It might be only a one week occurrence thus far, but I think you can guess KnA plans on going full mind twister when the OP graces us with its presence because, well, we certainly went places this week. We all knew a few twists and turns were coming, but the speed and severity of them is truly starting to surprise me considering their nature, and the best part of them all? We haven’t even hit the good stuff yet.

As called last week, Ulgar wasn’t going to be the wolf among the sheep, and (surprise surprise) that turned out to be completely correct. Maybe not the dream of being a journalist of course—not the expected go-to job for such an outgoing personality—but Ulgar didn’t have too much to hide when the gloves finally came off, particularly when it came to the gun’s origins. The bigger shockers though obviously lay with Luca and that jaw dropping sex twist I’m sure a few people weren’t expecting, and the implications both present and future of Luca’s own adoptive history. It should be clear by now these kids are linked in a serious way, and while it may not be in terms of family relationships—i.e. adoption, estrangement—it’s certainly no less strong a bond. If you’re not thinking on it already I’d start musing over why a pair of purple eyed blonde adoptees has damn near the same appearance or why Luca arguably looks closer to the phenotype of Zach’s father than Zach does himself. These kids were all stuck together on a prolonged journey for a reason, and that reason guaranteed has to do with whatever genome project Luca’s adopted father is supposedly rallying against. Greater tides are shifting under this plot than a simple struggle for survival.

Speaking of survival we also have the remaining mystery of the kid supposedly out to kill everyone, and attention this week funnily enough shifted to Charce. Personally I’m in the same boat with him as I was with Ulgar: I doubt he’s actually the enemy, it’s too convenient (especially after eliminating Ulgar as a candidate) and would be hard explaining when the guy has had numerous opportunities to put everyone down already. Bets are definitely on something else being up with the guy, and whatever it is linking back (again) to that growing mystery of just what unites these kids barring their survival experience. Of course I could easily be wrong (wouldn’t the first time half sleepy Pancakes thinks the wrong thing), but there’s still one more character in Zach to also get a backstory for, and no guarantees the reveals received for the rest so far aren’t deliberately incomplete.

There’s a lot of cards left for KnA to play, with the only question being when the show finally chooses to reveal its increasingly hefty hand.


  1. It’s sad that the nature of the planet wasn’t fully enumerated. Since there are constant tsunamis, all of the flora is amphibious and all of the fauna flies, since land is hard to come by. There are no natural predators, so Ulgar had an extra easy time shooting them all down. Since mating is impractical with the frequent tsunamis and lack of land, the fauna clone themselves. You even see last episode all the birds flying away as foreshadowing.

    Great episode otherwise, though.

  2. “We haven’t even hit the good stuff yet.”

    Pancakes, I’m guessing you’ve read the manga? Because you’re absolutely right. Things are just getting started.

    The voice actors of Kanata and Ulgar are exellent this episode. I totally hear the genuine horror in Kanata’s voice when seeing the incoming tsunami and Ulgar’s pain in providing context to his reasons in wanting to have revenge through Luca.



    Cinematography in this episode awesome too.


    1. Actually I haven’t haha, I just know the show is teasing the hell out of right now and leaving a lot open for further explanation. I have a pretty good idea what’s coming (unintentional spoilers and all that), but most of this is just deduction on my part.

    2. Kanata’s voice actor is Hosoya Yoshimasa, with tough leader roles such as Reiner Braun (Shingeki no Kyoujin) and Itsuka Orga (Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans), though he also plays introspective/reluctant leader types such as Haruhiko (Grimgar) and (slightly) comedic ones like Kusanagi Takeru (Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai). So yeah, he’s got the right credentials for the role. 😀

      Ulgar is voiced by Uchiyama Kouki, whose roles I’m most familiar with are Banagher Links (Gundam Unicorn) and Shiro Kotomine (Fate/Apocrypha). He has good vocal range and gets his fair share of “bad guy” roles, so an “ineffectual loner” type is well within his capabilities.

      Magnus Tancred
  3. >I’m gonna kill the child of the guy I hate. The child is obviously guilty and deserve death too.

    Totally and completely logical, just like the “Sins of the Father” stuff a certain religion follows.

    Aye, yeah!

    1. He was going to kill Luca to punish Luca’s father, not because Luca was “obviously guilty and deserved death”. And that certain religion does not in general follow the “sins of the father” stuff – that was a specific (non-capital) punishment for idolatry which only applied if the subsequent generations of children were as rebellious as their parents.

      1. “He was going to kill Luca to punish Luca’s father, not because Luca was “obviously guilty and deserved death”.”

        No shit. Sarcasm detection error 404 for you or somethin?

        “And that certain religion does not in general follow the “sins of the father” stuff – that was a specific (non-capital) punishment for idolatry which only applied if the subsequent generations of children were as rebellious as their parents.”

        So those who worshipped a man (who never claimed to be divine) should punished. I agree.

  4. I assume now Charce as prime suspect. His overzealously cheerful manner was a mask of a professional agent it seems. He was obviously inserted into trip from outside of school, otherwise Aries would remember him. And regarding the secret behind the whole situation, my poorly educated guess is that some genetic experiment is being covered up. Now I understand why senator was opposing the planetwide dna mapping – it would uncover any anomalities like cloning or genetically engineered kids.

    1. I wouldn’t bet on Charce just yet honestly, he may have a hidden side, but there’s quite a bit suggesting none of these kids are actually the enemy. Much like with Ulgar I’m expecting coincidental circumstances on the part of Mr. Blondie.

  5. Luca, you are such a precious thing. Luca is easily forgiving, sees the good in everyone while still having his own values, is an artist, mechanic, and cook, very sharp, and cunning.

  6. The “MILD THING” (Ulgar) and “Transient Love” (Luca) t-shirts were a nice touch. Quite enjoyed this episode, though I hope Luca isn’t treated “delicately” (but yeah Ulgar don’t rip his clothes off) from now on, I liked his casual and friendly style. Now let’s see what Charce has to say from himself next episode.

    I was randomly inspired to type up this meme-like summary of the first half. I started and then I somehow just didn’t stop…

    Ulgar: *points gun* “I had a horrible life! My brother died! NOBODY LOVES ME! I’ll kill you so your Dad cries!”
    Luca: *exposes breasts* “I had a horrible life too. I’m not loved either. I hate my Dad too, and sympathize with you completely. Kill me and let’s see if my Dad cries!” *smiles with tears in eyes*
    It’s super effective!
    Ulgar: *falls to knees in shock* “CHIKUSHOU!!!!!!!!!!”
    Planet used SURF!
    It’s super effective!

    1. Also, not going to spoil what, but let’s just say that a certain plot development in this episode strongly reminded me of the sci-fi movie “Interstellar”. Highly recommend that movie.

  7. Couldn’t bear this cliffhanger so I sped thru the manga. Definitely one of the better space adventure stories I’ve read in recent years. A pity the manga is over, but at least it’ll mean the anime will have a satisfying resolution 🙂


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