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OP: 「This is 勇者, but 残念!?」by hisakuni

“The Young Man and the Little Girl Meet”

「青年、ちいさな娘と出会う。」 (Seinen Chiisana Musume to deau)

Brief Explanation

Other than competing with Danmachi for most ridiculous title length of this season, the core essence of Uchi no Ko (or Uchi no Musume) is about the delights that a young adventurer named Dale (Okamoto Nobuhiko) experiences after adopting and raising an extremely cute demon girl named Latina (Takao Kanon). In unexplained circumstances (largely thanks to the language barrier), her original guardian died while Dale stumbles across her in the forest. Initially reluctant to take her in out of fear for the unknown, he realises how attached the girl is to him and essentially takes over those duties, trying to give her the life of an ordinary girl to the best of his abilities.

First Impressions

Having read the manga adaptation, but admittedly not the original source material, my expectations going into this show were mostly established. So how does this adaptation of Chirolu’s web novel hold out? Maho Films are a completely new anime studio so for me, the onus was on them to prove their worth. Initially, I had my doubts about the director. To be completely honest, their resumé totally sucks. Yet I honestly think they succeeded this time. The animations are well-drawn and smooth, with scenes involving magic and food being particular standouts. They just look so gorgeous. Oh, and Latina looks extremely cute every time she features on the screen! So kudos there to the animation team. The adaptation itself has been faithful, as far as my memory goes. Though only time can tell whether these two quantities can remain consistent over time.

Concluding Thoughts

Sorry this has been so short and late! I’ve been on vacation in Holland for these past few days, and that’s given me very little free time to work on posts. But bear with me.

So far, we’ve been told that Dale is one of the top adventurers in the city (although I wouldn’t know why he’d be in the business of killing slimes if he’s that capable). This is mainly to let us that know that even if an issue crops up, Dale will be able to handle things with his substantial prowess and influence. Like doting grandparents, the inn owners have also expressed a soft spot for Latina and look keen to be involved in her upbringing, especially when Dale is too busy adventuring. In short, we can mostly enjoy the fluff without having to worry much. Of course, there will be some struggles and difficulties, as shown with Latina being a demon and Dale lacking some delicacy. But it seems like the inn customers have quickly grown to accept her, while Dale’s rough touch is mostly played off for laughs. Actually, I believe he’s been doing a great job so far and will slowly learn from his mistakes, and some more experience will definitely go a long way. To conclude, this series would likely be perfect if you’re just searching for lots of heartwarming fluff or any kind of cuteness overload.


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ED: 「I’m with you」by Kanon Takao


    1. Meh

      I never understood the outrage on usagi drop. I mean, it’s pretty clearly intended watching it.

      If you like After the rain, and Koi Kaze, this shouldn’t bother you all that much.

      Taboo topics only bother me if they’re done poorly

      1. If I remember right with Uchimusume

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. 18 and 8 vs 30 and 6

        Much bigger age gap there than here

        Plus, Japanese culture is such that girls starting to harbor romantic feelings around Latina’s age is accepted as normal

        The complicated/difficult feelings to struggle with (in both cases) are more on the guys end and how they’ve been viewing the relationship than in the mind of a developing young girl.

      3. Also, in Usagi Drop, Rin is the one who initiates the romance (from a
        manga panel I remember seeing) and Daikichi tries to discourage her by
        making it a condition that she finish school first. And by school, I
        mean college — Rin is a full-fledged adult. Anyway…

        Looks like it’ll be a slice-of-life with little conflicts (I haven’t
        seen any of the source, so going by the title I was thinking in terms
        of a more action oriented Anime — silly me).

        The art is nicely done; gentle and easy on the eyes. So I guess a
        Usagi Drop set in “medieval” times, more or less. Only mystery/question
        I have is since she speaks “demon” and that is what he uses to cast
        his spells, does that mean she (and all demons) are automatic magic users?

  1. Uchi no Ko’s LNs have official English e-releases; the final Vol 8(original release February 2019) is being translated now.

    The anime will only be 12 eps long, so the question is how much content 1 cour can cover.

    The story’s primary focus/appeal is heartwarming slice of life fluff, although later volumes get serious in covering Show Spoiler ▼

    If it reaches that far.

      1. It seems like that, yeah? But they’re not. All of the interesting stuff is shunted to the side in favor of the creepy father/daughter incest stuff. Hell, the titular demon lords only ever factor into a single chapter, each.

  2. A very solid adaptation I’d say. I’ve read 2 volumes of the LN and lots of details were cut, but that’s inevitable.

    I’ll be watching this but I’m staying away from commentary/comments about it because I can’t trust people to not spoil (even if it’s just saying “don’t get the wrong idea, X doesn’t happen”) what happens later in the series. So enjoy.

    1. lol, I didn’t even click this thread again but the comments were shown on the right side. I can’t even tell if you said that to deliberately troll me or if you’re just the exact sort of person I knew would flock to the comments section of this series.

      1. Not trolling, I think it’s important to know that this series is only pretending to be charming slice-of-life fare, when it’s really about creepy, pedophilic faux-incest.

        I also disagree (strongly) about it needin to be hidden as a spoiler. This is absolutely crucial, fundamental knowledge that viewers need to know up front. Anything less is disingenuous.

  3. doesn’t compare to Manga Latina, the art style is much better in that source material. a shame, i was looking forward to cute animated latina.

    the story might have some darker elements in the long run, but with the opening we can tell where the season will end.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Larcek Giglamesh

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