OP Sequence

OP: 「楽園都市」 (Rakuen Toshi) by (Ooishi Masayoshi)

「Cop Show, Witch Craft」

Cop Craft: Dragnet Mirage Reloaded is adapted from an ongoing series of light novels by Gatoh Shoji, the creator of Full Metal Panic! Here, we’re stepping out of high school and into the police force, where Kei Matoba (Tsuda Kenjiro) and his partner, Rick, are tasked with finding and arresting criminals, even if they happen to be aliens from another world. After a hyperspace gate opened over the Pacific fifteen years prior, Earth has been flooded with immigrants from Leto Semaani, home to fairies and other powerful magical creatures, leaving humanity struggling to compensate for the flood of bodies and the inevitable influx of supernatural crime. Before you get too attached to Matoba’s partner, you should know that he’s five days away from retirement, he keeps a family photo in his front shirt pocket, and-

Okay, none of that last bit is true. He did seem to have a good rapport with Matoba before his neck was twisted like a Twizzler by one of the aliens, so I suppose that was a point in his favor, but his death was so telegraphed it was like watching Psycho-Pass all over again. However at the same time, I love that the series has the guts to go that hard. Anyway, once Matoba is down a partner, he has to go through the obligatory reluctant pair-up that is a tried and true staple of every buddy-cop film ever, and naturally the first impressions couldn’t be worse. Tirana Exedirika (Yoshioka Mayu) is a knight on her homeworld sent to retrieve the fairy that the alien who killed Rick was trying to sell as an ingredient, but since she has a very unassuming appearance mixed with a haughty attitude, Matoba tends to talk down to her. Of course, since she has a tendency to act like a curious child by touching everything in sight, the patronizing tone is rather understandable, and outside of that, he tends to let her have her way in their interactions. It’s a refreshing dynamic to the say least.

Terminology and exposition aside, what this series boils down to is a reverse isekai. This take on the isekai genre isn’t quite as popular as the original, though it does seem to be catching on. Or maybe it’s just because Gintama has ended and we need something new and interesting to fill the void. It should be mentioned, though, that while there are instances of subdued humor, this premise is played entirely straight. Tsuda Kenjiro as Matoba has the rough, gravelly voice you’d expect from a chainsmoking cop, while Yoshioka Mayu has a range that allows her to shift flawlessly from stern and all-business to wide-eyed and surprisingly innocent. There’s a lot of great chemistry between them already that I’m looking forward to seeing develop as they delve deeper into the kidnapping of the royal fairy.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Connected」by (Yoshioka Mayu)


  1. Just a trivia matter that the original novels (Two only) done, Dragnet Mirage Reloaded, was suppose to have Tirana as a young woman. The original publishers went bust and when it was rewritten, Tirana was changed to a young girl.

    1. As I watched this I couldn’t help but feel like an adult intellectual tsundere character type would’ve played the part just as well, or even better, than a child intellectual tsundere type, so that doesn’t surprise me.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Cop%20Craft/Cop%20Craft%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
    tears already in episode 1. So sad that, despite how modern America (I assume this is america) is connected to a fantasy world yet no Resurrection magic is found.
    feel a fairy will make a better heroine.
    how many people are born in the same year as this “ossan “

    1. Well shit, I’m from 1993. What year is this set in again? Because I don’t nearly feel as old as this ossan (then again he is 3 months and a week older than I am).

  3. Brought to you by the same studio that brought Berserk 2016. Sure, right at the moment the animation isn’t anything to write home about, but imagine if they at least animated Berserk like this. Series would’ve faired a lot better.

    I’m hoping this series will at least be “good”. Not the strongest opening episode but I didn’t feel there was anything terribly bad about it either which in this day and age of anime, is a godsend. Hoping next week’s fight sequences look good. Opening animation was a bit all over the place in terms of quality so I won’t hold my breathe.

    1. Yes…..let us twist the blade DEEPER into my heart.
      The realization that there will probly be NO more attempts at animating berserk ever again cause me Exquisite pain

      BROOKLYN otaku
  4. I enjoyed this a lot. Easily the best opening episode of the season for me.

    I wasn’t even sure that I’d watch it based on the art of young Tirana that I’d seen (for example on the preview page here, or the wikipedia page). In general I’d likely have preferred the alternate rendition that Ominae alludes to but it is what it is and regardless, it was well worth the leap of faith. Offhand, this seems to be her seiyuu’s first major role but I think she did a wonderful job here, especially since the voicing required much fluidity and flexibility. She handled it with aplomb.

    Good characters, good action and tension… I’m looking forward to more of the show.

  5. First of all, the designs are by Range Murata, so automatically I’m going to watch this.

    This show seems to intentionally invoke the “buddy cop” tropes and then plays it out very, very well. The OP had a retro feel to it, which seems appropriate to the genre and to Murata’s “future retro” designs.

    A solid show with both drama and humor with one not detracting from the other. One of the best two anime this season (so far) along with Vinland Saga.

    1. One of the things I especially liked about this show was that Tirana’s design was very close to Range Murata’s original art, which gives her a strangely alien look, sort of “almost human but not quite”. Often that doesn’t happen when he does the original character designs.

  6. felt like GATE meets Miami Vice and I loved every minute of it
    between the hard-bitten, cynical and streetwise human cop and high-and-mighty (despite diminutive size) elf paladin in shiny armor there is great dynamic
    add Tirana’s complete cluelessness about human technology for great comedic effect
    my fave show of the season so far (caveat: have to marathon 3 eps of vinland saga yet)

    1. high-and-mighty (despite diminutive size)

      That’s what I call lolierholier-than-thou. 😛

      Very good first episode, though it ends so abruptly that’s it’s not even a proper cliffhanger. :O

      Magnus Tancred
  7. The character dynamic between the male and female lead is always enjoyable in this writer’s novels. I like their tsuntsun competition and grudging mutual respect.

  8. >knight
    >dressed like a proper whore for once

    At least they know how to do garbage animoo right in the current year, maybe will even watch one episode someday.


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