「We’ve Only Just Begun」

Now at the end of the first hour, Carole & Tuesday has hit a mark. My emotions have gone full circle. When the series first started, I was enraptured by the raw acoustic sound they created together. Their innocence and dreams captivated me in more ways than one but as we inched into the story and headed into a competitive cycle, I pulled away. Things became a little stale because the stage was set for the girls to make it to finals, there were no surprises, and I felt as though I could already see the finish line.

The fact is I could see the finish line. I knew they wouldn’t win but I was thrown a fast one at the end of this episode. I didn’t think they’d get news of their debut on Mars Brightest’s stage. I thought an agent or music label would have reached out to them after the competition. Instead, it looks like the competition will be moving onwards into the actual music industry as they butt heads against Angela. Tao’s master AI system seems to magically read minds and body language, so much it produces lyrics and melodies perfectly in tune with the artist. That with Angela’s voice and natural talent will take the Mars music industry by storm making it difficult for Carole and Tuesday to find their place within the ranks.

Angela’s sound is amazing. It’s high quality, perhaps a little overproduced, but extremely well put together. Her songs are the catchy tunes you hear on the radio for a few months before moving onto the same artist’s next hit. Her music is probably on the same level as Crystal’s who performed during the Sidonia festival. But Carole and Tuesday make up the local band no one really knows about. They make it big because of a random youtube video going viral. Their sound is raw and uplifting and this particular song “The Loneliest Girl” is refreshing, meaningful even. That said, even though the music genres featured in the show aren’t part of my personal repertoire, the series’ soundtrack might will be.

Aside from the music, there were so many things in this episode that brought back the feeling I had when I first sat down to watch the series. Firstly, Tuesday’s internal monologue returns as she’s forced back into her home. Spencer, her brother, finally gets his big brother hero moment. And, Gus and Roddy play the very best part, contributing to the girls’ overall success. Their tears, alongside the other inmates’, represent the overall feeling of the entire episode.

Before meeting each other, Carole and Tuesday didn’t know what they’d been missing at all, not in music, not in family, not in friendship. They found strength within themselves to survive, to run away, to take on new challenges, fail, and step up again. Now without each other, even if only for a week, they’re absolutely lost. When they find each other again, they admit how much they mean to each other and Carole finally shows Tuesday how much she really cares. It’s the ‘best friend’ moment everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. It’s the moment you know you have someone to count on. It’s when you get to choose your family.

These girls have a lot in store for them. I’m sure we’ll be seeing returning faces in coming episodes, and I can tell you right now, my face will be one of them.


  1. there is no need to hide it, in this episode you can see that either time run out or the budget grown thin. Why? As you can see yourself how many scenes where recycled, but “i did not saw it!”. They spend time or budget in the singer animation, so all good

  2. After this arc, it is not clear which direction they are going. Perhaps a bit more development in the universe they live in. Particularly the planet earth.


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