「なんという美少女… いや母さんじゃなくて. その格好で近寄るなやめろ.」 (Nan to Iu Bishoujo… Iya Kaasan ja Nakute. Sono Kakkou de Chikayoru na Yamero.)
“What a Beautiful Girl… Wait, Not You, Mom. Don’t Get Near Me in That Outfit, Stop!”

Continuing off from the last episode, we’re still at the academy where Masato, Mamako, and their party find themselves at odds with a possessive mother. But whereas Mamako’s intervention was able to put a temporary stop to Medhimama’s interference into their studies, they have yet to tackle the elephant in the room that is Medhi’s mental state slowly deteriorating from her mother’s overbearing, competitive, and abusive nature.

Tonally, it is an unusual arc in that we’re constantly alternating between family drama and ecchi/school-life hijinks. For the latter, we get it in this episode in two forms: a cooking class and a swimming class. The cooking class is actually a cute scene in that it shows our party succeeding by their own merits, having them all trudge forward with the encouragement of Mamako’s beneficial soup. The swimming scenes are similarly light-hearted for the most part with Wise lamenting another magic-blocking spell inflicted on her and a tentacle scene with Mamako that borders somewhere between tongue-in-cheek and unsettling (and with the light bar of censorship, it’ll be even more socially frowned upon on the Bluray). Porta is the secret MVP of the episode with how adorable she is when she’s successfully using her magecraft to craft healing takoyaki from a massive octopus tentacle. For brief moments, even Medhimama becomes likable when she shows up in a sailor uniform and a provocative swimsuit. Yes, it is very shallow to see the good in somebody’s existence based on how they look in a swimsuit, but with Medhimama, there isn’t as much going for her on the personality spectrum.

In this case, it’s her personality that brings out the episode’s darker scenes where her obsession with making her daughter #1 takes a more sinister turn. As with Wise’s mom, she automatically throws her chances of being easily redeemable out the window when she tells her daughter that she’s worthless if she doesn’t meet her expectations. With the amount of pressure and weight that her mother puts on her shoulders, naturally, Medhi would be resentful of all of this. But in this episode, this resentment reaches its fever pitch as her distaste for her mother’s ways hits its all-time high when her mother slaps her for losing against Masato. At first, she runs away, but when Masato and Mamako follow her, the mood shifts even further away from light-hearted as Medhi kicks a wall with her bare feet, expressing her desire to kill her mother as her pupils dilate into scribbled spirals. Admittedly, it is pretty jarring to go from this scene to the bubbly chibi ED. At the same time, I can’t help but admire a show like this where it isn’t ashamed to play around with setting the scene for tonal shifts, tinkering around with both ecchi comfort food and deeply depressing cautionary tales about how families fall apart when a parent starts to get abusive or neglectful. It’s messy, but in its messiness, it remains unique in blending the most generic isekai tropes with the full embrace of the positive and negative that can come from all of the older characters being attractive moms. It could’ve honestly just been a series that gawked at MILFs and end it at that, but Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka goes the extra mile by having something more to say about familial bonds and how they can be reinforced or broken from how a mother and child see one another.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka%20-%2006%20-%2024.jpg

    (Lightbeam’s presence in anime) is absolutely unacceptable…appear(ing) without any artistic quality. While I can understand Mr. Steamcloud’s (more tasteful censorship), (Lightbeam) cuts in places they absolutely shouldn’t be in…it’s impossible for me to ever forgive you!!

    – Yanagimi Touki, author of LN series Antimagic Academy


      1. I think censorship was already in the source eps from Japan from the start.

        Likely to comply with more conservative broadcast standards of the terrestrial Japanese channels (IIRC cable channels can be more lax) and to encourage Bluray purchases which are uncensored.

    1. Can’t say the light beams are censoring anything. In this episode it looks like the purpose is to let the imagination run wild.

      Looks like everything is still intact and in the proper position. No rips or wardrobe malfunction.

      As annoying as it is, it’s more like “mormon porn” than actual censoring.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2007.jpg
    Aqua:Yurification! Yurification! Yurification!

    (Also a reminder of of Satomi Arai’s most famous role, Kuroko Shirai.) On a more story-related note, Shirase has a daughter? I wonder if the light novels introduced her already?

    Wise: “It’s not like my magic got sealed and can’t fight, so I came to join the takoyaki party instead!” *cries*

    Don’t worry Wise, you’re still “best girl” of the show (despite the presence of “best MILFmom”).

    Other comments:
    – Man, “When you’re not number one, you’re useless?” Didn’t expect Medhimama to sink lower, but here we are.
    – Medhi’s dull eyes of unhappiness… Uh-oh…
    – And on the topic of bunnygirl outfits, Mai Sakurajima (or a certain “Tsundere Heavy Cruiser”) still wears it better.

  3. Chris hall
  4. Poor Medhi…
    Her mother is abusive in no less horrific way than Wise’s Mom was, but Wise was at least able to escape her bad parent. Medhi is palying the “good girl” but at the cost of her own sanity…

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Isekai%20Maou%20to%20Shoukan%20Shoujo%20no%20Dorei%20Majutsu/Isekai%20Maou%20to%20Shoukan%20Shoujo%20no%20Dorei%20Majutsu%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
      Girls, like Medhi, either will want to destroy the world or at least bring her parents into ruin. While parents often say everything they do for their child is “for their own good.” That is just a sugar coated propaganda to say “I want to MAKE my child grow in the way I WANT, not the way I DON’t WANT!”
      I admit, Medhi’s mom is hot. I can see why someone wants to breed with her. The problem is her personality. Part of me wonders if these sort of parents had an common sense, but lost it along the way, and if it is feasible for them to regain any common sense. This is where our Main Character should be thankful that his mom is categorized as loving and is not mentally abusive.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka/Tsuujou%20Kougeki%20ga%20Zentai%20Kougeki%20de%20Nikai%20Kougeki%20no%20Okaasan%20wa%20Suki%20Desuka%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    I need more anime with hot older women as the main female lead.
    Anyway, if I was in Medhi’s position and I saw the Main Character who, at worst with his mom, is simply just embarrassed in having his mom playing a game with him, then I would likely scream my complaints to the main character who has a reasonable parent that actually lets the main character have fun with the game as compared to Medhi’s mom who is giving her child stress in a 24/7 routine basis. I actually wonder if real life parents, like Medhi’s mom, actually get criminal charges when the child is later discovered either dead from stress or killed via suicide. In a manga called Fukushuu Kyoushitsu, you can see perfection obsessed parents that obviously need to be arrested for being unsuitable parents, only problem is whether or not being obsessed with perfection can be given criminal charges, even after a child’s death.


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