“The Young Girl Leaves on a Journey.”

「幼き少女、旅に出る。」 (Osanaki shoujo, tabi ni deru.)

We get something of a breather this episode, which comprised of fillings rather than anything particularly dramatic, which I quite liked for once. Well, mostly. Rita’s pregnancy came out of left field, and I suppose it confirms that she and Kenneth are in a relationship, which has never been explicitly confirmed (though I might have missed something in these past few episodes so do point out if I’m incorrect). So it’s awesome to know a baby is on the way, also because I think Latina would make a great older sister figure. And if anything, I think it’s more or less meant to be indicative of passing time, that people’s lives are still continuing in a way that six episodes can’t properly express. Speaking of passing time, am I the only person who thought Latina looked a bit older in this episode? It’s ever so slight, but I really get the feeling she’s grown a bit, both in terms of height and face. Either that, or we have different subcontracted studios working on the project who aren’t able to produce a uniform spec for her design. But considering how Dale started off the episode talking with Rita about how he’d grown taller, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the angle they’ve gone for with Latina too.

Other than physical appearances, Latina’s definitely display growing emotional maturity, willing to take on more responsibilities far beyond what anyone would expect from a primary school kid, or even a secondary school one. Not many kids would use their first paycheck for a kitchen item, as opposed to a toy, let alone with the expectation of happily carrying out what one would consider a chore! Of course, it definitely helps that she’s surrounded by people who are willing to help and guide her in such a direction. However, she really means to do the best that she can for Dale, even putting him before her own needs, showing she really does love him. That said, it’s pretty obvious Rudy has a crush on Latina. I’m not sure he’s a good fit for her, considering he always seems to tease her and make her feel physically uncomfortable. But childhood crushes are childhood crushes, and I wouldn’t be too bummed to see any prospective romance fail. He should definitely be careful to prevent Dale from getting wind. That ending might not be too pretty for him.

I’m sure it’ll be fun for Latina to go on a journey with Dale, both for her and us viewers. However, I’m more interested in learning more about Dale’s origination story. So far, he’s been shrouded in mystery. Like many readers have expressed, I somewhat struggle with the dichotomy of top adventurer in Kreuz who can be a happy and doting father figure one second, to cold and merciless killer the next moment. His characterisation needs more attention as well as justifications explaining why he’s this way, and I look forwards to finding out. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and catch you next week for a visit to Dale’s hometown of Teathrow!


  1. Kenneth and Rita talked about having kids in I believe episode 2.

    Also, the quote from Kenneth this episode said “Latina has now been a full fledge employee” for 6 months. So that right there shows time has been passing.

    That is all I know for sure. I didn’t see the promo for the episode but someone said it mentioned it’s been 2 years. I find that hard to believe, the light novel does do time jumps out of the blue, but I didn’t think it was 2 years this soon. But if it’s been 6 months since she’s been a full time employee who knows how long it’s been.

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