「警備員の闇 (DA)」 (DA)

I got to admit Accelerator just keeps on impressing me. While unabashedly Index(verse) through and through, the tighter story and leisurely pacing have really started making their presence felt, yielding a great deal of fun and games in the process. We all know (more or less) where this story is heading and how it’ll all play out, but the ride will undeniably be a thing of beauty.

Although bound by the Index curse of three new characters for every one introduced (exact ratio subject to change), Accelerator has at least kept its more adventurous urges in check so far with the three-way fight now upon our doorstep. It’ll probably be a bit surprising for the anime only audience for example that DA isn’t really the main enemy of this conflict, with our justice loving shooty boys simple pawns in a larger game involving none other than the face of cuteness herself. As with all good conspiracies when the useful tool outruns its usefulness you discard it for something new, and DA is quickly getting this lesson thanks not only to the likes of Antiskill (who should really bring grenades for any CQC, because that’s what they bloody well exist for), but also our new four girl cleaning crew who we’ll be getting some up close and personal knowledge of in the not too distant future. After all, if you’re going to go full fluffy bunny D.Va, I expect to see some fireworks.

The true meat and potatoes of Accelerator however will come from the aftermath of rescuing the less cute but verbally superior Misaka, because as aforementioned we have a whole plotline missing and one superweapon in dire need of a proper introduction. What exactly Last Order is wanted for and what are the ramifications of that plan? Is our mad scientist involved with the less impressive Snowpiercer train boss or are these two antagonists working towards separate goals? It’s knowledge glaringly missing from the current firefight montage, but something we should likely find out soon considering the titular man of the moment looks set to make his return to the action. I may be getting a kick over how entertaining Accelerator is currently being without any main character (Index-wise) being involved in the fighting, but it just won’t be complete until we get some more of that signature cackle and one-sided annihilation.

We may already be halfway into this Index sidestory, but the party here is only just getting started.




  1. I dont think mere grenades would be enough to take on that mech…
    RPG’s or even ATGM’s are needed for such work and police forces like Antiskill just dont use such things.
    The four-psycho girl band are about to face the harshest teacher of them all, and lessons for today will be “there is always bigger fish”and “true meaning of pain”
    I think our lolipop-cracking mad scientist is a mercenary type who will seek anyone willing to buy his almost-complete deathstar. If evertrain boss won’t be biting, there will be always some other power-hungry individual in the governing board or even outside academy city.

    1. Not so much for the mech as the troops Antiskill were fighting just before encountering it. While they were busy duking it out all I could think was how a few grenades tossed over to them would’ve made the whole advance into the enemy stronghold so much simpler. At least until encountering the aforementioned mech lol.

      1. There are 40mm grenades with HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) warheads (HEAT primary with fragmentation side-effect). This could have damaged the mech’s legs at least, or destroyed the Gatling with a lucky shot.


        I’ve seen this somewhere before.

        Magnus Tancred
      2. Police usually uses only flash-bangs even in direst situation, fragmentation grenades might results in stray shrapnel dozens meter away…
        the 40mm HEDP are grenade launcher issue, and while police uses light 40mm grenade launchers, they are usually only used to fire tear gas and similar
        yeah MK-19 with such grenades could make a difference but again Police dont use that kind of indiscriminate firepower…

  2. Real-world police actually use 37mm grenades to make sure that 40mm military rounds don’t fit. But since this is Academy City we’re talking about, having 40mm isn’t that far of a stretch, since they already have those helicopters with 6 autocannons.

    Also, the HEDP round I mentioned is a 40mmx46mm one, compatible with the M79 and M203. The Mk19 AGL is a different beast altogether.

    Magnus Tancred
      1. Rendering the Gatling inoperable, like jamming the barrel mechanism (so it doesn’t spin), is enough. With launched grenades there’s a small chance at least– lead-spraying won’t bring miracles. 😛

        Magnus Tancred
  3. Seeing this episode had reminded me that Accelerator killed a LOT of sisters, what happened to their corpses? Those corpses could be weaponized.
    an example of how, even in death, a bad guy can still create problems.
    While I never had a tongue tatoo before, I am sure that can ruin your sense of taste. Looks cool though. Not sure what was the point in showing it.

    anime logic, the more revealing you look, the stronger you are. Two things pop in my mind. One is why that girl isn’t wearing underwear. The other is why couldn’t she build a paper Mecha; not very good armor against bullets.
    Anyway, I would like to know why those girls were put in hibernation later.


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