What a wild episode.

General Impressions

Man, after weeks and weeks of just constant mental and visual stimulation, I’ll admit that it was nice to take a break and be given some time just to turn off our brains. That said, let’s talk about the episode’s intense start being anything else. If there was ever a moment where you needed to see Taiju and Yuzuriha show off just how amazing they are, the first few minutes after Tsukasa’s monologue was it. Their understanding of one another lead to an impressive moment that not only got all three of them to safety but potentially found one way to bring Senku back to life. All of which could have never happened without the bond they all formed back before civilization was turned to stone. That said, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I kind of wish Taiju just chucked that huge boulder at Tsukasa and just ended the dude right then and there. Because as powerful an fast as Tsukasa is, there’s no way he’d be able to kick his way out of getting hit with a gigantic boulder. And if he did, he’d at least sustain some damage that would have partially made up for what he did to Senku.

Diving into the other half of the episode, it was fun to get a peek at just what Senku went through as he began his journey into recreating civilization. Or rather, it was fun watching Senku overcome all of his shortcomings in a world without technology one step at a time. From starting a fire to building a shelter to protect him from the elements, it was just a damn good time watching his intelligence provide the jumping off point to moving forward. It also didn’t hurt to see all of those damn monkeys get put in their place for talking so much smack about Senku — but that was just the cherry on top of watching a well-done montage.

All-in-all, a great episode that took the time to give us both a look at what’s to come as well as a closer look at what events lead us to where we are now. If I had one complaint though, it’d be the cliffhanger that the episode left us on since I want to know whether or not Senku comes back to life. Honestly, the show should realize it has our attention by now and that it doesn’t have to revert to great cliffhangers :p




  1. I’m getting the impression that the plot armour is half the point of the show. I’m also teetering on dropping this. The first half was really tedious with the endless and pretentious specificity of precisely how things were going to go and then it dragged on with much wailing and moaning and repetition. I had to mute it until the monkeys came out.

    Without the monkeys (of the non-shiny variety) I would have kept the mute on. The second half wasn’t awful but I could have done without it. I didn’t learn anything and it wasn’t as interesting as Senku’s first long flashback (which is why they needed monkeys for this one).

  2. I loled when Senku tried to make fire… and failed. Frankly, that’s almost impossible to do without a firebow. So next scene he twisted himself some rope and made a firebow. Nice touch.
    There’s a lot of such details – like chewing animal skin to make rawhide – showing that author clearly did his homework.


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