“The Hearthfire Mansion”

「竈火の館」 (Kamadobi no Yakata)

So it would seem that Soma broke the law previously, coercing a minor into consuming alcohol. Send him to prison! Meanwhile, Hestia made sure that both Lili and Bell were restricted to fruit juice. What a responsible goddess, right? Yeah, about that… it wouldn’t be the Hestia Familia if there wasn’t trouble around the corner, even after winning the War Game. Hestia’s debt to Hephaistos for the Hestia Knife swerves back and bonks her on the head like Chekov’s Boomerang. If you thought Aqua from Konosuba was the only goddess in town who would be unwise enough to take on that kind of crippling debt, another one just joined her ranks. And unfortunately for Hestia’s grand plans of expansion, all the prospective adventurers looking to join the Hestia familia were put off by the news – including Cassandra and Daphne. What a shame.

That said, while Aqua is selfish and spent everything on herself, Hestia took on the debt for the sake of her only beloved child. Tig ol’ bitties or not, Hestia is such a wholesome and awesome character. Sometimes you’ll wonder how she can be so air-headed. But she’s smug, she’s got spunk and she truly cares about her familia. And that’s what matters. Blowing money on the Hestia Knife, making sure Mikoto got her expensive Japanese bath complex, giving Wilf a top of the class forge to smith in. She might have a philosophy of not wanting to leech off her children, by primarily relying on herself to repay the debt. But of course these beloved familia members are going to want to bust their asses and pay her back after everything she’s done for them. I think Bell is right on the money when he said that Hestia was the best goddess he could have hoped for — after all, Hestia is Bestia. And I believe that is the true substance of what this particular episode was about.

To wrap off, Mikoto seemed visibly troubled at the news she’s received, likely pertaining to this lady with fox ears who briefly flashed up at the end of the episode. I don’t know what predicament we have on our hands, but I have a vague idea that this saving this girl might be what our next adventure revolves around. I look forwards to seeing how that pans out, and whether we’ll soon have another addition to Bell Cranel’s fine collection of harem members. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week for some kemonomimi action!


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Dungeon%20ni%20Deai%20o%20Motomeru%20no%20wa%20Machigatte%20Iru%20Darouka/Danmachi%20II%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2017.jpg
    Can’t blame ZAIDEN for running out of the screenshot limit, but still a bit sad to not see all the muscle girl cameo. T_T but that is ok. Will find some elsewhere.
    While I don’t normally like some muscle women like Biscuit Krueger (true form), there are plenty of muscular women I find to be super hot. The fact that they left means none of them think Bell is cute enough to help pay the debt.

    I hope Bell had picked up and return this necklace, and maybe asked if the symbol had any special meaning.


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