotten progressively worse. Motoyasu, I understand, but Ren and Itsuki swooping in to take drops they didn’t earn? After Ren spent most of the battle hugging the mast and none of their attacks did anything to faze the boss monster? At this point, it’s like they’re being purposely flanderized so that L’Arc and Therese can look better in comparison. Leaving everything with Naofumi aside, after an entire arc spent having it pounded into their heads that their levels were too low because of their abysmal teamwork, they’ve effectively been relegated to comic relief. Now that that’s out of the way, though, I did enjoy seeing Ren and Itsuki shed some of their cool facades a bit. For his part, Itsuki seemed to have taken of something of a ‘mysterious patron in a bar’ roguish persona, so it was nice to see him open up enough to properly lead his archers. And as for Ren, well, he did manage to pry himself off the mast long enough to use a sword attack, but why is he suddenly afraid of boats?! He was on a boat in the previous Wave and was fine. He took a boat to Cal Mira. Sure, it’s a funny visual, but when you actually think about it, it doesn’t make a lick of sense. On the other hand, Motoyasu’s characterization was on point. If it’s too late in the game now to hope for these characters to grow any more than this, then the best thing to hope for is that they sit back and let the grown-ups do the battling, because the upcoming confrontation between the very much missed Glass and Naofumi is going be a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Glass facing up against Naofumi, but L’Arc and Therese as well. The episode telegraphed the betrayal pretty heavily, what with the characteristically cheerful L’Arc refusing to look Naofumi in the eye, though I can’t say I minded it. I’d much prefer seeing shadowed eyes or clenched fists than have the characters loudly declare their intentions… Okay, L’Arc did that too, but listen it’s part of who he is – a straightforward, stand-up guy. A straightforward, stand-up guy who wants to kill the main character. Apparently, Naofumi is the only real chance his world has of defeating the Waves, which would be bad for other worlds, so L’Arc, Therese, and Glass traveled from their dimension to eliminate the only chance the Four Cardinal Heroes have of winning. Even so, L’Arc and Therese aren’t willing to harm anyone other than Naofumi, and don’t seem that enthused about harming him, either. L’Arc especially goes about the fight to the death almost like it’s another friendly spar, and if Naofumi were fighting seriously, it would have gotten him killed. Seeing Naofumi psyche them out by announcing his attacks and then using them in an innovative way – for one thing, he managed to do L’Arc significant damage with an Air Shield – was leagues more interesting than yet another Iron Maiden. Ultimately, I just don’t think L’Arc and Therese really have what it takes to doom another world to save their own, not when they’re intent on fighting fair and unwilling to hurt anyone other than their intended target. Glass, though, she absolutely will, and she might even enjoy it.

Now that we’re nearing the end, I’m realizing how invested I still am in Tate no Yuusha. I’m excited to learn more about L’Arc, Therese, and Glass. What kind of world do they come from? Is it filled with monsters? And with the Queen in charge, there’s so much that can be done. For instance, Naofumi can finally start traveling to other kingdoms to help out with their Waves. I could easily watch another season of this, but at least there’s still one more episode to go.




  1. but why is he suddenly afraid of boats?! > I think it is because he felt dizzy travelling to Cal Mira. When they fought against the wave in a ship, it was floating in the air, so I believe he didn’t get the same feeling.

  2. Well, one of the reasons she is joining on the front is because she is a rather big fan of the original heroes. So if she could see the new heroes in action, who is she to say no to that? 😛 Might also be a bit political as she did have to exert a sizable amount of effort to prevent a war from erupting thanks to trash and bitch…
    The three stooges won’t redeem themselves this arc, that is a few arcs later if we go with the novels.
    However, this is just a fine showing of the difference in strength here and i am not sure if the translation i had for the episode was correct but the description was perfect for why naofumi was so much stronger where-as the other 3 were so weak even if naofumi still has a lower level then them at this point. Glass mentioned in the last bit that Naofumi is using his shield flawlessly where-as the other 3 still hadn’t even learned the basics of their weapon.

    Next part deals with stuff from later arcs so it is in the spoiler tag.
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  3. My guess is that the there is a common source of extra-planar monsters, that is attacking a multitude of worlds through the Waves. And apparently some worlds have figured out that the attacks lessen (or maybe even cease entirely) once the monsters have finally managed to conquer a world. At least until the next time the Waves start.

    Makes me think we’re dealing with a extra-planar monster parasite hive, that survives by invading other worlds, use that world as a food source and incubator, until it’s a husk and they need to inhabit a new one again.

  4. Dunno if the author intended, and this could be stupid, but
    Naofumi’s shield can do many things and block any attack (with
    degrees of success/effectiveness), but it cannot block deception.
    Thus, he suffers his greatest wounds in those instances.

    1. It was interesting to see him using it offensely, since it shows that Naofumi’s become very flexible with his weapon. As others have mentioned, a lot of his strength comes from how well he knows his abilities as well as the abilities of his party members, as opposed to simply his EXP or LVL.

      I’m not really sure what you mean by blocking deception, though. Unless, of course, you’re talking about plain old manipulation and lies, because in that case, you’re absolutely right. However, the reason he keeps getting the wool pulled over his eyes is because he keeps choosing to trust in others, so I can’t really fault him for that particular weakness

      1. Well, he does get thatpassive a bit later on but at this point in the story there is no passive effect he obtained (either through shield or otherwise ) that would prevent him from getting affected by illusions and deception.
        Later on however, he gets a few skills that will defend him from those kind of techniques and attacks. Maybe the shield from the third wave would be useful as that one has innate mind resistance from mind attacks and soul resistance increased against soul attacks. As the illusions are related to mind attacks, he might be able to reduce the damage that way but i don’t remember if mind attacks are under deception and illusions.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2024%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    Cyka blyat…

    Naofumi:“What’d you come for?”
    Ren: “Isn’t it obvious? The drops.”
    Itsuki: “The items that Wave monsters drop all belong to us heroes.”
    Naofumi: “You didn’t even do anything.”

    I dunno if it was said before, but is it safe to say the Three Heroes are more useless than Aqua?

    On a different note, it feels like betrayal is an old friend of Naofumi at this point. Also, the next episode (25) is the last one for the season? (Never mind that I’ll have to go and re-watch the episodes before episode 21 first. Probably during the next season as soon as I’m done with Overlord season 3 + side OVAs and Youjo Senki. You can thank Isekai Quartet for that.)

    1. Aqua’s at least funny, willing to follow when someone has a good idea, and can come through in a real pinch. Those might be her only three redeeming qualities, but that’s three more than these morons have right now.

      1. Going off Isekai Quartet episode 2, Aqua’s also probably the only one who can hurt Ainz Ooal Gown (and OHKO Shalltear)–both undead beings considered god-like in their world–with a “low-level” Turn Undead, so she’s not entirely useless, just suffering from crippling overspecialization. Though it’s still funny to joke about her uselessness in other areas anyway.

        (P.S.: I’d love to see the Shield Hero characters in Studio Puyukai’s chibi art style.)

    2. This betray you speaking of, is on total other scale. Until now it was more to discriminate the Shield Hero and put themselves above him, but here these two need to kill them to save their World

      Not any better, but other scale

      But then with this introduction of other World “Heroes” the 4 heroes rule is useless… the door is open for infinity amount of World “heroes” as the plot needs

      1. Well Naofumi did get that false rape accusation from Mal-…err…Cyka and she also turned the Kingdom of Melromarc (and the other three heroes) against him, a situation that was only set right thanks to Queen Mirelia.

        I honestly wouldn’t hold it against Naofumi to expect betrayal at every turn, though it’s a shame about L’Arc and Therese, since if it weren’t for those orders to kill the Shield Hero (and those other three heroes) in order to save their own world, they’re quite decent people (and actual heroes of another story if the mention of another world is any indication). I’m eager to see the conclusion to this battle, though hopefully, L’Arc and Therese won’t bite the dust just yet since the Wave (or whoever’s controlling it) is the interdimensional greater-scope villain for this series.

    3. They are not that useless yet, as long as you don’t pit thema against a wave boss or stronger they can deal with it just fine.
      Aqua would probably fail even that criteria.

      1. I can’t help but wonder about the water-based spells that Melty uses against the Wave versions of the Deep Ones that somehow works.

        Considering this episode’s Wave consists of water-borne monsters, I didn’t expect water-based spells to downright dissolve them (unless the water used in that spell is magically imbued/enchanted or water-based magic works differently in this world*), but Melty’s spell seems to do just that.

        (* – Or you know, maybe Aqua hasn’t unlocked that higher-tier spell Melty uses?)

    4. Yeah, pretty much. Aqua is useless despite of, rather than because of, her powers. Aqua is an epic tier Archpriest (capable of spamming Resurrection spells) capable of calling down a flood that can devastate city walls. The joke goes that her personality is what makes this supposedly cheat companion totally useless.

      However when it comes down to it, Aqua comes through in a pinch. She does have her heart (mostly) in the right place. Aqua is also surprisingly compassionate (see the chapter in the light novel where she absolves the lich in the labyrinth) and actually acts like the goddess she keeps proclaiming herself as when the need arises.

      The other heroes? No worse allies, they bare minimum backstab Naofumi for their own benefit, withhold information vital to his success and have absolutely no fricks to give about anyone else. Motoyasu keeps his party around as a harem. Itsuki uses them to bolster his ego and kicks out anyone actually competent in case they make him look bad. Look at how he treats Rishia! Ren on the other hand is a loner by nature; he certainly does not abuse his party but he does not fight alongside them either like Naofumi does.

      Shield Hero is a story about redemption, even Naofumi and his fellow heroes are not exempt. However we will likely not see those arcs, as others have mentioned, in this season.

    1. That so? Seeing them pull those combo moves against L’Arc and Therese did feel pretty satisfying. I wonder if the circumstances were a little more dire in the manga. Until Glass showed up, I can’t say it really felt like Naofumi was in any danger

  6. Again there were some changes from the manga that didn’t do any good for this episode.
    But I kinda liked the battle. And that Glass came before the end.
    Using the spoiler tag just in case.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I made this point back in episodes 20 with 4 – 5 episodes left it’s highly unlikely that the producer will put emphasis on absolute detail and would also be slamming different parts of each chapters from the Manga. This will make some characters appear on screen sooner than the audience expect.

  7. They cut a LOT of material. The weird thing is that contrary to other series, they just left the important events, barely enough to understand the thread of the main plot, but all the subplot of the heroes bothering the other adventurers, the distrust among them, but specially against Naofumi, mainly because they are jelous, and specially the detail of how Itsuki mistreat one of his allies, that will generate the next Arc, and other silly things that make this Arc (that is quite short), enjoyable. But well, it could be worse. Untill now, it is one of the most faithfull adaptations, and the changes that they made, are mostly for good.

  8. You know what i found it odd. This 2 or now 3 outside World heroes are there now, how is guarding or fighting their own World Waves right now? Can they travel trough this dimensions as they please? What Magic is needed to do this Jump? Snap with the finger at voila!? Jump!?

    Well, since this part here the world do not make sense for me right now. i am confused

  9. The walls alternate worlds, with one on defense and one on offense. This cycle the world we are on is defense. Whichever world loses their heroes first loses and gets devastated.

  10. Apparently Ren can’t swim. That’s why he’s hugging the mast.

    Anyway, according to LN readers the other heroes did actually contribute by thinning out the mobs in the LN. And Melty wasn’t even there.

  11. So apparently our outlanders are fighting to protect their world, but are ready to doom this one?
    Not very heroic, to be honest.
    I was not expecting this turn of events but now it makes me even more interested into the origins of the waves and how are they connected with Glass and Co.
    Is it that if wave devours this world it won’t affect theirs?
    Or are the monsters from the waves being displaced from Glass homeworld by some mighty spell?
    And is there really no way to save BOTH worlds?


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