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「リベンジ/ドッジボール/買い食い/デート」 (Ribenji/Dojjibooru/Kai-gui/Deeto)
“Revenge/Dodgeball/Buy and Eat/Date”

Here’s the thing about Takagi-san that really annoys me. Well- there are a bunch of those to be honest, but in particular it’s this pretense of honesty she puts up. The truth is, she cheats – repeatedly and brazenly. Of course she does so by taking advantage of Nishikata-kun’s own gullibility. Yeah he’s hoist by his own petard in most of these situations – but even if he spends all his time on the ledge, she’s always the one who gives him a push.

Take the fitness test, which Nishikata has spent the whole year preparing for. The whole business with the grip strength test – that’s cheating. Distracting Nishikata, basically taunting him. The sad irony here is that Nishikata needn’t have worked out all year in prep – he was already more than able to win this challenge on dexterity and strength alone. What he should have spent that year doing was practicing not being baited. But of course, he knows he’s being baited and always nips the hook anyway, so I’m not sure it would have helped.

Dodgeball is a repeat of the same, except even more brazen. That whole business with the back wall – in what universe is that kind of tricky not totally dishonest? Goading Nishikata into trying to catch the ballthat’s fair game. I mean, he knew what Takagi-san was doing and still did her bidding. The funniest part of this whole sequence was that whole “Are we talking about dodgeball?” cycle. Inch by inch, closer to acknowledgement of the truth…

After the manzai trio cross paths with a thieving cat, the main couple take over the dagashi shop (love the kids’ non-reaction to the grandpa humor). As usual, it’s the final chapter that’s the deepest pool. How skillfully Takagi-san seizes on the “first time eating together” moment. I almost want to believe she pre-arranged with Kimura and Takao to arrive when they did, but the universe always smiles on Takagi. Best moment here is Nishikata getting the jimmy leg under the table – that’s how you know the stress is getting to him…

August 13, 2019 at 1:33 am
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